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Lost and Found

Do you have an item that you may have acquired or lost relating to Jefferson County that you would like to try to get back to the family?  If so, Please send me and I will add it to this page.

I am wondering about the Manning Family of Charles Town.  I understand they were prominent farmers in that area.  I'm specifically looking for any living relatives of that family.  It is also my understanding that they had a large
estate called VINTON. 
Why?  Well, because I have in my possession a family scrapbook of that family.  It made it's way to me via an estate sale (can't even remember where or which one).  If you can help please email me. Derick Dearing



While I was browsing thru the Antique store in Greenville I found an original birth certificate for Briscoe Eugene Noos.  His father was Eugene and his mother's first name was Mary.  He was born in Bolivar, Jefferson county, West Virginia. Most interesting is that is also a hand written statement of birth by Dr. B. B. Ransom of Harper's Ferry stating that he attended the birth. This is a real treasure and I would love to give it to Briscoe's family. Tina




20 December, 2004