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Jefferson County West Virginia

Lookup Volunteers

    The people listed below have graciously volunteered to look information up pertaining to Jefferson County, West Virginia.  They own or somehow have access to these sources.

Some tips when asking for a lookup:

  • Do NOT expect these people to "go" to Jefferson County for you to find info.
  • Be patient.  Many/most of these people have full time jobs in addition to their interest in genealogy.
  • Specify the book or resource name.
  • Be specific in the person(s) you are researching.  (Don't ask for all the SMITH's in Jefferson)
  • Put JEFFERSON COUNTY LOOKUP in your subject line, or it might get deleted.
  • Be aware there can be small charges for postage and copying to send you the info.
  • Lookups should follow Copyright Laws

Thank you to our volunteers!  To volunteer, let me know

Source Name Contact
ALUMNI DIRECTORY for Shepherd College in Shepherdstown.  It was published in 1965 and has alumni records back to 1871 including information about the faculty. There is also a brief history of the college. Martha Kelley
BETWEEN THE SHENANDOAH and the POTOMAC. Historic Homes of Jefferson county West Virginia.
I need the name of the home or the family name to find the home. 
Sharon Haney
Jefferson County, West Virginia 
Walt Bowers
Note: The email address I had is no longer valid. If anyone knows of a new address for Walt, please let me know.
Jefferson County, West Virginia 
1687-1980; I will do one name at a time. Please no requests for all people under one surname. 
Sharon Haney
Jefferson County, West Virginia 
1687-1980;  Burials in Jefferson County;  Jefferson County CD
Shelley Murphy
WILLS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, West Virginia. An Index, 1801-1899
©1982 Dale Walton Morrow and Deborah Jensen Morrow.
Kim Kolk
1. Historical Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Counties, Virginia (revised 1992) by Wilmer L. Kerns, PhD.
2. The History of Hardy County 1783- 1983 by Richard K. MacMaster
3. Hampshire County Records 1816-1923, abstracted by Vicki Bidinger Horton
4. The Descendants of Joshua and Elizabeth (Chapline) Hedges of Berkeley County, Virginia complied by Gary Wayne Watson for the Hedges Family Association 1994
5. A Homespun History of Matthias Swaim (1740 - 1825) and Wife, Abagail (Hedges) Swaim of Frederick County, Virginia and Berkeley Count, (West) Virginia and Their Descendants complied September 1994 by Joanne Eustice
Charlene Turner Smith.
Note: The email address I had is no longer valid. If anyone knows of a new address for Charlene, please let me know.
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