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In the name of God Amen.

I Mathias Bauren of the City of An.rob…in the State of New Jersey gentleman being of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding and in infrayment of my usual bodily health but conscious of the uncertainly of human life and … of making a suitable disposition of all such worldly estate as I may have behind me have thought … to make execute and publish and in and by this … I now do make execute and publish my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say

First, I order and direct all my just debts and funeral and list … charges to be paid as soon after decease as can be … done.

Second, I do hereby revoke dissannul and disallow every other and former Will Testament or codicil by me at anytime or times here made executed or published.

Third, I do hereby …, constitute and … my particular friend William Pennington of Newark in the State of New Jersey late Governor of that State and R… Bauren and Alexander W Wharton … to my and the executors of this my last Will and Testament and the trustees for my two grand-daughters hereinafter named for the .. and … and .. the .. hereunder contained

Fourth, I hereby give and devise to my two granddaughters Frances D Bauren and Mary Tundy Bauren the daughters of my deceased son Reverend Mathias Bauren the one equal undivided fourth … equally to be divided between them on share and share alike of and in several tracts … or parcels of land and … estate for .. that is to say a certain tract called sheba containing Forty -seven thousand acres .. for which was granted to Samuel Hollingsworth bearing date the first day of March in the year One thousand seven hundred and ninety six and recorded in Book number Thirty five at page nineteen, also … tract called Grange trace containing … second day of March in the year One thousand seven hundred and ninety six recorded on book Thirty four at page thirty two also contain this tract called Sabeb tract containing One-hundred thousand acres the … for which is dated this third day of March in the year One thousand and seven hundred and ninety six and recorded in number thirty book at page thirty seven which said several tracts are … situate in the County of Kanawha in the State of Virginia also all … several lots I do … or tract if I can do situate on its East side of … River in the State of New York that is to say Patent number sixty six containing One Hundred and ninety four acres. Patent number sixty seven containing One hundr4ed and ninety four acres patent number sixty nine containing One Hundred and seventy five acres, also … .. as those se.. certain .. parts of .. situate in the City of Buffalo and black Rock that is to say the whole of block number sixty four the middle and south thirds of block number seventy eight the whole or block number ninety three the south thirds of block number ninety four, .. whole of block number ninety seven the whole of block number ninety eight the middle and south thirds of block number One Hundred and twelve the middle and fourth thirds of block four thirds of block number one hundred and thirteen. the middle and fourth thirds of block number one hundred and forty eight. The whole of block number one hundred and thirty one. The whole of block number one hundred and ninety two. The fourth third of block number two hundred and one. The whole of block number twenty two. The fourth third of block number one hundred and eleven also all and singular those several lots. Pieces or parcels of farming lands. Purchased from the United States situated in the Delaware district in the pravent counties of Marion & Crawford in the State of Ohio. That is to say. Patent number one hundred fifty seven containing six hundred and forth acres. Patent number One hundred and fifty eight containing four hundred and fifty one acres and thirty nine one hundred .. if an acres Patent number One Hundred and Fifty nine containing One hundred and forty four acres and eighty one hundred into … if and acre Paten number one hundred and sixty containing six hundred and thirty two acres and twenty eight-one hundredth half there of and containing Three hundred and twenty acres Patent number One Hundred and ninety containing .. hundred and twenty acres Patent number … hundred and ninety one containing .. hundred and twenty acres. Patent number One hundred and ninety two containing eighty seven acres and eighty eight hundred its .. of .. acres. Patent number One hundred and ninety five containing three hundred and fourteen acres and … seven hundred … of an acre Patent number One hundred and ninety six containing Eighty acres, Patent number One Hundred and ninety seven containing One hundred and sixty acres, also all and singular that Quarter …. In grant tract number … in the Northeast Quarter of .. number …. … … in the county St Laurence in the State of New York containing Seven Thousand one hundred and eighty six acres Also all and … … .. two certain blocks of ground situate laying and being between … and .. streets and .. First Avenue and the East-River within the … City of New York with regard to all of which real … hereinabove mentioned a.. referred to my will and … are that … before named two granddaughters shall together and share with share a.. the one equl and … fourth .. thereof, and that the eternity thereof be sold or divided as may said executors and … may deem best and if sold that the .. equal .. of the net proceeds thereof be disposed of as follows that is to say the one equal half part of the said Quarter .. .. that is to say one equal sixteenth and for each said granddaughter to be .. to them when and as they shall severally attain to the age of twenty-one years and the other hal thereof that is to say .. sixteenth .. each of them said.. granddaughters I direct my said executors and … to .. and hold in kind for items respectively and to invest and keep invested the same in bonds and mortgage of … sufficiency or there.. at the best discretion of any said executors and trustees and its interest, dividends or other financial income … accruing. Thereby under and direct my said executors and trustees to pay from time to time to any said two granddaughters if both be living equally a share and share alike during their … lives, unto their own are …. Hands and for their own separate used and benefit and only .. items own.. individual receipts to be given from time to time and not by way of an …. and to be applied only to the maintenance and support used and benefit of themselves respectively and their .. children, or others descended to the … exclusion of all .. any entered .. .. .. dominion or … of any husband of either of any said granddaughters in or ever the same … or income or any .. .. or liability to or for payments or satisfaction of his debts liabilities commitments or engagements there present or future and if on the … the decease of my aid two granddaughters I hereby give and … the reminder of the estate … to them for their .. lives or the … there if sold so far as .. may not have been said .. and their attaining lawful age as herein above provided to their .. if any the leave such … to that according to the laws of … or distributions of the State of New York should one of them die without leaving … in the lifetime of her sister the shares of the deceased to go to such surviving sister for the residue of the … of these sales of here real estate may have been .. to her or her reaching lawful age to her .. according to the said law if … or distributions .. the said state of New York but should both if any said grandchildren .. this life without leaving any .. having at the time of the death of the survivor them and in such case thereby give and bequeath Five thousand dollars to Mary A D Bauren the widow of my deceased son the said Reverend Mathias Bauren if she be their living .. .. other.. It will be .. that with regard to the .. .. … respectively .. bequeath to my said tow grand daughters together only .. life estate in the fourth .. thereof .. the same should be sold as … provided and is order to guard against any mistake in the specifications of the several tracts and parcels of land above referred to .. deem .. to declare my intention to be .. herein all my real estate situate in the States of Virginia and Ohio and in and about Buffalo and Black Rock and in the East side of Niagra River and in Mccombs … in the State of New York and I do hereby give and devise unto my said two granddaughters in .. and .. and share .. allthat is the .. if that my house and lot situate number sixty in Harmon Shett in the City of New and also that is the .. if any house and garden with .. lot in front to the River know as the Rariton House in the City of .. Ann..

Fifth I hereby give and devise the remaining .. equal fourth .. of the several parcels of land blocks and .. .. and real estate the one equal.. undivided fourth .. of which .. above devise to my said two grand daughters .. live of any sons that is to say the said Herman Bauren and Alexander M. Whorter Bauren and unto my granddaughter … Harriet Whitehouse in fee .. or share and share alike

Sixth I hereby give and bequeath my son George W Bauren the sum of Five Dollars only. May reasons for this cutting him off from a … in my estate it would be .. for me to ennumerate but which are will known to him

Lastly All and singular the ..residue and remaining of my .. and estate whatsoever and where ever both real or personal and of every name nature and kind I do hereby give devise and bequeath unto nay before named sons Herman Bauren and Alexander M Whorter Bauren I .. and share and share .. .. of the same, and the other … hereby devised and bequeathed to them, they are to pay and discharge all and singular my debts and funeral and te..tary charges whether in an interest in which or the .. of which is devised to my said grand-daughters .. to my said daughters or ..

In Witness there of I have to these presents set my had and seal this first day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight-hundred and forty five Signed by the said Testator at the end here of and by him sealed executed published … said acknowledge and for his Last will and testament in our presences who in his .. and at his request and in the .. of each other have subscribed our .. name hereto as attesting with .. .. aforesaid our respective signatures our … of .. this day and year lastly above written.

The works "so far as such … may not have been said to them r.. on their attaining lawful age are herein above forwarded" also the words " except so far as a fraction of the proceeds of the sale of her real estate may have been paid to her on here reaching lawful age" and also the words … the same should do be sold as above .. recorded being all inheritance in the .. before the executors hereof the word .. .. lie of this .. the word "November" until over the word October alt..

James Parker Periot Ambroy New Jersey

J .. Ring Periot Ambroy, New Jersey

Lewis … Periot Amboy, New Jersey

Benjamin .. Perito Ambroy NJ

Jas A Nichols Periot Amboy N Jersey

William Patterson Periot Ambroy New Jersey

State of New Jersey do

On the fourth day of August AD 1846 before me Oliver s . .. … Ordinary or Surrogate General of the State of New Jersey … came William Peterson .. of the .. to the annex Will who being by … duly sworn did .. and say that he saw Mathias Bauren the testator therein named, sign and seal the same and heard him publish .. and declare the annexed writing to be his last Will and Testament and that at the doing there of the said testator was of sound and … mind and memory so far as this .. know and as he v.. believes and that James …., .. Kings, Lewis … Benjamin .. and James .. were present at the same time as subscribing … and .. signed their names as … to said will together .. ll .. of an date the .. of said .. and in the present of .. other.

William ….

State of New Jersey

In the…….

State of New Jersey

on this sixteenth day of September AD 1846 .. one Oliver …

by paying first the debt of said deceased and their the legacies in the said testament aforesaid so far as the goods chattles and credits of said deceased can thereunto extend and that will .. and exhibit into the… Office .. .. on and .. inventory of all and .. .. the goods chattles and credit of said deceased that .. or shall come to his knowledge or .. or the .. of any then person or person for his used and render s just and true account when thereunto lawfully ….

Sworn and subscribed at … the day and year of aforesaid before me

L Halstead ordinary

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Transcribed from Microfilm by Tammy and Steve Barber.

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