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Thaxton Family

                         Ronald R Thaxton

                        Thaxton Genealogy

James Thaxton (James X)
Born: 1731-32  Goochland County, VA
Died: 1786-99 (?)   Prince Edward County, VA
Spouse: Elizabeth Clarke
Married: 1753

David Thaxton, Sr.
Born: Feb. 7, 1756  Goochland County, VA
Died: 1815          Prince Edward County, VA
Spouse: Sarah "Sallie" Sheppard
Married: Mar. 16, 1777

David Thaxton, Jr.
Born: 1791-92  Prince Edward County, VA
Died: 1874          Kanawha County, WV
Spouse: Martha "Patsy" Hurt
Married: Oct. 29, 1811
Children: Robert Clarkson, Sarah E., Nancy S., John H., Martha F., Franklin P., James Henry,
Elizabeth C.

James Henry Thaxton
Born: April, 1828   Prince Edward County, VA
Died: 1908          Kanawha County, WV (New Tuppers Creek Road Cemetery)
Souse: Julia Ann Layne
Married: Feb. 23, 1854 (Kanawha County)
Children: Robert Davis, John W., Martha Anice, Julia C., Melia J., Louisa, Rachael, Elizabeth,
Lee Dora, James A. "Abb".

John W. Thaxton
Born: March 10, 1856
Died: 1936 (Jenkins Cemetery on Big Tyler Mountain off Woodrums Lane)
Spouse: Lucinda Rachael McCormick
Born: 1865
Died: 1932 (Jenkins Cemetery)
John and Lucinda moved from Kanawha County (probably Wolf Pen area) to Craigsville,
Nicholas County and then moved back to Kanawha County in the Tyler Mountain area.  Three
daughters remained in Nicholas County. Children: Wilbur, Leonard, Otis, Doyle, Ermine Johnny
[1911-30], Austin Atlee [1906-1915], Archie, Roy Ree, Elsie, Flora, Verta [these three stayed in
Craigsville] and Ola.  There is one more that we cannot recollect a name for.)

Roy Ree Thaxton
Born: 1895
Died: 1926 (Industrial explosion and fire - Jenkins Cemetery)
Souse: Sarah Katherine Tinsley 
Born: Sept. 15, 1904
Still living!

Roy Rudolph Thaxton (Only child.)
Born: Oct. 31, 1923
Died: Sept. 17, 1981 (Diabetes - Tyler Mountain Memory Gardens)
Spouse: Norma Lee Litton
Born: April 4, 1931
Still living.
Children: Ronald Ree and Andrea Gay

Ronald R Thaxton
Born: Aug. 2, 1948
Souse: Nancy Ann Carney
Born: Sept. 17, 1949
Children: Charessa Dawn and Amber Elizabeth

Submitted by Ron Thaxton
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