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Adkins (Ottie) Cemetery

Cabell / Wayne County,  West Virginia

Adkins (Ottie) Quick List

Adkins,  (Infant)
Adkins,  A. W.
Adkins,  Bonnie
Adkins,  Clinton Ray
Adkins,  Clista
Adkins,  Darius
Adkins,  Elizabeth A.
Adkins,  Ethel
Adkins,  Ewell
Adkins,  Greenville
Adkins,  J. W.
Adkins,  Jennings B.
Adkins,  Johnson
Adkins,  Laura
Adkins,  Lindsey
Adkins,  Lucian (Jr.)
Adkins,  Magdalene
Adkins,  Maggie
Adkins,  Mary  --  (1882 - 1908)
Adkins,  Mary
Adkins,  Myrtle
Adkins,  Ottie
Adkins,  P. W.
Adkins,  Rufus
Adkins,  Sarah A.
Adkins,  Steve
Adkins,  Telitha
Adkins,  Wesley  --  (1833 - 1916)
Adkins,  Wesley
Adkins,  Willis
Adkins,  Zack
Childers,  B. S.
Childers,  Benjamin
Childers,  Betty
Childers,  Perlina
Dean,  Cora E.
Eplin,  Irene
Eplin,  Joanna
Eplin,  Laura
Eplin,  Marion
Eplin,  Marshall
Eplin,  Welcom
Eplin,  Willie
Lucas,  Darius
Nelson,  (Infant)
Stephenson,  Zachariah
Wyatt,  Mary Louise

UNKNOWN  --  17 graves

Note:  See Detail List for other possible burials.

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