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Doors to the Past

Barbour (Isaiah) Cemetery

Cabell / Wayne County,  West Virginia

Barbour (Isaiah) Quick List

Barbour,  Ira  J.
Barbour,  Isaiah
Barbour,  Mary Ellen
Barbour,  Ola  J.
Dick,  (Infant)
Dick,  Dessie  D.
Dick,  Edna
Dick,  Nellie
Dick,  Otho
Kite,  Kate
Porter,  John
Porter,  Sallie  R.
Ray,  (Leg of Mel)
Ray,  Benjamin (Franklin)  S.
Ray,  Charles
Ray,  Jean  C.
Ray,  Nellie
Ray,  Maude
Wells,  (Infant)

Also 6 graves that are marked as UNKNOWN

Note:  See Detail Page for other Possible Burials.

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