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Jefferson County West Virginia

Researchers' Surnames

    Note: The following surnames have been submitted by individual researchers. While this page will be frequently checked and e-mail addresses were valid at the time of posting, I cannot guarantee that every address will remain valid if researchers don't notify me of e-mail address changes. If you would like to contact someone, click on their name and send an e-mail. If you would like to have your surnames of interest listed here, or if you need to change your e-mail address or names of interest, please contact me.

    If you don't see anyone here researching the same surnames as you are, visit the Jefferson County Message board and post a query.

     If you send to an address listed here and your e-mail repeatedly bounces back, I would appreciate notification of that invalid address. (Keep in mind one bounce doesn't necessarily mean the address is bad — it could mean the server is down for maintenance, the recipient may have been on vacation and has a full mailbox, or a host of other reasons. So if it bounces once, wait a few days and try again.)

Note: You will see names here where you cannot link to an email message. That is because the email address I had for that person is no longer valid. However, I am leaving their names and surnames of interest here in case someone recognizes them and notifies them I need an updated email address. Or if you see your own name here, check to see if there is a link — if not, please contact me. Thanks!

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Allder Debbie Rooney
Allemong Stephen Stec
Allen Stephen Stec
Anderson Stacy Moorhead
Andrews Sally & Steve Gudas
Applegate Diane Dailey McDonough
Arnold Lu Ann Wilcox
Arthur Barbara A. Calder
Arvin Mike Crowl
Ashby Joanne McFadden
Austin Frances Austin
Avis Karen Creamer
Avis Susan Johnson
Avis Stacy Moorhead

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Baker Dale Morrow
Banks Sue Wilson
Banner/Benner Judith Woehrle
Bannon Karon Bannon Miller
Barnhouse Christos Christou, Jr.
Barringer Neil Olsen
Barron Kenneth R. Barron
Baugh Christos Christou, Jr.
Beard Lisa Deason
Becraft Barbara Keist McClenny
Bell Jerry Bell
Bell Jeff Gray
Bell Kippy Myers
Benner Daniel Geyer
Bennett Jeff Bennett
Bennett Lu Ann Wilcox
Bens/Benz Lynne Simpson
Bentz Lynne Simpson
Berrell Helen Maliszewski
Berry Julie & Bill Chitwood
Berry Andrea Vanderhorst
Best Freda Blake Bradley
Biggs Cheryl Shaw
Blessing Gary E. Blessing
Blue Jay French
Bly Joan Kidwiler
Bodmer Diane Dailey McDonough
Boward Bonita Shafer
Bowen Dale Morrow
Bowie Pam Drake
Boyer Audrey B. Peters
Boyer Merle Y. Stevenson
Bramhall Elizabeth Brown
Brantner Lauren Brantner
Brantner Lawrence G. Brown
Brantner Sally Chirlin
Breedin Donna Frandsen
Breidner/Breitner/Bridner Joanne McFadden
Briscoe Dale Morrow
Brown Deborah Brown James
Brown Donna B. Stinnett
Brown Andrea Roaf
Brunner Elizabeth Brown
Buck Karen Creamer
Buckles Brenda Shaw
Buckles Donna B. Stinnett
Buckmaster Kathy Whipple
Bunbury Lu Ann Wilcox
Buracker Marie Burrill
Burall Phyllis Burral-Lopez
Burkett Joseph R. Williams
Burr Cheryl Shaw
Butcher Jackie Butcher Kalinauskas
Byers Elizabeth Brown

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Calhoun Cheryl Shaw
Cameron Patti Kruger
Campbell Marie Burrill
Carey Kim Myers
Carlisle Linda Smith
Carter Carter Davis
Carter Sheila Elliott
Carter Shera Thompson
Champion Kay Stager
Chancey/Chauncey Pamela Proctor
Cherry Robert Taylor
Chriswell/Creswell/Criswell Janice (Criswell) Griffin
Clegg Stephen Stec
Clothier Lorraine Holderman
Coffinbarger Elizabeth Brown
Conklin Cheryl Shaw
Cook Angelia Byrum
Cookus Lynne Simpson
Coons Maryln Tetzlaff
Copeland Stacy Moorhead
Corley Carol Weiskircher
Cossum Lu Ann Wilcox
Costello Rick Costello
Costello David Smith
Cowan Cheryl Shaw
Coyle Betty Helf
Creamer Karen Creamer
Creamer Stacy Moorhead
Creamer Lu Ann Wilcox
Creighton/Crayton Pauline Drobny
Crider Elizabeth Brown
Crider Dale Morrow
Cridler Pat Dailey
Crim Joan Kidwiler
Cross Andrea Vanderhorst
Crowl Mike Crowl
Crowl Paul E. Watkins
Culp Richard E. Clem
Custer Mark S. Lindsay

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Dailey Anne Cissel
Dailey Diane Dailey McDonough
Daniels Pam Carroll
Daniels Stephen Stec
Dare Barbara Tarsikes
Darke Pam Carroll
Darke Stacy Moorhead
Darke Stephen Stec
Dearing Stacy Moorhead
Decker Ellen Kight
Deering Joan Kidwiler
Derry Joan Kidwiler
Dixon Celinda Current
Dixon Sheila Elliott
Dixon Joan Kidwiler
Dobson Kim Myers
Doody Katherine Harding
Dooley Debbie Rooney
Dorsey Sherry Sowards
Downs Dale Morrow
Drenner Kim Myers
Drenner Bonita Shafer
Duffield Mark Duffield
Duke Kim Myers
Durst Jill Markwood

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Eader Merle Y. Stevenson
Eager DeLora Eager Wood
Earnshaw Susan Johnson
Easterday Susan Johnson
Eccord Linda L. Lee
Edmonds Bettie Edmonds
Eichelberger Bonita Shafer
Ellis Pam Carroll
Ellis Lu Ann Wilcox
Engle Pam Carroll
Engle Larry & Donna Engle Hall
Engle Stephen Stec
Entler Dale Morrow
Ernst Elizabeth Brown
Evans Jeff Gray
Eversole Judy Collins
Ezell Pat Messick

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Faherty Katherine Harding
Fisher Elizabeth Brown
Foiles/Files Sharlene Eaton
Fouche Stacy Moorhead
Fouke Elizabeth Brown
Fouty Shea Baldock
Fowler John Buhrman
Fox Linda Smith
Frailey Mary Janet Hamilton Dible
French Frances Austin
French Jay French
French Kim Myers
Fry Debi Lewis
Fry Linda Mankowski
Furr Diane Dailey McDonough

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Gaither Sheila Elliott
Games Jay French
Garrett Richard Irwin
Garrett Ellen McDaniel Wolf
Gibson David Butler
Gilpin Michael Gilpin
Gladman Ellen Kight
Goens Shelley Murphy
Gooch Lu Ann Wilcox
Goodnight Richard & Pat Stevens
Gordon Mary Anne Poisal Jackson
Grant Jim Ridgway
Grantham Tom Burke
Greenwade Paul E. Watkins
Griggs Shera Thompson
Grinnell Ken
Groves Iva Riley
Gruber Wanda S. Lang
Gwilliams Elizabeth Brown

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Hackley Vince Hackley
Hamilton Mary Janet Hamilton Dible
Hamilton Dale Morrow
Hammond Celinda Current
Hammond Bonita Shafer
Harding Jim Dempsey
Harding Sandria G. Swope
Harper John Buhrman
Harper Paul Leiss
Harper Miguel Romero
Harper Judith Woehrle
Hart Shelley Murphy
Hartman Patti McDonald
Hartzell Sue Wilson
Hayslip James Rivers
Hendricks Mary Anne Poisal Jackson
Hensel Elizabeth Brown
Hensell Lynne Simpson
Hess Cherie Compotaro
Hiatt Everett J. Locke
Hiatt/Hiett Judith Woehrle
Hickman Peggy Bollenbaugh
Higgs Christos Christou, Jr.
High Jack Templeton
Hill Terri Gorring Chapman
Hill Dale Morrow
Hoffman Vince Hackley
Hoffman Betsy Heath Howes
Hoffman George Huffman
Hoffman Joan Kidwiler
Hoffmaster Kim Myers
Hoffmaster Bonita Shafer
Hoge Brenda Shaw
Holmes Ken
Holton John Buhrman
Holz John Buhrman
Houk Lisa Hensley
Houser Joan Kidwiler
Huff David Smith
Huffman George Huffman
Humrichouse Dale Morrow
Hutchinson Larry G. Hutchinson
Hutchison Diane Dailey McDonough

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Ingram Bob Ingram
Ingram Mary (Staubs) Showalter
Irvin Maryln Tetzlaff

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Jackson Andrea Vanderhorst
Jefferson Clark Whiting
Jenkins Sandria G. Swope
Joel Joseph R. Williams
Johnson French & Pat
Johnson Jim L. Johnson
Johnson Shelley Murphy
Jones Celinda Current
Jones Joan Kidwiler
Judd Lindy Boeck

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Kable Carolyn Kable Howar
Kain Tim Wiltshire
Kennedy Mike Kennedy
Kerfoot/Kerfott Barbara A. Calder
Ketro Kim Myers
Kidwell Loretta Layman
Kidwiler Angelia Byrum
Kidwiler Joan Kidwiler
Kidwiler Kim Myers
Kidwiler Bonita Shafer
Kight Ellen Kight
Kilham Celinda Current
Kirby Bonnie Cain
Kist Barbara Keist McClenny
Knight Bonita Shafer
Knott Bradley Gernand
Koontz Katherine Harding

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Lambrecht Angelia Byrum
Lambrecht Kel Lambright
Lambright Angelia Byrum
Lambright Joan Kidwiler
Lambright Kel Lambright
Lancaster Stacy Moorhead
Larue H. Eugene Johnston
Legg Lisa Deason
Lein/Line/Lyne Lynne Simpson
Lemen Elizabeth Brown
Lewis Jill Markwood
Licklider/Lechleiter Denis
Licklider Dale Morrow
Linder George Newland
Lindsay Mark S. Lindsay
Lochboehler Diane Dailey McDonough
Lock Frances Austin
Locke Everett J. Locke
Locke Bonita Shafer
Lockwood Lisa Deason
Longbrake Angelia Byrum
Longbrake Kel Lambright
Lookingbill Leon G. Lookingbill
Lott Pat Dailey
Lucas Lynne Simpson

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McCormick Dale Morrow
McDaniel Ellen McDaniel Wolf
McDonnell Diane Dailey McDonough
McDonough Diane Dailey McDonough
McFaden Bob Reynolds
McGarry Cheryl Shaw
McKnight Neil Olsen
McMillan Dale Morrow
McNabb Bob McNabb
McQuilken Elizabeth Brown

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Maddox Barbara Morris
Mahoney David A. Howell
Maier Jennifer Avery
Malin Julie & Bill Chitwood
Manuel Pat Dailey
Markwood Jill Markwood
Marmion Brigitte Marmion
Marquardt/Marquart Jill Markwood
Marsh Shelley Murphy
Marshall Rick Funk
Mason Lu Ann Wilcox
Massey Pam Carroll
Matthews Miguel Romero
Medlar/Medler Randy Witt
Messman Mary Anne Poisal Jackson
Miller Elizabeth Brown
Mills Stacy Moorhead
Mills Kim Myers
Mills Roxanna Rine
Mills David Smith
Moler Joyce Denton
Moler Stacy Moorhead
Moore Robert Moore
Moore Kim Myers
Moore Bonita Shafer
Moorman Robert R King
Morgan Vivian
Morrison Lynne Simpson
Morrow Dale Morrow
Mouser Judith Woehrle
Muck Ken
Muirhead Kay Stager
Mullican Elizabeth Brown
Mullineaux/Mullinex Cathy Mullineaux Idell
Munch Richard & Pat Stevens
Muse Dale Morrow
Myers/Moyers Christos Christou, Jr.
Myers Jeff Gray
Myers Patti Kruger
Myers Joan Meister
Myers Kim Myers
Myers Bob Reynolds
Myers Bonita Shafer

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Neer Karen Creamer
Neer Jackie Reid
Neill Dale Morrow
Newland Elizabeth Brown
Newland George Newland
Newlin George Newland
Nichols Joan Kidwiler
Nicholson Stacy Moorhead
Noland Linda L. Lee
Noland Joanne McFadden
Noland Robert Noland
Nouland George Newland
Nuse Joan Kidwiler
Nuse Bonita Shafer

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O'Bannon Karon Bannon Miller
O'Brien Robert L. O'Brien
Oden Jackie Butcher Kalinauskas
O'Laughlin Pam Drake
Oller Dale Morrow
Overpeck Alberta Butler
Owlent George Newland

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Painter Stephen Stec
Pannell Mabel Wilson
Paterson/Patterson Susan Harpell
Peach Diane Dailey McDonough
Peacher Bonita Shafer
Peregoy Jan
Perrill Vivian
Perry Betsy Heath Howes
Phillips John Buhrman
Phillips Christine Welch Harrison
Pittinger Lisa Pittinger Rolle
Poisal/Poisel Mary Anne Poisal Jackson
Poisal/Poisel Joan Kidwiler
Pollock Pam Carroll
Polton Wanda S. Lang
Pomeroy David Smith
Powell Dale Morrow
Props/Propps/Propst Peggy (Propps) Giltner

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Rabb George Pearson
Rainsberg Carol Randall
Ramsburg Carol Randall
Rapp George Pearson
Reed Cheryl Shaw
Revenaugh Lance Revennaugh
Reynolds Pat Dailey
Reynolds Lynne Simpson
Rickard Dale Morrow
Ridgway Walt Williams
Riemensperger Carol Randall
Riley Jerry Bell
Riley Vince Hackley
Riley Joan Kidwiler
Riley Betty Jane Wojdyla
Riner Jeff Gray
Ripple Mary Ruth Wagner
Robb George Pearson
Robey Stephen Stec
Robinson Karon Bannon Miller
Robinson Lisa Pittinger Rolle
Rockenbaugh Diane Dailey McDonough
Roderick Stephen Stec
Roeder Monica Wagner
Rollings Brent Rollings
Romesberg Carol Randall
Roper Diane Dailey McDonough
Roper Shelley Murphy
Roper Gary Roper
Ropp George Pearson
Rose Barbara A. Calder
Rosenberger Mary Anne Poisal Jackson
Rouss Jane Helwig
Rush Rick Funk
Russell George Pearson

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Sadler/Saddler Terri Lindquester
Sagle Daniel Geyer
Sagle Bonita Shafer
Sanbower Paul E. Watkins
Sanders Robert Moore
Saunders Pat Messick
Sauntman Randy Sauntman
Schell/Shell Christine Schell
Schlentz Diane Dailey McDonough
Schott B. Zimmerman
Sewell Cheryl Shaw
Shade Madeline Holben, 304-876-6969
Shafer Bonita Shafer
Shaw Daniel Geyer
Sheetz Adina Dyer
Shepherd Elizabeth Brown
Shepherd Kathryn Stuart
Shepherd Vivian
Shewbridge Monica Wagner
Shindler Dale Morrow
Shirley Neil Olsen
Shirley Jay French
Shope Donna Willaford
Show Rebecca Fulwider
Showalter Pam Brown
Shrodes Donna Willaford
Sims Shelley Murphy
Sippy Don J. Thomas
Slater Jan Slater
Slaughter Clark Whiting
Slusher Otis Slusher
Sly DeLora Eager Wood
Small John Edwards
Smallwood Wayne
Smith Diane Dailey McDonough
Smith Cheryl Shaw
Snider Jeff Gray
Snodgrass Christine Welch Harrison
Snyder Elizabeth Brown
Songer Mabel Wilson
Southard Wanda S. Lang
Spangler Betty Jane Wojdyla
Spencer Frances Cope
Spong Lauren Brantner
Springer Sandria G. Swope
Staub/Staubs Mary (Staubs) Showalter
Steadman Charlie Thomas
Sterret David Butler
Stewart Cheryl Shaw
Stipe Dwight Stipes
Stipp Gordon Pattison
Stonnell Lynne Simpson
Storm Stacy Moorhead
Strihl Shea Baldock
Sullivan Jim Dempsey
Swartz Aaron Z.
Swearingen Vivian
Swope Diane Dailey McDonough

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Tacey Nicole Ervin
Talbott Jack Templeton
Tate Dale Morrow
Taylor Lisa Deason
Tearney Pauline Drobny
Tester Helen Maliszewski
Tewalt William D. Devault
Thomson Richard E. Clem
Thompson Joan Kidwiler
Thompson Diane Dailey McDonough
Thompson Joan Meister
Thornburg Elizabeth Brown
Thornburg Vivian
Titus Stacy Moorhead
Tolbert Jack Templeton
Tomlinson Joyce Frostad
Tonge Tom Milburn
Trotman Judy Collins
Turner Tugger

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Ulandt Elizabeth Brown
Uhlandt George Newland

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Van Meter Jeff Gray
Van Meter Donna B. Stinnett
Van Meter Kathryn Stuart
Van Meter Vivian
Verdier Dale Baker
Verdier Bob Verdier
Vestal Ginny Bumgarner

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Walker Linda L. Lee
Wallingford Dale Morrow
Walton Dale Morrow
Warder Lynne Simpson
Warfield Ken
Wark Dale Morrow
Washburn Stacy Moorhead
Watson Tom Milburn
Watson Stacy Moorhead
Weaver Jennifer Avery
Weaver Annette Carroll
Webb John Buhrman
Weis Dale Morrow
Weisinger/Weissinger Bob Wissinger
Welshans Diane Welshans Apker
Whip Janice Eby Barbeau
Whip Wayne Webb
White Elaine White Edwards
White Aaron Z.
Whiting Clark Whiting
Whittington Mamie Dawson Rudd
Widows/Widdows William Widdows
Wilkinson Karen Creamer
Willett Jay French
Wilson Frances Austin
Wilson Sue Wilson
Wiltshire Tim Wiltshire
Wintermeyer/Wintermoyer/Wintermyer Norma Wintermyer
Wissinger Dan Peterson
Wissinger Bob Wissinger
Witherow Lynne Simpson
Wohlfarth Lynne Simpson
Wolf Patti McDonald
Wood Joanne McFadden
Woods Carol Weiskircher
Wooddy Pat Dailey
Wright Irene E. Dunlevy
Wright Richard Irwin
Wright Michael E. Wright

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Yeasley Dale Morrow
Young Pat Dailey
Young Susan Johnson

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