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Doors to the Past

Bias Cemetery

Cabell  County, West Virginia

Bias Quick List

Adkins, (Infant)
Arrowood, Maxine Swann
Bias, Ellodie
Bias, G. J.
Bias, Harriet Leith
Bias, Herbert C.
Bias, J. B.
Bias, James Ewell
Bias, M. A.
Bias, Mary
Hutchinson, Edna M.
Hutchinson, Elisha Whitfield
Hutchinson, Eliza
Hutchinson, Emma Eva
Hutchinson, Ercell C.
Hutchinson, Joseph D.
Hutchinson, Myrtle Bias
Hutchinson, Richard Edward
Hutchinson, Rolle C.
Hutchinson, Variena
Hutchinson, W. W.
Morrison, A. E.
Morrison, C. V.
Morrison, Calvary
Morrison, Clarisa
Morrison, Dawson
Morrison, James L.
Morrison, M. E.
Morrison, Nannie
Morrison, R. S.
Roth, Ocie M.
Rousey, Dicie
Rousey, Ora
Rousey, Orin
Rowsey, A. R.
Sanders, Earl G.
Sanders, Glenna Bias
Swann, Dencil Locke
Swann, Joseph W.
Swann, Rosa H.

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