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Selected Hampshire County WV Deeds and Land Grants

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Deed #1 Fairfax to William Kimsey

Submitted by: Joy Kimsey --

Land Grant from Lord Fairfax
The right Honorable Thomas Lord Fairfax, Baron of Carnevan (sp), in  that 
part of Great Britain called Scotland .Proprietor of the Northern  Neck of 
Virginia. To all to whom those present writing shall come send  greeting.  
Know ye that for good causes for your consideration of the  compenfation 
(compensation) to me paid for the annual rent hereinafter  received.  I have 
given, granted, and confirmed and by those presents for  my heirs and assigns do 
give grant and confirm unto William Kimsey of Hampshire  County a certain 
tract of waste and ungranted land on the South Branch Run of  the left piece 
of Caraprehon (sp) in the said county and presented as by a  survey her
eformade by the Mr John Mauzy beginning at the white ashe by the said  Run in or 
near Thomas Waters given line thence with & near its S40 west six  poles to 
those white jake cornce to waters by Thomas Harwicks thence with or  near 
Harwicks line S 55 W forty poles to a hickory sapling thence 17 degree 47  to 
eightyfour poles to two young white oaks and thence crossing a branch north  
ninetyseven poles ot a black oak corner on the     Run  thence down the Run 
55.30 one hundred fiftynine poles to the beginning  containing containing 
sixty six acres  together with all rights members  appurtenances hereunto 
belonging Royal Mines accepted by a full third part lead  copper tinn coal iron 
mine  and iron ore that shall be found thereon  to have to hold the said 
sixty six acres of land together with all rights  profits & benefits belonging 
and anywise appertaining accepted for and  accepted to him the William 
Kimsey his heirs and assigns forever he the said  William Kimsey his heirs and 
assigns therefor therefor yeilding and paying to me  my heirs and assigns or 
to my certain attorney or attorneys agents or  agent  or to the certain 
attorney or attorneys of my heirs or assigns  proprietors of the said Northern 
Neck yearly every year on the feast day of  Saint Michael the Archangel  the 
fee of one shilling Sterling money for  every fifty acres of land hereby 
granted ? honorably for a grant or lefee  or quanity provided he the said 
William Kimsey his heirs & assigns shall  not pay the said reserved annual rent 
or fee so that the same any part thereof  shall be behind or unpaid by the 
space of two whole years after the same shall  become due if legally demanded 
than that it shall & may be lawful for me my  heirs and assigns proprietors 
as afore my or their certain attorney or attorneys  agent or agnets unto the 
above granted premifses  to have and hold the same  as if this grant had 
never purchafed (purchased) Given at my office in the  county of Frederick 
under my hand Acted this twenty first day of June in the  second year of his 
majesty King George the third reign. AD1762
William Kimsey deed
for 66 acres Hampshire County  
                                               Thos Big  Martin


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