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WPA Cemetery Records

During the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced "The New Deal" which was designed to help the American people and our nation's economy. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was one of the largest programs that was put into place during this time. This program is no longer in existence, but the historical records which were indexed across the country have long been a resource for the genealogical community.

The table of contents below are the names of cemeteries which were indexed by the WPA for Cabell County in the late 1930's. A link will appear for each cemetery as it becomes available for the Cabell web site.  Please be advised that these records contain many errors and have been added here only as another resource for your genealogical research.  The information on these pages are entirely from the WPA records.  No corrections were made to these documents, or will be made, and no notes or annotations have been added at this time.

Barboursville District

Barboursville Cemetery, Barboursville
Baumgardner Cemetery, Barboursville
Clark Cemetery, Lesage
Davis Cemetery, Ona
Gearhart (or Turner) Cemetery, Barboursville
Hall Cemetery, Ona
Holdryde Cemetery, Ona
Kuhn Cemetery, Barboursville
Kyle Cemetery, Huntington
Martin Cemetery, Huntington
Merritt Cemetery #1, Barboursville
Merritt Cemetery #2, Barboursville
Merritt Cemetery #3, (Three Pines) Barboursville
Mud River Cemetery, Ona
Oaklawn Cemetery, Barboursville
Ridgelawn Cemetery, Huntington
Shepherd Cemetery, Barbourville
Thornburg Cemetery, Huntington
Three Pines Cemetery, (see Merritt Cemetery #3)
Turner Cemetery, (see Gearhart Cemetery)
Warden Cemetery, Lesage

Grant District

Alford Cemetery, Milton
Ball Cemetery, Milton
Beckett Cemetery #1, Ona
Beckett Cemetery #2, Ona
Beckett Cemetery #3, Ona
Berry Cemetery, Culloden
Blue Sulphur Cemetery, Ona
Burdette Cemetery, Culloden
Chapman Cemetery #1, Culloden
Chapman Cemetery #2, Ona
Cooper Cemetery, (see Jenkins Cemetery #2)
Cremeans Cemetery, Milton
Culloden Cemetery, Culloden
Duty Cemetery, Culloden
Elliott Cemetery, Milton
Erwin Cemetery, Ona
Hannon Cemetery, Glenwood
Harshbarger Cemetery, Culloden
Irwin Cemetery, (see Wyont Cemetery)
Jenkins Cemetery #1, Ona
Jenkins Cemetery #2, Milton
Killgore Cemetery, Milton
Martin Cemetery, Culloden
Maupin Cemetery, Ona
Mays Cemetery, Milton
McCallister Cemetery #1, Milton
McCallister Cemetery #2, Ona
Milton Cemetery, Milton
Morrison Cemetery, Ona
Scarberry Cemetery, Milton
Sheff Cemetery, Ona
Stanley Cemetery, Ona
Tassen Cemetery, Ona
Templeton Cemetery, Glenwood
Toney Hill Cemetery, Milton
Union Cemetery, Milton
Old Union Cemetery, Milton
Wyont (or Irwin) Cemetery, Milton
Yatesmount Cemetery, Ona
Zoar Cemetery, Ona

Guyandotte District

Barbour Cemetery, Huntington
Beckner Cemetery, Huntington
Bethel Memorial Park Cemetery, Huntington
Childrey Cemetery, Huntington
Crook Cemetery, Huntington
Flowers Cemetery, Huntington
Guyandotte Cemetery, Guyandotte
Hensley Cemetery, Huntington
Highland Cemetery, Huntington
Hull Cemetery, Huntington
Huxham Cemetery, Huntington
Johnson Cemetery, Huntington
Morrow Cemetery, Huntington
Mount Union Cemetery, Huntington
Pat's Branch Cemetery, Guyandotte
Plybon Cemetery, Huntington
Ray Cemetery, Huntington
St. Joseph Cemetery, Guyandotte
Stephenson Cemetery, Huntington
Sullivan Cemetery, Huntington

McComas District

Bailey Cemetery, Salt Rock
Baker Cemetery, Salt Rock
Bates Cemetery, Ona
Baylous Cemetery, Barboursville
Bias Cemetery, Salt Rock
Booth Cemetery, Salt Rock
Browning Cemetery, Salt Rock
Jim Clay Cemetery, Salt Rock
Enon Cemetery, Salt Rock
Farley Cemetery, Salt Rock
France Cemetery, Salt Rock
Gill Cemetery, Salt Rock
Gue Cemetery, Salt Rock
Gwinn Cemetery, Milton
Hatfield Cemetery, Barboursville
Hinchman Cemetery, Salt Rock
Holton Cemetery, Salt Rock
Jacobs Cemetery, Salt Rock
Jarrell Cemetery, Salt Rock
Keenan Cemetery, Salt Rock
Keyser Cemetery #1, Salt Rock
Keyser Cemetery #2, Salt Rock
Kirk Cemetery, Salt Rock
Lucas Cemetery, Branchland
Mays Chapel Cemetery, Barboursville
McComas Cemetery #1, Salt Rock
McComas Cemetery #2, Salt Rock
Morris Cemetery, Barboursville
Morrison Cemetery, Salt Rock
Mt. Zion Cemetery, Salt Rock
Peyton Cemetery, Barboursville
Porter Cemetery #1, Salt Rock
Porter Cemetery #2, Salt Rock
Jim Porter Cemetery, Salt Rock
Ross Cemetery #1, Salt Rock
Ross Cemetery #2, Salt Rock
Salt Rock Cemetery, Salt Rock
Scites Cemetery, Salt Rock
Shelton Cemetery, Salt Rock
Swann Cemetery, Barboursville
Polly Swann Cemetery, Salt Rock
Waugh Cemetery, Ona

Union District

Arthur Cemetery, Ona
Ball Cemetery, Milton
Barker Ridge Cemetery, Ona
Bias Cemetery, Lesage
Bias Chapel Cemetery, Milton
J. E. Bias Cemetery, Lesage
Bicker Cemetery, Milton
Bryan Cemetery, Glenwood
Caldwell Cemetery, Lesage
Carpenter Cemetery, Milton
Chaney Cemetery, Milton
Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Milton
Fairview Cemetery, Lesage
Gebhardt Cemetery (Perry Cemetery), Lesage
Green Bottom cemetery, Lesage
Grove Cemetery, Glenwood
Gwinn Cemetery, Glenwood
Hannan Cemetery, Lesage
Herrenkohl Cemetery, Cox's Landing
Jefferson Cemetery, Lesage
Jenkins Cemetery, Clover Station
Johnson Cemetery, Lesage
Lacy Cemetery, Lesage
Langdon Cemetery, Lesage
LaPole Cemetery, Lesage
Lesage Cemetery, Lesage
Love Cemetery, Ona
Lunsford Cemetery, Milton
Mays Cemetery, Lesage
McComas Cemetery, Milton
Mount Cemetery, Lesage
Neal Cemetery, Milton
Oak Hill Cemetery, Lesage
Perry Cemetery, (see Gebhardt Cemetery)
Rimmer Cemetery, Ona
Roberts Cemetery, (see Thompson Cemetery)
Ronk Cemetery, Milton
Scott Cemetery, Lesage
Smith Cemetery, Milton
Jackson Smith Cemetery, Milton
Spurlock Cemetery, Glenwood
Sunrise Cemetery, Glenwood
Telgner Cemetery, Glenwood
Thompson Cemetery (Roberts Cemetery), Ona
Union Ridge Cemetery, Glenwood
Webb Cemetery, Ona

Gideon District

Earls Cemetery, Huntington
Hatten Cemetery, Huntington
Springhill, Huntington
Woodmere Cemetery, Huntington

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