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Doors to the Past

Childers (Elias) Cemetery

Cabell / Wayne County,  West Virginia

Childers (Elias) Quick List

Aires,  Meadie
Ashworth,  Hattie  M.
Ashworth,  Meril  L.
Ashworth,  Elias
Berry,  Mary
Berry,  Virgil
Berry,  Winifred
Booton,  Katherine
Childers,  (Infant)  --  1906
Childers,  (Infant)  --  1959
Childers,  (Infant)
Childers,  (Infant)
Childers,  Casner
Childers,  Elias  A.
Childers,  Enoch
Childers,  Floyd
Childers,  Gracie
Childers,  Kenneth
Childers,  Lucy  J.
Childers,  Lyle  H.
Childers,  Martha
Childers,  Parisade
Childers,  Shem
Childers,  Thomas
Childers,  W. R.
Dick,  Burl  S.
Dick,  Charles
Dick,  Ruth
Rowe,  Clarence

There are also 4 graves that are marked as "UNKNOWN".

Note:  See Detail Page for Other Possible Burials.

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