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Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a military conflict in present day Vietnam occurring from 1959 to April 30, 1975. The conflict was a successful effort by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV or North Vietnam) and the indigenous National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam, (also known as the Việt Cộng, or more informally as the "Charlie", "VC" or "Cong") to unify Vietnam as a communist state, defeating the South Vietnamese Republic of Vietnam (RVN). To a degree, the Vietnam War was a "proxy war" between the U.S. and its Western allies on the side of the RVN, with the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China supporting the DRV on the other. As a result of this it is often considered part of the Cold War.

The chief cause of the war was the failure of Vietnamese nationalists, in the form of the Viet Minh, to gain control of southern Vietnam both during and after their struggle for independence from France in the First Indochina War of 1946–54.

The U.S., in particular, deployed large numbers of military personnel to South Vietnam between 1954 and1973. U.S. military advisors first became involved in Vietnam as early as 1950, when they began to assist French colonial forces. In 1956, these advisors assumed full responsibility for training the Army of the Republic of Vietnam or ARVN. Large numbers of American combat troops began to arrive in 1965. The last American troops left the country on April 30, 1975.

Note: The above info from Wikipedia.

The list below are the soldiers from Cabell County, WV.
that were killed in the Vietnam War.

ADKINS,  Kenneth Dale   McMELLON,  Arthur Nello
ALBRIGHT,  John Scott II   MEADOWS,  Lester Lee (Jr.)
AMOS,  William Lee   MURPHY,  Herbert Burgess
ARTHUR,  Richard Thornton    NEAL,  Ronald Keith
BERRY,  James Grayson.    PAULEY,  Marshall Irvin 
BIAS,  Clifford    PESIMER,  Daniel 
BLANKENSHIP,  Donald R.    RANSBOTTOM,  Michael Lee 
BROWN,  Haron Lee (II)   RANSON,  Rodney Kent
CARSON,  David Rickey   ROSE,  Gerald Bruce
CHAPMAN,  Henry Lee   ROSS,  Elmer Tim
CHILDERS,  Roger Dale   SAUNDERS,  Lowell Ray
CLARK,  Roy Edward   SCARBERRY,  Larry Dale
CRAFT,  William Edward   SHELLEMAN,  Kenneth Hyde 
CROWDER,  Herbert H.    STEPHENS,  Michael Eugene
DEAN,  James Howard   TAYLOR,  Emory LeRoy
EMMERT,  James Richard   THOMAS,  Michael Dale
EUBANKS,  George F.    URBAN,  Paul Richard (Jr.)
FORD,  Wallace Addison   VANNATTER,  Lloyd A. 
HUTCHINSON,  Kenneth P. (Jr.)   VICKERS,  Billy Joe
JOHNSON,  Johnny Malcolm   WAYMIRE,  Jackie L. 
KAUFFER,  William Thomas   WHITE,  Jack L. 
LANE,  Glenn McArthur   WILSON,  Arthur  (Jr.)
LAUZON,  Lawrence John   WOOTEN,  Gary L. 
MAYO,  George Othel    

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