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Doors to the Past

Spurlock Cemetery

Cabell County, West Virginia

Spurlock Quick List

Bailey, Addie, Miss
Bailey, Emma
Bailey, William
Bryan, Infant
Bryan, Lewis L.
Bryan, Sarah C.
Hibner, Bertha B.
Hibner, Emory E.
Hibner, Emory E., Jr.
McComas, Elisha G.
McComas, Ellen
McComas, William
Perry, William D.
Spurlock, A. Harold
Spurlock, Alfie
Spurlock, Alfred
Spurlock, Alfred, Jr.
Spurlock, Alwine
Spurlock, Bessie M.
Spurlock, Carolyn Sue
Spurlock, Charles A.
Spurlock, Elba
Spurlock, Elwood
Spurlock, Emily
Spurlock, Eulah
Spurlock, Florence
Spurlock, George
Spurlock, Henry Franklin
Spurlock, Ida B.
Spurlock, Infant
Spurlock, Karen
Spurlock, Katherine B.
Spurlock, Kathy
Spurlock, Lillie
Spurlock, Mabel M.
Spurlock, Ona
Spurlock, Rachel L.
Spurlock, Rosa Lee
Spurlock, Ruth
Spurlock, Steve
Spurlock, Susie
Spurlock, Thomas J.
Spurlock, Willard
Spurlock, William
Spurlock, William F.
Starkey, Beulah
Starkey, Forest
Wofford, Gilla D.


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