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Doors to the Past

Guyandotte Cemetery

Cabell County, West Virginia

Guyandotte Quick List

Adams,  Edgar Othniel
Bodue,  Mary
Combs,  Shadrack
Cooper,  Jacob
Cummings,  Reuben
Davis,  Betsy Stevenson
Davis,  Daniel
Gardener,  Joseph
Gardner,  Frances I.
Gellengwaters,  Jas.
Handley,  Lewis
Handley,  Mary
Hite,  Elizabeth A.
Hite,  Isabella V.
Hite,  Priscilla W.
Holderby,  Arlana
Lawson,  Anthony (Sr)
Letulle,  Eleonore
Love,  Charles
Love,  Susanna Childs
Mays,  Josephine
Morris,  Margaret
Morris,  Jno.
Perkins,  Troyulous
Peters,  (Infant)
Rece,  Allen
Rece,  Mary Climer
Shaw,  Silas
Smith,  Dudley M.
Wellington,  Charles
Wellington,  Fredrick
Wellington,  Erastus
Wellington,  Charlotte Webb
Mears,  George  (Unmarked)

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