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Doors to the Past

Blankenship (Sam) Cemetery

Cabell / Wayne County,  West Virginia

Blankenship (Sam) Quick List

Bales,  Eliza  C.
Blankenship,  Anna
Blankenship,  Anna Ruth
Blankenship,  Effie
Blankenship,  Elizabeth
Blankenship,  Enoch
Blankenship,  Evalena
Blankenship,  Garland
Blankenship,  Gertrude
Blankenship,  Henrietta
Blankenship,  Ida  S.
Blankenship,  J. B.
Blankenship,  Jeanetta
Blankenship,  Levi
Blankenship,  Marlin
Blankenship,  Mary
Blankenship,  Melia
Blankenship,  Samuel
Blankenship,  Samuel  (1860 - 1924)
Blankenship,  Samuel  J.  (1898 - 1967)
Crockett,  George
Johnson,  Grant
Morris,  Bruce
Stevens,  June
Walker,  Bell 

There are also 16 graves marked as "UNKNOWN".

Note:  See Detail List for other possible burials.

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