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1-9 February 1998

From: Nancy Caton Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 08:54:03 -0800

I am looking for information on descendents of James ALBIN, born 1786, married and went to Hardy Co. ,Va. James married second wife 1787, Hampshire county Va., Barbara HOOVER, born 1767, died1854, Guernsey Co. Ohio. Sister Leah born 1789, Va. married Henry CARREL,CARROLL. They livedCrooked Tree, Morgan County, Ohio. Sister Nancy Jane ALBIN, born 1800, Va. maried JOSEPH CARREL, CARROLL, and lived near Crooked Tree, Morgan Co. Ohio. Went to Pike County, Illinois 1849. After James' death Barbara married GEORGE SPAID, and he died in 1833.

From: Ann MaxsonDate: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 18:15:11 -0800

I am hoping to find some information about Sampson HENDERSON who was given a Revolutionay War Pension in Hampshire Co., WV in 1819. Sampson was married to Elizabeth in July of 1812. He then died in July of 1820. Elizabeth remarried to Stephen Fuller and he died 22 Jan 1854. I am especially interested in Sampson's children's names. Thanks for your time. Ann

From: NancyDate: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 05:04:26 EST

I'm hunting any info on Jeremiah LEASE ( 1802 VA? to 1862 MO) I do not have marriage data on his wife, ?Mahala. His son was named Tobias Stickley LEASE born in ?Romney, WV 19 Feb 1829, and another son was named Thomas Lambert LEASE. Is there a Lambert or Stickley family around at that time? Thanks!

From: Alice StiversDate: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 16:32:04 EST

I am seeking information on the family of Solomon & Rebecca (Caskaden) Parker. I believe Solomon was theson of Aaron Parker, and was born March 6, 1789 in Hampshire Co. Later they moved to Fayette Co., Ohio.

I have been unable to find anything on the family of Rebecca Caskaden. She and several of her children moved to DeWitt Co., Illinois shortly after the death of her husband--July 21, 1845. According to the 1860 census of IL. Rebecca was born in Va. in 1793. Solomon & Rebecca's children were: Samuel, Harvey, Betsy, Mary, Eliza, Rebecca, Catherine, Martha, Rachel, Thomas, and Solomon.Sincerely, Alice Stivers

From: R. ColburnDate: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 19:26:36 -0000

Hi! I am doing some research for a friend whose husband's family is from WV. So far I have found Mary Ellen Kidwell, b. 27 Nov 1878, Hampshire Co., VA whose father was James R. Kidwell, b. 1859, m. 1877 , and d. 1935. His wife's name was Emma. This is basically what I know. If you know James Kidwell's parents' names, that would be helpful. Mary Ellen Kidwell married Levi Franklin Gaither, who was from Morgan Co., WV. I have no idea where the Gaithers came from. Thanks....Ruth

From: "jackie.niemeyer" Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 16:55:55 -0800

Looking for ancestors and siblings of a William YOUNG who married a Sarah FLOOD. They were living in Hampshire Co. in 1840-1850. Their daughter Frances Elizabeth married a Bartley CAIN (KANE) . Jackie Niemeyer at

January 1998

From: Carolyn Robinson Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 03:26:13 -0600ARONHALT, Adam (b. ca1792 in VA; d. 1847 in Coshocton, OH) m. SarahMcCAULEY (b. 1800). Arrived Coshocton in 1819/20 from Hampshire Co

From: Cheryl CretinDate: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 08:52:56 -0700I am looking for information on Thomas Orchard or Sarah Norman who weremarried in Hampshire Co. on March 29, 1785. By 1810 they were living inRoss Co., OH. Thomas was a Rev. War soldier who was born in PA in 1760and had enlisted in Chester Co., PA.

From: Mary Turney Miller Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 10:16:57 -0500

TURNEY - looking for info on land transaction 9/3/1787. Michael Ternay and wife Phoebe sold his 1/2 acre lot in town of Romney to James Murphy, Deed recorded 13 Sep 1787. Witnesses: Alex Ruthven, Rub. Holiday, Ralph Humphreys, John Murphy.
I would love to know more. The other Turneys - father Peter SR and son Daniel (Michael was other son) also sold their land in Shenandoah Co Va in 1787 - they all then left for KY - they are on KY tax list 1789.
Would like info on Ternay/Turney family or Murphy. Or if anyone has information on Romney in 1787.
Mary Turney Miller

From: William LongDate: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 19:05:39 EST

My,grandfather Jacob LONG (b.Oct l2,1798,Hampshire), the son of ??? married a Maria PARSONS the daughter of ??? about l820.Their children were Mary E., Elizabeth Ann, Rebecca, George W.,John W. Harrison Madison,Isaac Parker, ThomasParsons, and one infant died young. The family migrated to Ralls County in Missouri in l824. A Simon EARSOM was married to a Maria LONG (or Mariah) and it is believed that they were from Hampshire County as well. Any one looking for PARKERs of Hampshire might look at the Parkers in Ralls Co,Mo. There are also some TRUMBOs that may have migrated from Hampshire to Audrain Co.,Mo. Any help on the parents of Jacob or Maria appreciated. Will share info on any of the above as well. William Long,

From: Wilma B. MooreDate: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 13:52:23 -0600

Would like to contact descendants of Virginia (RUSH) DUFF, who was known to live in Capon Springs area in the early 1900s. Family research indicates that Mrs. DUFF'S mother Mary Rebecca (DAVIDSON) RUSH was the sister of my gg-grandmother. I am searching for information from old family Bibles or old correspondence to help me document my gg-grandmother's parentage. I will appreciate any help locating Mrs. DUFF'S family. Thank you. Wilma B. Moore

From: Vera (Ayers) Tinney Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 21:49:48 ESTLooking for info on Wilber and Della (AYERS) LANDIS, as to childrens names, dates, etc. They had a very large family. They lived at or near Burlington, WV. Della is my G.Aunt. They did have two sons by the name of Mark and Estin. One of them was a minister. Della was born around the 1880's. We think she died around or after 1967. I am doing Ayers family history. Any info appreciated. Vera (Ayers) TinneyE-Mail

From: Susi PenticoDate: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 11:43:09 -0500 (EST)

HUFFMANs 1700s TO 1820s Some related to FRY, SELLERS, LEWIS, HUGHES, SIEBERT, maybe to MAIN, need information in regards to the parentage of Henry, John, George, Margaret, Elizabeth, HUFFMAN. Will accept any information on HUFFMAN. or Susi Pentico 1136 Nevin St. San Diego Ca 92154

From: Travis ParkerDate: Tue, 13 Jan 98 10:39:18 -0500

My ancestor, James PARKER, and his sons were born in Virginia (now WV ?); however, I can't locate the name of the County.

In 1810, my ancestor, James PARKER had 3 sons under the age of 10. I reviewed the 1810 Census for Virginia and found only one James Parker with 3 sons under 10.

1810 Census James PARKER Hampshire Co. p. 35 3 sons under 10

Travis Parker 2052 McLendon Ave., NE Atlanta, GA 30307

From: -- NO NAME GIVEN, so no link provided.Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 11:33:58 EST

My wife's gg-grandmother was Margaret Ann LYON, b. Nov. 4, 1833 in Hamphire Co. to John A. LYON (but mother unknown). John had seven brothers, including: Archibald and Noah. Six of his brothers were clergyman: five Methodist and one Episcopalian. They may have beeen ordained and served in WV initiallly. (Noah founded the MT. Zion church near Redfield KS.) Margaret had two brothers: Perry Daniel and Noah who went to KS. On Dec. 15, 1853, she married Horatio Winsted HUMPHREY of VA (b. Apr. 17, 1828), probably in Pike Co., IL. In the mid-1850s, they moved to KS. I have a detailed family history for anyone researching these LYONs. I would appreciate any info concerning Margaret's father, mother, and grandparents. The LYONs may be of Dutch extraction, tracing through the LEEK heirs of New Amsterdam.

From: Donald D. Derr Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 07:56:05 -0800

I would like help in finding the Parents of Hannah H. LEE born 16 Sep 1816 in Hampshire Co., VA. She married there in 1838 to Robert POLAND. In 1844 they moved to Jefferson Co., IA. They had nine children, but only three survived to be adults. Any help would greatly appreciated.

Hannah's mother was Margaret (?????) LEE, b. abt 1782 PA, and d. aft 1856 Census. She was living with her daughter and son-in-law per the 1850 Census of Jefferson, Co., IA

From: Mike ForemanDate: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 09:42:39 -0500

In 1777, a Mary EVANS recived land grant for 424 acres on Tear Coat Creek. Who was she? For a woman to have recived land, was she a widow? Who was spouse? Any children? What happened to this land as no subsequent deeds/wills can be found. Thanks...Mike Foreman

From: Hazeljean AdamsDate: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 17:22:57 -0500

Looking for mother of Mary EDWARDS (b 1737) married Robert PUGH 1756; Joseph was one sibling of Mary.
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