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Doors to the Past

Spurlock (Cass) Cemetery

Cabell / Wayne County,  West Virginia

Spurlock Detail List

Dick,  Arthur C.
Dick,  Cassie
Dick,  Charles A.
Dick,  Emily S.
Dick,  Golden G.
Spurlock,  (Infant)
Spurlock,  Almeda B.
Spurlock,  Cassender  (1885 - 1964
Spurlock,  Cassender
Spurlock,  Cynthia
Spurlock,  Elexie
Spurlock,  Eliza
Spurlock,  Erasumus A.
Spurlock,  Lessie
Spurlock,  Mary
Spurlock,  Oscar  (1926)
Spurlock,  Oscar  (1902 - 1923

Note:  See Detail List for other possible burials.





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