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Doors to the Past

Toney Hill Cemetery

Cabell County, West Virginia

Toney Hill Detail List

Adams, Arnold Lee
Adams, Augusta May
Adams, David
Adams, Harvey
Adams, Mahala A L Meadows
Adams, Millard
Adams, Sarah Good
Adams, Samuel
Adams, Orma Lee
Ashworth, Bennie C.
Ashworth,  Opal H.
Black, Malinda
Black, Peter & family
Clagg, Charles E.
Clagg, Cora B.
Clagg, Ernie C.
Clagg, Eva
Clagg, Evelyn Louise
Clagg, Henry
Clagg, Levada
Clagg, Nora E.
Clagg, O. Millard
Cooper, Berman
Cooper, Daphena?
Cooper, Forest
Cooper, Geneva
Cremeans, Ben
Cremeans, Emma
Forth, Elden
Forth, Hugh, wife & son
Holley,  Daphena Lula
Jenkins, Elizabeth
Jenkins, Elsie O.
Jenkins, Forrest
Jenkins, Henry Ford
Jenkins, M. M.
Jenkins,  Malcolm Mathew
Jenkins, Nettie
Jenkins, Norena
Legg, Barbara Ann
Legg, Bertha M.
Legg, Carl E. II
Legg, Catherine
Legg, Charles E.
Legg, Charles W.
Legg, Charles W.
Legg, Ed, wife & children
Legg, Eda Rebecca
Legg, Ethel M.
Legg, Henry F.
Legg, James A.
Legg, James A.
Legg, Johny W.
Legg, Gally & family
Legg, Lizzie M.
Legg, Mary Bell
Legg, Minnie
Legg, Myrtle
Legg. Sadie
Legg, Thomas
Legg, Will & son
Legg, William L.  (Unmarked)   (Could be the same as the person above)
Lewis, C. R.
Meadows, Carrie E.
Meadows, Patricia G.
Peyton, Howard
Peyton, Geraldine
Roach, Terry David
Roach, William Edward
Toney, Albert E.
Toney, Charley W.
Toney, Henry L.
Toney, Malinda
Toney, W. C.

Note:  See Detail List for more possible burials.


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