Doors to the Past

Thornburg Cemetery

Barboursville, Cabell County, West Virginia


Thornburg Quick List

Bell, Ronald Earl
Cyrus, Harry T.
Cyrus, John E.
Cyrus, South P.
Cyrus, Willie F.
Everett, Infant (female)
Everett, Mary J. Thornburg
Fraley, Paul
Fraley, Sarah T.
Griffin, Adalaid A. E.
Griffin, Charles H.
Griffin, Eliza Ann
Griffin, Elizabeth
Griffin, Georgiana T.
Griffin, Infant (female)
Griffin, Leonora A.
Griffin, John W.
Griffin, John W.
Griffin, Solomon Z.
Griffin, Thomas B.
Hovey, Ellen E.
Hovey, T. E. M.
Hovey, William M.
Leonard, James
Mayberry, Julia C.
McCullough, David B.
McCullough, Rachel W.
McCullough, William M.
McGinnis, Willie Wirt
Mills, John
Mills, J.(John) O.(Oscar)
Mills, Mary A.(Ann)
Mills, W. (William) E.
Quinn, Margaret Susan
Samuels, H. J.
Samuels, Rebecca A.
Simmons, Edgar
Simmons, Julia
Simmons, Marie
Slaughter, Charles A.
Slaughter, Margaret H.
Thornburg, Addie M.
Thornburg, Annah L.
Thornburg, Annie Magdalene
Thornburg, Caroline M.
Thornbury, Claud H.
Thornburg, Claud H.
Thornburg, Collins Unseld
Thornburg, Daisy
Thornburg, Daisy
Thornburg, Emily A.
Thornburg, Emma J.
Thornburg, Ernest L.
Thornburg, Ersie D.
Thornburg, Fannie M.
Thornburg, Frank Miller
Thornbury, George G.
Thornburg, Howard B.
Thornburg, Ida E.
Thornburg, Infant (female)
Thornburg, James L.(Lewis)
Thornburg, James Thomas
Thornburg, Jenny Varnum
Thornburg, John David
Thornburg, John M.
Thornburg, John W.
Thornburg, Lizzie M.
Thornburg, Madge S.
Thornburg, Maggie L.
Thornburg, Margaret C.
Thornburg, Mary Alice
Thornburg, Mary Elizabeth
Thornburg, Mary M. Staley
Thornburg, Mary S.
Thornburg, McCullough
Thornburg, Mollie
Thornburg, Moses S.
Thornburg, Nancy Varnum
Thornburg, Nettie D.
Thornburg, P. Eugene
Thornburg, Randolph
Thornburg, Ruth L.
Thornburg, Soloman
Thornburg, T. H. B. Jr.
Thornbury, T. H. B.
Thornburg, Thomas
Thornburg, U. M.
Thornburg, Virginia F. (Frances)
Vickers, Victoria Thornburg

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