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Doors to the Past

Wilson Cemetery

Cabell County, West Virginia

Wilson Quick List

Alexander, George A.
Alexander, George W.
Alexander, Jennie
Alexander, June Virginia
Alexander, Virginia
Blackwood, Willie R.
Childers, Ona E.
Cooper, Fanny C.
Cooper, H. F.
Doss, Ann Marie
Doss, Bernie Harding
Doss, Cline
Doss, Eliza A.
Doss, Emily Frances
Doss, Frances Lee
Doss, Gertrude B.
Doss, Joseph L.
Doss, Junius T.  (1858- 1937)
Doss, Junius T.  (1921-1989)
Doss, Larkin T. P.
Doss, Margaret E.
Doss, Mary Edith
Doss,  Tennessee Goldie
Douthat, Annie May
Douthat, Luther Lee
Estep, Mary  (Unmarked)
Farley, James Miller
Grady, Henry
Grady, Henry Wilson
Grady, Virginia
Hamilton, Dorthy M.
Hamilton, Florence M.
Lawhorn, Christina E.
Lawhorn, James M.
McKeand, Cordon
McKeand, Dorothy
McKeand, Henry B.
McKeand, John Cordon
McKeand, Lydia Ann
McKeand, Morgan Taylor
McKeand, Zola May
Whitling, Allene E.
Whitling, Charles D.
Wilson, Alma E.
Wilson, Charles E. Jr.
Wilson, Charles Eugene, Sr.
Wilson, Charles M.
Wilson, Cora Griffin
Wilson, Emma Jane
Wilson, George T.
Wilson, Irene E.
Wilson, James
Wilson, Jas. W.
Wilson, John F.
Wilson, Mary A.  (Memorial)
Wilson, Mary E.
Wilson, Sarah A.  (Two stones)
Wilson, S.D.
Wilson, Will F.

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