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Doors to the Past

Walker (James A.) Cemetery

Cabell County, West Virginia

Walker Quick List

Kendrick,  Lelia  (1908)
Kendrick,  Lelia  (1941)
Kendrick,  Pauline
McCoy,  Anna Walker
McCoy,  Christopher Columbus
McCoy,  Denver  "Happy"
Morrison,  Mamie Walker
Walker,  Addie  E.
Walker,  Arnold  F.
Walker,  Betty Louise
Walker,  Charlie
Walker,  Clora Ross
Walker,  Clovis  (Jr.)
Walker,  Clovis Adolphus
Walker,  Cyntha  A.
Walker,  Danny Ray
Walker,  Danny Ray  (Jr.)
Walker,  Dewey  A.
Walker,  Edna
Walker,  James  A.
Walker,  Linda Marie
Walker,  Mary  E.
Walker,  Mary Susan
Walker,  Nathaniel  A.
Walker,  Walter Lee

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