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Burial Date



Father Mother
Wright,  Catherine F 08-23-1923 Huntington, WV 10-16-1991 Huntington, WV 10-19-1991 68 Evergreen Cemetery, Fraz. Bottom, WV Newell Franklin Edmonds Gusta Bunn
Wright,  Charles David M 03-06-1957 Hurricane, WV 01-19-1986 Charleston, WV 01-21-1986 28 Sovine Cemetery Charles Wright Vola Agnes Sovine
Wright,  Edna F 08-29-1903 Pike Co., KY 11-24-1984 Richmond, VA 11-28-1984 81 White Chapel Cemetery E. P. Hatfield Rena Scott
Wright,  Leonidas Floyd M 05-10-1858 Virginia 11-16-1943 Hurricane, WV 11-18-1943 85 Evergreen Cemetery, Fraz. Bottom, WV Vanburn Wright (Unknown)
Wright,  Marvin Darrell M 12-04-1959 Milton, WV 08-11-1979 Hurricane, WV 08-14-1979 19 Sovine Cemetery Charles Wright Vola Sovine
Wright,  Nora Jane F 03-11-1868 Putnam Co., WV 07-21-1942 Pliny, WV 07-23-1942 74 Mt. Vernon Cemetery Ned Erwin Bettie Meddings
Wright,  Pharis Lamon M 04-15-1894 West Virginia 08-13-1969 Huntington, WV 08-15-1969 75 Resthaven Cemetery, Princeton, WV Tip Wright Nancy Miller
Wright,  Sheldon W. M 03-07-1919 Kentucky 06-26-1983 Culloden, WV 06-28-1983 64 White Chapel Cemetery Columbus Wright Dora Bailey
Wright,  Tennessee Lois F 03-08-1942 Logan Co., WV 11-08-2001 Huntington, WV 11-13-2001 59 Grandview Cemetery, Bluefield, WV Sherman Goodman Lillie Mullens
Wright,  Thomas Lee M 10-19-1865 Ripley, WV 08-30-1940 Huntington, WV ---------- 74 Springhill Cemetery George W. Wright Emolene Kettle
Wright,  Van Buren M 03-23-1887 West Virginia 08-07-1981 Huntington, WV 08-10-1981 94 Evergreen Cemetery, Fraz. Bottom, WV Floyd Wright (Unknown)
Wright,  Willard Anderson M 06-16-1900 Pliny, WV 07-31-1957 Frazier Bottom, WV 08-03-1957 57 Evergreen Cemetery, Fraz. Bottom, WV Floyd Wright Carry Stevens
Wright,  William Whitney M 05-03-1894 Ashland, KY 08-18-1946 Huntington, WV 08-20-1946 52 Milton Cemetery James Wright Minerva Stephens
Wright,  Willie Florence F 12-20-1869 Melissa, WV 10-02-1976 Huntington, WV 10-05-1976 106 White Chapel Cemetery Reece Dillon Adlaide Turner

Note:  The Sovine Cemetery is also known as the Community Cemetery.

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