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Connie Velghe Wed, 29 Oct 15:21:07 1997
I am researching Joseph and Ruth MCNEMAR who are listed in Hardy County 1850 and 1860 census. (Joseph died sometime between 1860 and 1870.) By the 1870 census Ruth and children Amelia, William, & Sarah are listed in Grant County. I assume this is because of county boundary changes. The Post Office listed in the census is Williamsport. (1) Can anyone help clarify where that might have been? I've also been told they moved from a town called Laurel Dale. (2) Also looking for cemetaries in the area. I believe Joseph was a brother to Martin MCNEMAR who was from the Lahmansville area.

Bonnie Keyser Wed Oct 15 17:25:59 1997
Looking for information on the John George Smith family. John was born Feb. 11, 1826. John was married twice and had a total of 18 children. Johns first married Suhannah C. Fryed born Jan. 5, 1829 there children. Addison born Jan, 1848 - John born Aug 20,1850 -Sarah born May 1,1852 - Marie born April 26,1856 -William born Nov.2,1858 -Christina F.(Frannie) born Feb 1,1862 -Mahala born Oct7,1862 -Jacob born Dec.9,1869 -George born July 2,1871. John's second marriage was to Ealsey George born March 14, 1854 there children are Minnie born June 16,1876 - David born Oct 24, 1878 - Hannah born April 25,1880 -Clara Bell born April 18, 1881 Simon born March 8, 1883 - Etta born June 20,1885 -Noah J. born Sept 13,1887 - Martha born Aug 7, 1888 - Ida C. born June 14, 1893. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Jennifer Pidgeon Sun Oct 12 09:28:53 1997
Seek info on 2 possible daughters of Nathaniel MONGOLD. Sarah Jane HOLSINGER of Rockingham co VA 1834-1907 and Mary Catherine KUYKENDALL of Hardy Co WV born 1859? I am descended from both on both sides of my family. Thanks for any info!

Karen Nelson Hangsleben Tue Oct 07 08:22:18 1997
Nelson, Sarah Virginia ... Recently obtained obituary states birthdate as 13 Feb 1855 at Parkersburg, Wood Co., WV. Wish to prove a more likely PETERSBURG, Hardy/Grant Cos., WV birth. Parents were John Richard and Hannah ANDERSON NELSON. Any help or suggestions most welcomed. Thanks

Marcia A. Clark Sun Oct 05 19:05:19 1997
I am looking for the birth records of Alverda Catherine McNemar Metcalfe. She was born around 1875. Later, around 1894, married Arthur Hampton Metcalfe.

Will Nicoll Sun Oct 5 16:09:15 1997
I'm looking for information on the surname SEYMOUR.

George Brown Fri Oct 03 22:16:14 1997
I am doing research on the Granville C. BROWN family and need help with information on Mrs. Gertie GREEN of Petersburg, W. Va. She was born Nov. 1894 in Kentucky and passed away about 1985 in Petersburg, W. Va. She was listed as living in Petersburg, W. Va. in June of 1969 in an obituary for her brother Joseph W. DUNCAN. Her parents were Joseph G. DUNCAN and Lizza Ada DUGAN DUNCAN of Daviess County Kentucky. Need help in obtaining obituaries for her and her husband. Also need her descendants. Would like to correspond with family members. My address is George Brown RR1 KBox 111-B Carbon, IN 47837

Barbara Coffman Fri Oct 03 16:45:15 1997
I am seeking information about Alvin Shreve who is a family member. We believe that he is deceased and are searching for information about his death and if a death certificate was filed in Grant County. We know that he was a brother to Carl Shreve who was the head of the engineering department at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. We believe that he was still living in 1970. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Max Brown Sat Sep 20 16:39:49 1997
James GROVES bn abt 1824 in VA was in Hardy Co. in 1850, married a Catherine______. Had the following children: William H. bn abt 1844 Samuel A. bn abt 1846 Mary C. bn abt 1847 Ann R. bn abt 1849 married Perry STREETS ch: Francis abt 1878 & Newton Sep 1879, ch. bn in Grant Co. Gabriel Thomas GROVES bn 9 Mar 1849, married Annie Elizabeth KEPLINGER 4 July 1875 in Rockingham Co., VA. Went to Montague Co., Texas in 1884 died 21 Dec 1905 in Nocona, TX. Annie E. KEPLINGER was daughter of Moses KEPLINGER bn 1805 in VA died 7 Feb 1855 in Hardy Co., WV married Mary Ann ______ Had folling children: Julia Ann bn ~1831 never married Susanna bn ~ 1833 married Levi RICHEY 4 Apr 1848 in Rockingham Co., VA. Caroline bn ~1835 Priscilla bn ~ 1837, may have married Frederick W. BERG in 1870's? Christian bn ~1839 Jacob Markwood (James) bn ~ 1841, may have died in CSA prison camp. Mary C. bn ~1845 Moses M. bn ~1845 Annie Elizabeth, see above Gabriel S. bn Sep 1850 Any help on any of the above or parents of would be greatly appreciated. If you need any help on research in Montague or Wichita Counties in Texas just hollar. ........THANKS

Elaine M. Carr Mon Sep 15 23:22:27 1997
Hi - I've been trying for some time to find the death date/place of Amos JUDY b 1814 VA. He married 13 Aug 1835 Pendleton Co Mary A TETER b 12 Aug 1814 Pendleton Co VA d 07 Feb 1868 Grant Co WV. They're in 1850 & 1860 Hardy Co census, not 1870. I don't have access to 1870 Hardy Co census. I'm also looking for parents of Amos. He was listed on his marriage cert as Amos JUDY Jr. Only other Amos I've found was just a few years older...maybe a cousin? Amos/Mary's children: Elizabeth J, Isaac, Martin, Ann R, John W, George W, Mary Catherine. Any help with this dilemma is greatly appreciated.

John Rush Mon Aug 11 23:23:14 1997
I am looking for the ancestors of Daniel Rush. He was born c. 1795 possibly in Hardy or Grant Co. In 1819 Daniel married Elizabeth Duckworth. In 1827 he moved to Marion Co., OH and then in 1849 to Fayette Co., IL. He traveled with members of the Idleman family from Hardy/Grant Co. I believe that the Rush name was originally spelled Rausch and that Daniel's ancestors originated in Baden-Baden, Germany and came to America shortly before the outbreak of the Rev. War.

Robert Campbell Sat Aug 09 14:19:35 1997
Have Margaret Michael - b. 1802 - married Adam Cosner on 11 Dec., 1823 in Hardy Co., now Grant CO. WVA. NEED TO KNOW WHICH OF THE THREE MICHAEL BROTHERS WHO SETTLED HARDY, NOW GRANT, MICHAEL WOULD HAVE BEEN THE DAUGHTER OF. BELIEVE THE FAMILIES ALSO INTERMARRIED WITH THE ROBY'S AND THE SINGLEY'S OR STRINGLEYS. Any information would be greatly appreciated and will share. Sincerely, Robert Campbell, great-great- great-great-grandson of Margaret Michael Cosner.

Karyn Coleman Wed Jul 02 20:52:05 1997
Looking for information on my great great-grandfather Charles E. Rinehart and his father name unknown, or any Rinehart. Also looking for information on Jacob Oates Sr. or Jacob Haber or Jacob Hauver any information would be of help.

Jimmy Hartson Sun Jun 29 08:16:52 1997
I am searching for the date of death for John Filmore Weatherholt. He died accidently while employed by the Western Maryland railroad. John is buried on a hill in Wilson, West Virginia. I believe he died between 1916 - 1919.

Chuck Swanson Thu Jun 26 08:59:29 1997
There are five Wilson families they I have been researching. William Wilson (1794-?) lived in Hardy (now Grant) County from very early 1800's (first mention is enlistee of War of 1812) until about 1849-50. His brother, John (1796-1870), who also served in that war left for Ohio about 1818. Place names list New Creek Mountain, Black Oak Ridge, Patterson's Creek, Patterson's Creek Mountain, Brushy Run, and town of Williamsport. William married Barbary Arnold (1800-?) about 1815 and had at least 15 children. The known ones and birth dates are Hiram 1825, Adam Crose 1828, Keziah 1828, Rebecca 1829, Martha 1835, Sarah 1838, Jane 1840, Caroline 1842, Charles W. 1844. John married in Ohio and also raised a large family. Samuel (1792-1859), was born in Pennsylvania. He also left Hardy County early, married in Ohio, raised a family but came back to Hardy County around 1850 and died there in 1859. James (1786- 1867), also born in Pa., married Elizabeth Willis in 1822, raised the following children: Mary(1823), John(1826), Sanferd(1828), Joanna (1831), Washington(1834), James(1836), William(1839). James died about 1867 and family left for Greene Co.,Ohio. Jacob(1786-1859), born in Pa., married Jane Calhoun or Cathorn in 1814 in Hardy County. They left in the late 1830's for Greene Co.,Ohio. The only marriage that I found of the next generation in Hardy Co. is one of William's sons, Hiram. He married Catherine Elsey/Elsy/Elzey in 1846.

Shannon K. Williams Sun Jun 22 19:41:01 1997
I am looking for information on the following people who I believe were born in Grant Co., WV: of the Ours family (Mary Winifred (7/23/1923), Abbie(unknown), Marcelleus(10/13/1874)) and of the Mongold family (Elizabeth Virginia (3/16/1884), Oce (1872) and Ada Keene(1869)). If anyone is researching these two families in WV please write to me! Thanks.

Monte Buzzard Tue Jun 17 21:26:10 1997
I am hoping to find someone that lives in Hardy County, West Virginia that will provide some information for me. I found an area on a U.S. Geological Survey Map referred to as the WELTON-KESSEL ROAD. I would greatly appreciate it if you would look for a sign in that area that provides information about WELTON. If there is a sign, copy down the information on the sign. I am hoping that David Welton once owned property in the area. I posted a similar message that contained some errors several days ago. Thanks to the people who responded that pointed out the errors. Thanks in advance for your help

Brian Core Sun Jun 15 15:15:25 1997
I am looking for evidence of a John/Johannes Core in the Hampshire/Grant County area in the 1760's-1770's. His alleged son, Henry Core, listed Hampshire County as his birthplace on his Revolutionary War Pension application. A Marte Kor was enrolled as a member of the Old North Mill Lutheran Church in Grant County as of 1791; I have no other evidence of family members in the area.

Mary Lenore Quigley Sun Jun 01 10:01:19 1997
I am looking for b/d dates for my great-grandparents Dave Likins who married Nellie Melinda Iser who lived in Petersburg, WV with sons William, Ervin Ernest, & Roy Cecil (my grandfather). Any family history would be appreciated. I was born there 6 Jan 38 but have never returned. :(

John Lewis Fri May 30 18:26:42 1997
I am looking for any info on the Hawk family (pre-1900) I have a fair amount of info on Grant Co. So post your queries, you never know what you may find out. Thanks

Monte Buzzard Thu May 15 12:32:36 1997
QUESTION REGARDING TRACT NUMBERS I have a copy of a deed dated March 1, 1779. According to the deed, Michael Alt, my ancestor, owned tract number 31 and tract number 43. Both of the above mentioned two tracts of land were located on the west side of the South Branch of the Potomac River. The tracts were also located very near what is called the South Branch Manor. Both of the tracts were located in what was Hampshire County, Virginia but is now Grant County, West Virginia and Hardy County West Virginia. I recently purchased a copy of a book entitled, PIONEERS OF OLD FREDERICK COUNTY, VIRGINIA by Cecil O+Dell. On a map that came with the book (and on page 553 and 554), it indicates that tract number 31 and tract number 43 were NOT owned by Michael Alt and were NOT located near the South Branch of the Potomac. Why do the tract numbers mentioned in the book appear to be unrelated to the tract numbers mentioned in a 1779 deed? Do you know where I can obtain information (or a book) related to tract numbers regarding land located on the west side of the South Branch of the Potomac River (in the year 1779)? Primary surnames that I am researching are Buzzard, Alt and Ault. Thanks in advance

Monte Buzzard Tue May 13 11:44:47 1997
QUESTION REGARDING "SOUTH BRANCH MANOR" The South Branch Manor is mentioned in the ALT TO WELTON DEED. I just found it listed on an old map and it was located in what is now Hardy County and Grant County. It was once (1779) located in Hampshire County before the development of Hardy, Grant and Counties. Let me know if you know anything about the South Branch Manor

Gil K. Sites Fri May 9 10:10:12 1997
My Gr Great GrandFather John Sites (Born 1808 Died 1882) Married a Hannah Teeter 1834 -1835. Have been able to find anything on her family Need anything on her parents or origins you can get me. I have extensive Records on Sites. Need any information on a Catherine Simon that married a Michael Simon 1821-22 (Could have been Hardy Co.) This is Great... I had no Idea anything like this was out there!

Susan Fortenberry Wed May 07 1997 22:51:06 1997
Need info on : THOMAS BOWMAN and his wife JANE RHOADS BOWMAN both born ~1769 near the South Branch of the Potomac River which could now be in Pendleton/Hardy/Grant or Hampshire Co.s WV. Possible father for Thomas: CHARLES BO(W)MAN who served in Capt. Michael Cresap's militia company in Dunmore's War-1774, militia probably raised in now Hampshire or Hardy Co.s WV. Also, CHARLES BOWMAN listed on Tax List 1782 reported by Michael Cresap, probably now also Hardy or Hampshire Co.s WV. A THOMAS BOWMAN listed on 1787 Tax List for Berkely Co. VA, could now be Berkley/Morgan Co. WV. Thomas and Jane's son CHARLES BOWMAN b~1797 VA/WV married CATHERINE COCHRAN (daughter of ZACKQUILL and DRUSILLA MORGAN COCHRAN) on 23 May 1816 in Tyler Co. VA, could now be Tyler/Wetzel Co. WV. Thomas and son(s) were boatbuilders in Wheeling, now Ohio Co. WV in 181? to late 1820's. Other children of Thomas and Jane Bowman: MOSES b1812 Wheeling WV; MARIA b181? md Stephen BAINBRIDGE; possibly JOHN and probably others. Thomas & Jane, Charles & Catherine Bowman famlies moved to Vermillion Co. Indiana in 1828, probably along with several inter-related families :MORGAN,COCHRAN, PRICKETT. Children of Charles and Catherine Cochran Bowman: JANE(md Peter Wells); DRUSILLA(md George W. Nolan); EMILY(EMELINE?)(md Jacob Bradburn); CASSANDER(Hughes); TEMPERANCE(Martin); STEPHEN FRANKLIN BOWMAN; CHARLES WESLEY BOWMAN; NANCY(Underhill); THOMAS BENTON BOWMAN. Children of MOSES and NANCY MILLER BOWMAN : THOMAS; ALICE; ELLEN; CATHERINE; GEORGE; JOHN; MARY. Bowman family of possible German descent, could possibly have been Brethren then later Methodists.

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