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Grant County: LookUp Volunteers

The following references are available for "look-up" by the contact person or persons. Simply e-mail the contact person and politely ask for assistance. Please note that these individuals are volunteers and are not expected to do large-scale surname research. 

Requests to these volunteers should 

Volunteers cannot be asked to do surname research.  Please do not expect a 24 hour turnaround.  Our lookup volunteers are not reimbursed for their participation and are graciously volunteering their time.  Please thank them for their efforts.  The following individuals have graciously volunteered to do lookups in the indicated sources.  

Volunteer Willing to Lookup Information In:
Gary L. White Grant County Records
Thelma Norman Grant County 1900 Census

If you have other sources to be added to the list or would be willing to do look-ups in any Grant County sources, please contact Janet Cooper and I will add your name to the list.  Thank you.

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