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Doors to the past

German Beckett

Cabell County, West Virginia

Beckett (German) Quick List

Beckett,  (Infant Son)
Beckett,  (Infant)          (Unmarked)
Beckett,  Charles W.
Beckett,  German C.
Beckett,  Golden         (Unmarked)
Beckett,  Hannah
Beckett,  James
Beckett,  Margaret Kinnard
Beckett,  Martha Alice          (Unmarked)
Beckett,  Susannah
Braley,  A. C.
Braley,  E.
Braley,  Ernest R.
Braley,  Maud M.
Gothard,  Viola S.
Harshbarger,  Deloris Alma
Keenan,  Ida
Lusher,  Bertha A.
Lusher,  (Infant)
Lusher,  Frank
Lusher,  Junior K.
Lusher.  Kenneth Ray
Lusher,  Mary Louise
Lusher,  Raymond Dale
Mays,  Ronald D.
McCroske,  David
McCroske,  T. C.
Mitchel,  (Baby)
Morrison,  (Infant Son)
Morrison,  (Infant Son)
Morrison,  Alwilda Wheeler
Morrison,  Cynthia A.
Morrison,  Virginia
Morrison,  W. Joseph
Morrison,  Zena O.
Payton,  Annie
Payton,  Delphia A.
Payton,  Frank P.
Payton,  George Franklin
Payton,  Lizzie
Payton,  Sesco
Reynolds,  Easta A.
Reynolds,  George F.
Reynolds,  Kermit R.
Reynolds,  Ollie Belle
Reynolds,  Terry Lee
Thomas,  Dan B.
Thomas,  Maud          (Unmarked)
Vititoe,  (Infant)
Vititoe,  Virgle R.

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