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Mary Ann Bromley Mahone Arthur


(This deed lists the children (and their spouses) of Mary Ann Bromley Mahone Arthur who lived in Elizaville or Brownstown (now Marmet), WVA. She was there at least in 1860 per the 1860 Census. See, also, DB 83, pg. 30 and DB 86, pg 74, for additional information on the children and grandchildren of Mary Mahone Arthur. CA)

This Deed made this 3d day of March A. D. 1881 by and between Ballard P. Clendenin & A. C. Mason Trustees for Mary A. Arthur (now deceased) as trustees and Allen C. Mason and Frances E. Mason, formerly Frances E. Mahone of Mason County, West Virginia, as heirs at law of Mary A. Arthur, deceased, and B. P. Clendenin and Eliza J. Clendenin, his wife, and Edward Jackson and Susan M. Jackson, his wife, and Rufus Workman and Mary A. Workman, his wife, the three latter females being formerly of the name of Mahone, and all the above mentioned being heirs at law of Mary A. Arthur, deceased, and Napoleon Wells and Ardenia C. Wells, his wife, formerly Ardenia C. Arthur, and Benjamin F. Morris and Julia A. Morris, his wife, formerly Julia A. Arthur and Emma C. Arthur, parties of the first part, and John L. Arthur of the Second part. Witnesseth, That for and in consideration of the sum of One dollar to us each, in hand paid, the receipt of, which is hereby acknowledged, the said parties of the first part has this day sold unto the said parties of the Second part, all that certain lot or parcel of land, Situate lying and being in the County of Kanawha and in the Town of Brownstown, and bounded and described as follows, to wit: (1/2 of lot No. 1) the other half of which was owned by the late A. G. Walker, and joining J. H. Gougans (?) lot and fronting on the road from the east as shown by the plot of the Town of Elizaville or Brownstown, Kanawha County, West Virginia, to which reference is hereby made, being the Same lot or parcel of land conveyed by Rufus Workman and Mary A. Workman, his wife, to Ballard P. Clendenin and A. C. Mason as trustees for Mary A. Arthur, deceased, by deed bearing date of the 28th day of December, 1869, and recorded in the County Clerk's office of Kanawha County in deed book No. 26, page 172 to have and to hold the same forever for the use of the said John L. Arthur with all the appertenances (?) therewith belonging and the Said parties of the first part hereby agrees to warrant generally the premises hereby conveyed. Witness the following Signatures and Seals.

A. C. Mason (Seal) Fannie E. Mason (Seal) R. Workman (Seal) S. A. Workman (Seal) S. M. Jackson (Seal) Ardenia C. Wells (Seal) Julia A. Morris (Seal) W. B. (his X mark) Wells (Seal) Emma C. Arthur (Seal) B. F. (his X mark) Morris (Seal)


State of West Virginia

County of Kanawha , to wit:

I, Ballard P. Clendenin, a Justice of the County of Kanawha County, State of West Virginia and District of Louden, do hereby certify that A. C. Mason, Fannie E. Mason, R. Workman, M. A. Workman, S. M. Jackson, Julia A. Morris and Emma C. Arthur, whose names are signed to the foregoing deed, bearing date the 3d day of March 1881, personally appeared before me in my County aforesaid, the above named present, and signed and acknowledged the same, and the said Fannie E. Mason, M. A. Workman, S. M. Jackson, Julia A. Morris and Emma C. Arthur being examined by me each separately and apart from each of their said husbands and having the contents of said deed fully explained to them, they the Said Fannie E. Mason, M. A. Workman, S. M. Jackson, Julia A. Morris and Emma C. Arthur Severally and each for herself acknowle__ the signing of the same to be their voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein specified and declared that they had each willingly executed the Same and does not wish to retract it.

Given under my hand, this the 3d day of March A. D. 1881,

B. P. Clendenin J. P.

State of West Virginia,

Kanawha County, S S:

I, A. W. Cole, a Notary Public, in and for the County and State aforesaid, do certify that B. P. Clendenin whose name is Signed to the above deed did this day appear before me in my Said County and acknowledge the Same to be his act and deed, And that Eliza Jane Clendenin, wife of the Said B. P. Clendenin did appear on the same day as above named, and after being examined by me separately and apart from her husband and having the above writing fully explained to her, She acknowledged the same to be her act and deed and that She Signed the Same willingly and does not wish to retract.

Given (?) under my hand this the 12th day of September 1881.

A. W. Cole, Notary Public

Kanawha County Court Clerks office, September 13th 1881.

B. P. Clendenin

E. J. Clendenin

This deed was this day presented to me in my office, and thereupon, together with the certificates thereto annexed, is admitted to record. Teste Hamilton Morris Clerk

Kanawha County Court

Submitted by: (Carolyn Aldredge)

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