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Doors to the Past

Mount Cemetery

Cabell County, West Virginia

Mount Quick List

Brannen,  James
Brannen,  Mary
Clary,  Miles
Clary,  Jennie
Dennison,  Lorena Pearl  (Unmarked)
Farley,  Galley  A. F.
Hesson,  Chando Malcolm   (Unmarked)
Hesson,  Irven   (Unmarked)
Mount,  Ann  E.
Mount,  Athala  J.
Mount,  Bessie  E.
Mount,  Bessie Susan
Mount,  Catharine  E.
Mount,  Clara Ettie
Mount,  Ezra
Mount,  Garland
Mount,  Gertrude
Mount,  George Donald
Mount,  George  Tolbert
Mount,  Harry Robert
Mount,  Harvey  B.
Mount,  Harvey
Mount,  (Infant)
Mount,  Linas
Mount,  Sarah  E.  (1877 - 1900)
Mount,  Sarah  E.  (1892 - 1971)


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