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Burial Date



Father Mother
Jarrell,  Charles Albert M 04-29-1934 Uneeda, WV 06-26-2001 Huntington, WV 06-29-2001 67 White Chapel Cemetery Mackie Jarrell Mary F. Kiser
Jarrell,  Charles Millard M 10-26-1942 Milton, WV 10-27-1942 Milton, WV 10-28-1942 15-H Ball Gap Cemetery Russell Jarrell Catherine Hall
Jarrell,  Clarence  "Bunt" M 05-27-1881 West Virginia 10-16-1949 Huntington, WV 10-18-1949 68 Oaklawn Cemetery John E. Jarrell Ellen Jarrell
Jarrell,  Dave M 04-27-1883 West Virginia 08-26-1951 Huntington, WV 08-27-1951 68 Mathes Cemetery Carrell Jarrell Oela Jarrell
Jarrell,  Elijack M 02-02-1866 Molden, WV 03-01-1944 Ona, WV 03-04-1944 79 Springhill Cemetery Andrew Jarrell Clara Ann Snyder
Jarrell,  George W. M 04-24-1886 Kanawha Co., WV 03-26-1950 Huntington, WV 03-29-1950 63 Culloden Cemetery Oliver Jarrell Margaret Jarrell
Jarrell,  Mackie Henry M 03-30-1901 Uneeda, WV 03-26-1953 Milton, WV 03-29-1953 51 Madison Cemetery Moved to White Chapel (7-1996) Albert Jarrell Mary A. Jarrell
Jarrell,  Mary  Frances F 05-28-1908 Nelsonville, OH 03-20-2002 Hurricane, WV 03-23-2002 93 White Chapel Cemetery Charles Henry Kiser Ella Hart
Jarrell,  Pearl F 04-05-1893 Portersville, WV 09-27-1938 Huntington, WV Sept. 1938 45 Oaklawn Cemetery W. B. Perry Louella Ball

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