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Webb Cemetery

169. WEBB CEMETERY, 8 mi. N. Ona, 1 mi W. Cabell Creek Rd. Mrs. Jane Webb Farm.
Established 1892 or earlier as a private burial ground; extent, acre; no restrictions as to type and placing of markers; not fenced; not landscaped; condition, fair.  Lots not marked; graves marked by monuments and crude stones; lots not for sale; no burial records kept; still in use as burial ground.  Earliest stone dated 1892.  Marked graves, 2; unmarked graves, 12 or more.

Aug. 30, 1938

Name Birth Death Relationship Yr. Mo. Da.
(Broughton, Ellen)   n. d.        
(Broughton, Madison)   n. d.        
(Poston, Calvira   n. d.        
(Poston, Children Two)   n. d.        
Webb, Alma   1904   18 13  
(Webb, Anna)   n. d.        
(Webb, Elizabeth)   n. d.        
Webb, Fuston   11-3-1901   46    
(Webb, Nora)   n. d.        
(Webb, Children Three)            
(White, Mrs. O.)   n. d.        

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