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Baumgardner Cemetery

2. BAUMGARDNER CEMETERY, about 3 mi. from Barbourville, on a hill overlooking Little Seven Mile Road, on land reserved from the John A. Baumgardner estate.
Established 1885 or earlier as a private burial ground; extent, acre; no restrictions as to type and placing of markers; fenced; not landscaped; condition, bad.  Lots not marked; graves marked with family markers and morticians markers; no burial records are kept; still in use as burial ground.  Earliest stone dated 1885 .  Marked graves, 9; unmarked graves, 15, possibly more.

June 17, 1938

Name Birth Death Relationship Yr. Mo. Da.
Baumgardner, Alvin J.   1900 s. A. L. & Mary Baumgardner      
Baumgardner, Andrew L. 1878 1936        
Baumgardner, Infant 4-4-1911 4-4-1911        
Baumgardner, John A. 1846 1928        
Baumgardner, Leona   1900 d. A. L. & Mary Baumgardner      
Baumgardner, Mary E. 1878 1917 w. A. L. Baumgardner      
Baumgardner, Mary J. 1844 1913        
Baumgardner, Ruel V. 1906 1910        
Herrenkohl, Helen   8-22-1885        

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