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Doors to the Past

Sifford Cemetery

Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia

Sifford Quick List

Boling,  Ada Corinne
Boling,  Rufus C.
Boling,  William Eugene
Bowling,  Phillip O.  "Buck"
Cende,  Eloise Christine
Cruz,  Albert Dela
Ferguson,  Mary Bell
Ferguson,  William Jay
Gabriele,  Michael D.  (Jr.)
Gabriele,  Pasquale D.
Huggins,  Nancy Bell Bowling
Lucas,  Lonnie
Lucas,  Ronnie
Roberts,  Geraldine
Roberts,  Gordon
Shy,  Frank
Shy,  Phoebe Sifford
Shy,  Roy Lee
Shy,  Virginia (Phoebe)
Sifford,  Allen Albert
Sifford,  Cara Lee
Sifford,  Cora B.
Sifford,  Darian Ryan
Sifford,  Leonard Hughie
Sifford,  Pauline K.
Sifford,  Rufus F.
Sifford,  Rufus R.
Sifford,  Warren Homer
Starks,  Johnnie L.
Starks,  Ruth Lucas


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