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Doors to the Past

Kyle Cemetery

Main Entrance to Cemetery

Note:  These names were furnished by Elizabeth Kyle.
          She read the cemetery between 2000 to 2002.

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ARTHUR,  Julia 04-20-1901   Wife of G. W. Arthur -- Age 58
BECKETT,  William 1915 1926 Son of  L .M. Barcus
BARCUS,  Grace 1884 1921  
BECKETT,  J. 1845 08-18-1920  
BECKETT,  William 1888 02-20-1935  
BIAS,  Alice N/D N/D Age 83
BIAS,  Linsey N/D N/D C.W. Co G 1st WV Cav.
BIAS,  S. A. N/D N/D Age 90
BRYANT,  Delbert 1927 1927  
BRYANT,  Rubert Howard 1928 1929  
BRYANT,  Tommy Jr. N/D N/D  
CARSON,  Andrew K. 01-16-1846 03-30-1924 C.W.
CARSON,  Stella 1885 1928  
CARTER,  Charles 1864 1935  
CARTER,  Jasper L. 1913 1916 s/o M.A. & A.J. Carter
CLARK,  A. Taylor 1848 1923  
CLARK,  Cathrine 1852 1924  
CLARK,  David N/D N/D C.W. Co D 6th WV Inf.
CREMEANS,  Amasa 1830 1910 C.W. 9th WV Reg Inf.
CREMEANS,  Bertha 1880 1958 Wife of Rev.James W. Cremeans
CREMEANS,  Billie  (Rev) 1865 1954  
CREMEANS,  James W. (Rev) 1859 1932 Husband of Bertha Cremeans
CREMEANS,  Sarrah K. 1867 1915  
CREMEANS,  (Unknown) N/D N/D Metal Marker -- Hall Funeral Home
DEAN,  Rosa M. 06-12-1889 12-17-1890  
EDENS,  Zoue 09-15-1873 03-12-1959  
EDLER,  Anna Marie Kyle 1900 1919  
FARLEY,  Margaret N/D 01-05-1852 Wife of Thomas Farley -- Stone broken in half
FARLEY,  Minerva 02-15-1823 08-18-18?? d/o Thomas and Margaret Farley
FARLEY,  Thomas N/D N/D  
FLOYD,  Flora F. 1858 1909 Wife of Ross Floyd
FLOYD,  J. F. 03-10-1845 N/D Husband of Mary E. Floyd
FLOYD,  Mary E. 03-11-1859 03-22-1909 Wife of J. F. Floyd
FRANCE,  W. H. N/D N/D C.W. Co G 3rd Cavalry
GRIMES,  Alvin N/D 10-10-1854 Son of J. & s. Grimes - Age 6ys 3mo 24ds
GRIMES,  Elizabeth A. N/D 09-23-1851 Age 9 mos. & 27ds -- d/o J. & S. Grimes
GRIMES,  Jeff 1861 1908  
GRIMES,  Olive N/D 09-23-1851 Dau of W. & H. H. Grimes - Age 2ys 1mo 19ds
GRIMES,  W. H. N/D N/D C.W. Co M 3rd WV
HAGLEY,  Eliza 1848 1921  
HAGLEY,  John W. 10-06-1881 02-08-1907  
HAGLEY,  Joseph 10-27-1844 12-22-1896 C.W. 13th WV Inf.
HENSLEY,  Ora L. N/D 12-07-1935 W.W.I
HOLLAND,  John 08-02-1836 Dec 1880 C.W. 1st WV Cav.
HOWARD,  Aaron 06-22-1825 12-09-1882 C.W. Co F 1st OH
HOWARD,  Hugh Allen N/D N/D  
HOWARD,  Little Sister N/D N/D  
HOWARD,  Mary Jefferson N/D N/D  
JACKSON,  Curtis Linville 12-25-1934 Aug 1942  
JARVIS,  Pansy L. 02-27-1911 09-06-1933  
KYLE,  Edmond N/D 03-12-1902 Husband of Sarah M. Kyle -- Age 84 yrs
KYLE,  Edmond B. 1890 1931  
KYLE,  Infant Girl N/D N/D Daughter of John and Rachel Kyle
KYLE,  Iona B. 1888 1906  
KYLE,  Sarah M. 1832 1904 Wife of Edmond Kyle
KYLE,  Victor N/D 01-01-1943 Moved to Ridgelawn Cemetery
McCORMICK,  Elizabeth E. 1860 1930  
MILLER,  David Allen 1961 1961  
MILLER,  Dewie 1903 1921  
MILLER,  Layuna 1885 1923  
NANCE,  John C. 1892 1979 Also a Metal Marker from Chapman Mortuary
NANCE,  Margaret J. 1893 1974  
NANCE,  Virginia E. N/D 09-10-1922  
NELSON,  Al 01-10-1890 06-24-1918  
POE,  Opal Mae 01-14-1927 07-09-1938 Dau. of Perlie and Emma Poe
POLK,  James K. N/D 04-13-1853 Son of H. F. & J. Grimes  Age 5ys-3mo-4ds
RATCLIFF,  Welthy 1844 1918  
RATLIFF,  Christine N/D N/D d/o C. & V. Ratliff
SCARBERRY,  (Three Babies) N/D N/D  
UNKNOWN     Rock
UNKNOWN     Stone
UNKNOWN 1801 N/D Big Stone
UNKNOWN,  Cliff 11-18-1932 12-23-1934  
UNKNOWN,  Martha N/D N/D  
UNMARKED     Stone
UNMARKED     Children of Gilbert and Lucy Wintz Hall
UNMARKED     Children of Gilbert and Lucy Wintz Hall
UNMARKED     Children of Gilbert and Lucy Wintz Hall
UNMARKED     Children of Gilbert and Lucy Wintz Hall
UNMARKED     Monument gone-brick base
UNMARKED     Rocks
UNMARKED     Burned fallen tree covering
UNMARKED     Small wooden cross
UNMARKED     Small wooden cross
UNMARKED     Small wooden cross
UNMARKED     Small stone
WAUGH,  Charles 1826 1900 Husband of Luerra (Cremeans) Waugh
WAUGH,  Luerra 1938 1893 Wife of Charles Waugh
WINTERS,  Wilbert I. 10-24-1893 03-02-1914 s/o C.S. & M.E. Winters
WINTZ,  Hazel 1921 1921 Metal Marker -- Heck Funeral Home
WINTZ,  Joseph O. 1861 1916  
WINTZ,  Norma Lee 1928 1928 Metal Marker -- Heck Funeral Home
WINTZ,  Tresa N. 1859 1928  
WINTZ,  Wilbert 03-26-1901 04-12-1906  


There are also 26 unmarked or sunken graves in this section.

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