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Doors to the Past

Templeton Cemetery

Cabell Co., WV

Templeton Quick List

Altop, Kenneth Trell
Blankenship, Vernia Clagg
Bledsoe, Vernon H.
Chapman, Alma V.
Chapman, Clifton Fredrick
Chapman, Vonzo
Charles, Bill R.
Clagg, Larry (Jr.)
Clagg, Mary J. Smith
Clark, Alva
Clark, Ancil T.
Clark, Carrie E.
Clark, Earnest
Clark, Iva Dora
Clark, John
Clark, Leroy
Clark, Vada L.
Collins, Ida G.
Collins, Lendo F.
Cupp, Mary Jane
Davis, Nathen Hunter
Dille, Carl
Dille, Eva
Dille, Fannie
Dille, Gilbert
Field, Avelee
Hayes, ------
Hayes, Clara M.
Hayes, Clifford
Hayes, Cosper
Hayes, Delmer
Hayes, Elsie M.
Hayes, Fred
Hayes, Harold H.
Hayes, Mary Elizabeth
Hayes, Melissie
Hayes, Ray R.
Hayes, Sandra
Hayes, Shirley A.
Hayes, Virl F.
Hayes, Walter D.
Janey, William A.
Knight, Marcus Jake
Lusas, Melvin Ray
Lucas, Robert J.
Martin, Blanch
Martin, Charles L.
Martin, Edward
Martin, Everett Andrew
Martin, Howard
Mercer, Goldie Nichols
Mullins, Lydia
Mullins, Everette E.
Mullins, James
Mullins, Lonnie
Mullins, Luther H.
Mullins, Nola Irene
Nichols, Edward Ray
Nichols, James W. "Jimmy"
Nichols, Juanita Hayes
Peyton, Vivian
Piatt, Gaynell Collins
Sheppard, Bertha Elva
Smith, (Infant)
Smith, Buck Richard
Smith, Carter J.
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Darrel E.
Smith, Ellis J.
Smith, Henry Lee
Smith, Joseph S.
Smith, Rosa
Smith, Wanda C.
Smith, Willodean   (Bahlinger)
Smith, Wilson S.
Templeton, Anna
Templeton, B. V. "Doc"
Templeton, Della M.
Templeton, Dorothy
Templeton, Earl B.
Templeton, Francis J.
Templeton, Hughie "Hubert"
Templeton, Irene Mae
Templeton, John L.
Templeton, John Lewis
Templeton, Laura E.
Templeton, Lucy E.
Templeton, Sarah A.
Templeton, Virgil
Templeton, Virginia
Wilmoth, (Infant)


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