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Burial Date



Father Mother
Vance,  (Infant) M 01-30-1956 Cabell Co., WV 01-30-1956 Culloden, WV 02-01-1956 0 Porterville, Cemetery (Unknown) Lucy Ann Vance
Vance,  Bethel Gail F 02-23-1936 Webster, WV 01-24-2005 Culloden, WV ---------- 68 (Body Donated to Science) Harrison Jones Ellen M. Robeerta
Vance,  Betty Elizabeth F 09-23-1929 Lincoln Co., WV 02-28-2001 Huntington, WV 03-05-2001 71 White Chapel Cemetery Fraud J. Barnett Nellie Mae Fry
Vance,  Florence Ida F 11-27-1893 Cabell Co., WV 12-02-1984 Huntington, WV 12-05-1984 91 Culloden Cemetery Thomas Davis Mary Jane Persinger
Vance,  Forrest Eugene M 04-14-1939 West Hamlin, WV 02-22-1988 Huntington, WV 02-25-1988 48 Brown Cemetery William Austin Vance Saba Chaney
Vance,  Gordon M 01-15-1888 West Virginia 05-04-1954 Dingess, WV 05-07-1954 66 Culloden Cemetery Will Vance Dollie Vance
Vance,  Johnnie Ray M 10-28-1953 West Hamlin, WV 12-23-1953 Milton, WV 12-24-1953 1-M Brown Cemetery William Vance Rena Johnson
Vance,  Mary Elizabeth F 06-09-1926 Salt Rock, WV 04-17-1940 Barboursville, WV ---------- 13 Ross Cemetery Orville Vance Essie Lucas
Vance,  Mary Frances F 09-15-1925 Putnam Co., WV 03-07-2004 Huntington, WV 03-10-2004 78 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery John Baumgardner Inez Dailey
Vance,  Oscar Dallas M 10-31-1923 Cabell Co., WV 09-09-2001 Milton, WV 09-11-2001 77 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery William Vance Sabie Chaney
Vance,  Rena F 06-05-1899 West Virginia 04-21-1940 Huntington, WV 04-24-1940 40 Chesapeake, OH Frank Martin Sarah Martin
Vance,  Thomas Corvin M 03-08-1883 Putnam Co., WV 03-20-1959 Milton, WV 03-23-1959 76 Culloden Cemetery Thomas Vance Viola Griffith
Vance,  Thurmond M ---------- Milton, WV 12-11-1942 Huntington, WV 12-13-1942 11 Porterville, Cemetery William Austin Vance Sabie Chaney
Vance,  Wallace Ray M 09-19-1931 Kanawha Co., WV 03-20-2003 South Charleston, WV 03-23-2003 71 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery Virgil A. Vance Lena Maysel McClanahan
Vance,  William Austin M 03-28-1881 Putnam Co., WV 01-26-1959 Culloden, WV 01-29-1959 77 Porterville, Cemetery Thomas Vance Viola Griffith
Vance,  William Lawrence M 01-17-1927 Cabell Co., WV 06-12-2005 Huntington, WV 06-15-2005 78 Forest Memorial Park Cemetery William Vance Sabia Chaney

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