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Poca District

JOHN FISHER born about 1787 in Pennsylvania,  was one
of the first settlers in the Poca Dist. of Kanawha 
County W(VA). (Virginia at the time.) He was son of 
William Fisher, who came from Germany to Pennsylvania 
and probably Augusta Co. VA. Not known that he ever 
came to Kanawha County. It is known, that he had six 

John and Lucretia HARRISON married in Kanawha County in 
1812 by Rev. John Lee. Lucretia  was born about 1794, 
in Augusta Co. VA. the daughter of Reuben Harrison and 
Mary HIGGINBOTHAM, and died about 1875. They were 
members of  Mount Zion Methodist Episcopal and had 
eleven known children:

Rebecca, Mary Ann, Harrison, Franklin, George Henry, 
Lucinda Margaret, Rachel, John Jr. Aletha, America 
and Albine.

REBECCA 1813 - 1863 m- Joseph Miller 4/18/1833 in Kan.
Co. Joseph was the son of David & Elizabeth FOSTER, 
born in Nicholas Co. WV 12/10/1810.  

Rebecca and Joseph had ten children: 
Elihu, John, Franklin Wilson, Mary Ellen, Martha J., 
Harrison C., Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, Joseph B. 
"Buck" and George Elvin. 

MARY ANN  1814 - 1882 m- John M. Fisher 10/13/1833 
Kan.Co. John Fisher was the son of Conrad Fisher 
and Rachel MILLER. 

Mary Ann and John M.  had seven children:

Mariam C., Harriet, Lucinda, Eliza Ann, Melissa, 
unknown, Lucretia and Letha.  John and Mary also 
raised Charles Lee Fisher son of George Fisher 

FRANKLIN  H. 1820 - 1901 m- Nancy KOONTZ 10/1/1840 
Jackson Co. WV. Nancy 1822 - 1881 was the daughter
of George Koontz and Oney HENDRICKS. 

Franklin & Nancy KOONTZ had seven children:

Katherine, Emberson, Marion, Columbus, Evans, 
Scott E., and Mary E.

FRANKLIN had a second marriage, to Nancy Jane 
SHAVER 10/1/1882 in Kan.Co. WV.   Nancy 1860-1906 
was the daughter of Paul and Mary RUNNION Shaver.  

Frank and Nancy SHAVER had six children: 

Alpheus, Allie A., Aquila, Alford Russell 
"Russ", Arena, and Ardena.

GEORGE HENRY  1823-1863 died in Miami Co. Kansas. 
had been married three 3 times, the first is 
believed? to be Martha Louisa BOGGESS "Patsy" 
no information about her. 

George and Martha "Patsy" had five children:

Edwin, Alpheus "Deck", Langbarn "Lang", Lovica, 
and Evira.

GEORGE HENRY'S second marriage was to Mary Ann 
SHIVERDECKER 6/15/1852 in Putnam Co. W(VA). She 
was the daughter of Michael and Abigail Eliza 
HIGGINBOTHAM. Mary b-abt 1828 d- 8/7/1853 
Kanawha Co. W(VA).

George and Mary  had one child:

Charles Lee b-6/15/1853 d-12/13/1938 Kan.Co. WV. 
He was raised by John M. Fisher and Mary Ann Fisher.

GEORGE HENRY'S third marriage was to Eliza 
SHIVERDECKER, (Mary Ann's sister). 

George and Eliza  had two children : 

John Franklin and George Taylor Fisher.

Ref: Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co.. 
Kansas pg 170-171.  (Looking for more info on this 
family). George Henry is buried in the Fisher 
Cemetery at Hillsdale, Kansas.

LUCINDA MARGARET 1826-1903 m-Silas Carney 3/22/1844 
Kan.Co.W(VA). Silas 1821 - 1898 was the son of
William Carney and Sarah Margaret BONNETT.  

Lucinda and Silas  had fifteen children:

Mary Catherin, Elbin, Charles, America, Eldridge, 
Margaret Elizabeth, Lucretia "Creasy", Nora Alice, 
Celia Jane, John McClellan, William Franklin "Billy", 
two infants that didn't live, Martha Bell, 
and Sarah Ann.

RACHEL 1828 - 1893 m-2/26/1853 Kan.Co.W(VA) to 
Anthony HALL. 

Rachel and Anthony  had six known children:

Elbin, Norris, Letha A., Mildred C., Mary Henrietta, 
and Squire M.

JOHN JR. 1829-1919 - m- 1/24/1850 Kan.Co.W(VA) to
Nancy WALLACE daughter of Alexander & Agnes HARRISON. 

John and Nancy  had one child:

William W. 

7b. John Jr. m- 2nd to Mary SHIRKEY 12/1/1853 Kan. 
Co., she was daughter of David & Mary SAMUELS. 

John and Mary  had eight children:

Dr. David Samuel, John H. "Bud", William "Col. Bill", 
Mary Alice "Mamie", Henry F., Dr. Greenberry Pleasant, 
Osa, and Charles.

ALETHA 1831 - d-aft 1850 m- 2/18/1847 in Kanawha 
County to Conrad Fisher 1822 - 1897 in Atchinson, 
Kansas, son of Conrad Fisher and Rachel MILLER. 

Aletha and Conrad had three children: 

By the census, couldn't make out the names.
(might have been, Nichodemus, Jennings and John. 
?? Like update on them.

Conrad married a second time, to Susan Ranson and 
then moved to Kansas.

AMERICA  1833 -d-aft 1880 in Jackson Co. WV m- 
3/28/1856 Kan.Co. W(VA) to Oliver T. Milam "Hood" 
1831 - 1887 son of Lindsey & Nancy MILLER Milam. 

America and Oliver  had nine children:

John W., James L., Oma, Martha E., Robert T., 
Joseph B., Liddie R., Letha Harriet, and William H.

Wednesday January 24, 1866
JOHN FISHER SR. of this county, was found drowned in 
Two Mile Creek  below Charleston at the edge of the 
ford above the Turnpike Bridge.

When thus discovered he lay on his back, his head 
scarcely submerged in the shallow water, and his 
feet upon the bank.  This occurred on Friday last, 
about 4 o' clock in the evening. Some two hours 
earlier in the day, Mr. Fisher had been noticed 
to start on his way home, which was about 12 miles 
north of Charleston and appeared to be in fine spirits.

The body of the deceased was removed to the home 
of Mrs. Littlepage, and on Saturday morning an 
inquest resulted in the following:

Verdict of the coroner's jury-that the said John 
Fisher, Sr. in the opinion of this jury, came to 
his death by accidental drowning in Two 
Mile Creek, in this county, aforesaid, on the 
19th of January 1866. Mr. Fisher was seventy-four 
years of age.

Will of John Fisher:  Kanawha County WV. Vol. 2-150

Submitted by: Marieda DERRICK Edens at mderoots
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