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Burial Date



Father Mother
Spencer,  Anna Faye F 01-27-1936 Cabell Co., WV 01-05-2001 Huntington, WV 01-08-2001 64 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery Lowell Adams Neoma Edmonds
Spencer,  Floyd Elvin M 02-24-1924 Cabell Co., WV 06-21-1976 Huntington, WV 06-23-1976 52 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery Marshall H. Spencer Sarah Edith Weatherholt
Spencer,  Gladie Olive F 11-28-1898 West Virginia 08-27-1940 Barboursville, WV ---------- 41 Waugh Cemetery S. O. Weatherholt Lydia Gothard
Spencer,  Kenneth M 08-04-1955 Sissonville, WV 07-25-1982 Milton, WV 07-27-1982 46 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery Senate Spencer Posie Shively
Spencer,  Marshall H. M 04-25-1901 Cabell Co., WV 11-25-1971 Barboursville, WV 11-27-1971 70 Enon Cemetery James Spencer Elizabeth McCallister
Spencer,  Owen Elman M 03-11-1920 Cabell Co., WV 01-19-1946 Huntington, WV ---------- 25 Enon Cemetery Gus Spencer Audrey Carter
Spencer,  Sarah Edith F 06-20-1902 West Virginia 06-07-1975 Barboursville, WV 06-09-1975 72 Enon Cemetery Ode Weatherholt Lida Gothard
Spencer,  Eddie Franklin M 10-31-1896 Cabell Co., WV 04-25-1974 Huntington, WV 04-27-1974 77 Waugh Cemetery James Edward Spencer Elizabeth McCallister
Spencer,  Violet Marie F 03-07-1930 West Virginia 03-22-2003 Huntington, WV 03-26-2003 73 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery Harvey Milton Ethel Woods

Note:  Spencer,  Owen Elman  -- It should be noted that his father first name was hard to make out the correct spelling.
                                                          The Spelling could be either (Gus or Gill or George).

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