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Burial Date



Father Mother
Lunsford,  Abigail  "Abbie" F 07-26-1880 Huntington, WV 03-07-1951 Huntington, WV 03-09-1951 70 Springhill Cemetery Gorden Lunsford Clarona Shy
Lunsford,  Agnes Jane F 08-06-1911 Lincoln Co., WV 12-26-1997 Milton, WV 12-28-1997 86 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery Bill Lunsford Minnie Smith
Lunsford,  Albert Lee  "Ikey" M 09-24-1920 Putnam Co., WV 09-10-1944 France 11-07-1948 23 Milton Cemetery Lee Lunsford Oma Meadows
Lunsford,  Alberta Ruth  "Bertie" F 11-03-1925 Milton, WV 01-07-1993 Huntington, WV 01-10-1993 67 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery James Courts Minnie Smith
Lunsford,  Bertha Louise F 09-06-1915 Cabell Co., WV 01-17-2005 Hurricane, WV 01-20-2005 89 Milton Cemetery Clark Neal Alma Ball
Lunsford,  Carl M 04-29-1914 Cabell Co., WV 05-04-1997 Ona, WV 05-06-1997 83 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery Walter E. Lunsford Mamie Legg
Lunsford,  Charles Edward M 04-20-1873 Illinois 12-12-1948 Huntington, WV 12-15-1948 75 Fairfield Cemetery Lana Lunsford Malinda Scarberry
Lunsford,  Claude Basford M 02-06-1906 Cabell Co., WV 09-22-1977 Huntington, WV 09-25-1977 71 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery William A. Lunsford Emma Letta Conner
Lunsford,  David Gail M 09-13-1940 Milton, WV 06-22-1989 Pittsburgh, PA 06-26-1989 48 Milton Cemetery John Clovis Lunsford Louise Neal
Lunsford,  Denvil Harless  "Dink" M 10-18-1914 Cabell Co., WV 02-25-1977 Huntington, WV 02-27-1977 62 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery William A. Lunsford Emma Letta Conner
Lunsford,  Elijah  Clelan M 07-04-1892 Cabell Co., WV 03-08-1950 Milton, WV 03-10-1950 57 Enon Cemetery Calvary Lunsford Salina  Staton
Lunsford,  Emma Letta F 10-08-1882 ---------- 01-12-1969 Cabell Co., WV 01-14-1969 86 Lunsford Cemetery Joseph Conner Martha Deal
Lunsford,  Frank M 1879 Ohio 1945 Huntington, WV 1945 66 Fairfield Cemetery Lane Lunsford (Unknown)
Lunsford,  George Elsworth M 01-27-1886 Frazier Bottom,WV 05-13-1960 Milton, WV 05-16-1960 74 Mt. Zion Cemetery Thomas Lunsford Virginia ----------
Lunsford,  Gordon Woody M 09-15-1907 Milton, WV 03-24-1992 Milton, WV 03-27-1992 84 Ball Cemetery William A. "Bill" Lunsford Emma Letta Conner
Lunsford,  Horace William M 04-14-1908 Harrodsburg, KY 10-17-1947 Ona, WV Oct. 1947 39 (Unknown) Albert Lunsford Lucille Hudson
Lunsford,  Jewell Marie F 08-02-1924 Putnam Co., WV 12-30-2001 Waterloo, OH 01-02-2002 77 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery Lawrence Arnold Glenn Nora Newman
Lunsford,  John Clovis M 01-13-1913 Cabell Co., WV 03-10-1978 Huntington, WV 03-13-1978 65 Milton Cemetery William A. Lunsford Emma Letta Conner
Lunsford,  Kathleen Mildred F 01-16-1922 Johnson City, IL 03-05-2002 Hurricane, WV 2002 80 (Cremation) Peter Elbert Hopkins Beta Lucille Shepherd
Lunsford,  Kenneth Densyl M 09-19-1924 Frazier Bottom,WV 12-29-1971 Chillicothe, OH 12-31-1971 47 Milton Cemetery Gilbert Lee Lunsford Oma Meadows
Lunsford,  Larry Roger M 10-09-1940 Milton, WV 11-23-1994 Milton, WV 11-27-1994 54 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery Claude Basford Lunsford Agnes Jane Courts
Lunsford,  Lelia Cecelia  "Lil" F 07-07-1913 Milton, WV 08-31-2001 Milton, WV 09-03-2001 88 Ball Cemetery Isaac Munson Ball   (Jr.) Louella Chapman
Lunsford,  Lillie Mae F 02-19-1895 Cabell Co., WV 09-07-1988 Milton, WV 09-09-1988 93 Enon Cemetery Thomas Richard Johnson Mary Victoria Perry
Lunsford,  Lula Virginia F 08-27-1928 Milton, WV 04-15-2005 Huntington, WV 04-18-2005 76 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery John William Ashworth Sarah Alice Jackson
Lunsford,  Mamie A. F 09-02-1889 Cabell Co., WV 08-24-1955 Huntington, WV 08-26-1955 65 White Chapel Cemetery Addison Legg Lennie Chapman
Lunsford,  Mary Frances  "Mollie" F 10-09-1884 Mason Co., WV 07-15-1977 Milton, WV 07-17-1977 92 Mt. Zion Cemetery Thomas Ball Frances George
Lunsford,  Oma Elizabeth F 10-04-1895 Mason Co., WV 09-10-1986 Milton, WV 09-13-1986 90 Milton Cemetery Franklin M. Meadows Rosalie Doutt
Lunsford,  Orville Jennings M 12-21-1918 Logan Co., WV 11-22-1995 Huntington, WV 11-25-1995 76 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery Elijah Celan Lunsford Lillie Mae Johnson
Lunsford,  Pansy Irene F 02-08-1919 Cabell Co., WV 03-19-1991 Huntington, WV 03-21-1991 72 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery Allie Chapman Cassie Francis Horn
Lunsford,  Pearl William M 05-20-1897 Mason Co., WV 12-03-1950 Huntington, WV 12-06-1950 53 Fairfield Cemetery Edward Lunsford Maggie Chandler
Lunsford,  Samuel Dale M 08-10-1939 Milton, WV 08-11-1939 Milton, WV 08-11-1939 10-H Lunsford Cemetery Claude Basford Lunsford Agnes Jane Courts
Lunsford,  Salina Staten F 12-25-1860 Virginia 05-02-1937 West Hamlin, WV May 1937 76 Peyton Cemetery, Lower Toms Creek Kellis C. Staten Elizabeth Morris
Lunsford,  Timothy Allen M 08-16-1957 Milton, WV 11-26-1992 Huntington, WV 11-29-1992 35 Ball Cemetery Gordon Woody Lunsford Lelia Ball
Lunsford,  Walter Eldridge M 09-28-1885 Cabell Co., WV 07-23-1964 Lesage, WV 07-25-1964 79 White Chapel Cemetery John Lunsford Isabelle Peyton
Lunsford,  Walter J. M 12-18-1921 Cabell Co., WV 08-29-1984 Huntington, WV 08-31-1984 62 White Chapel Cemetery Walter Lunsford Mamie Legg
Lunsford,  William A. M 01-23-1882 Milton, WV 03-08-1964 Huntington, WV 03-11-1964 82 Lunsford Cemetery John Lunsford Isabelle Peyton
Lunsford,  William Clayton M 08-15-1917 Frazier Bottom, WV 07-08-1980 Huntington, WV 07-10-1980 62 Milton Cemetery Gilbert Lee Lunsford Oma Meadows

Note: Some of the Information on Salina Staten Lunsford came from her Cemetery Marker

Note: Kathleen Mildred Lunsford "Millie" ashes were spread on the Fordy Jenkins farm (Milton, WV).

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