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Source: Kanawha County Will Book Volume 2, Page 574-575, March 18, 1874

In the name of God, amen. I, Meredith Pauley of the District of Washington in Kanawha County West Virginia being of good sound and disposable mind and memory calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and being desirous of setting my worldly affairs in order, and directing how the estate with which it has pleased God that I should be possessed with when I shall decease and go out of this world, I do publish this, my last will and testament. Forsakeing all other last wills made by me. And first, I commend my soul to God who gave it, and my body to the earth to be buried with little expense by my heirs. And as to my worldly estate real, personal or mixt of which I shall be possessed with when I go out of the world. I devise and bequeath and dispose of in the following manner, To Wit: First: I give and bequeath to my wife, Elizabeth Pauley the following household and Kitchen furniture to Wit: One turned bed stead, one Bed and under bed, one sheet, 6 quilts , one bolster, two pillers, and one Pot Rack and pot hooks, all the Cooking Vessells, all dishes, plates, Knives & forks, glasses, Cups and saucers and Cans, all other hollow ware of every description on the premises all eatables on hand, grain feed and all; One Flax Wheel 2 trunks with their Contents, All the chairs, barriels and Dr. Kings Family Physician (Dr. Book) one side Saddle, one Pack saddle, one looking glass, one table, 2 sets of fier dogs, one shovel, one clock, one cow and calf, and their increase from this date, one horse, and all the old hoes, plows, and clevises, 2 sprouting hoes, all the hogs, all the sheep, all the poltry, all the wheat, corn, and oats, bacon and all the crop, now commenced. Or should I live till any other crop is commenced it is not to be interferred with by my heirs till it is gathered and taken off of said land by my Widow, for her own use and benefit. All the foregoing named property I give and bequeath to my wife, Elizabeth for her own right and title to dispose of as she may please, provided that she continues to live with me and to help wait on me till my death. I also give her ($20.00) Twenty Dollars in cash, out of that debt that Mr. J. M. Gray owes: I have assigned the excepted order to my said wife should I die before that comes due I want her to collect it and keep $20.00 for her own use, part of the balance to defray my burial expenses: And also, I want my Widow to have the use of the bureau and coubard so long as she may live on the premises: She is to have all the salt that may be on the premises at my death. Also, I want her to have the use of one chopping ax, one iron wedge, one frow, one log chain, inch auger, one three quarter auger, and inch chisel, the meal sacks; Further, I wish to will and bequeath to my wife, Elizabeth, during her natural life part of my Real Estate, and bounded as follows: To wit: Beginning at Jackson D. Turley’s draw bars thence up the ravine towards my barn to the road thence with that to the fience of the chestnut tree field thence outside and with it north or as the case may be and down the hill on the upper side of the road. To the North fork of Crooked Creek, and then crossing said fork then running up the Rock house hollow and to the open line of my late survey. Thence with that to Mr. and Mrs. Holstein’s line thence with a line of my late survey to a line of my old survey thence with that to Cornelius Pauley’s line. Thence with that up the branch to the top of Cate’s Knob, thence to the open line of my old survey and with that to the said J. D. Turley’s draugh bars , place of beginning., it being forty acres, more or less for which she is to keep the taxes paid upon while she may live. She is to have and to hold the said tract with all improvements and every thing belonging to the said premises during her lifetime. After that it shall fall back to my three heirs of my body to wit: Amos Pauley, Marian Miller and Martha Schoultz or their heirs. And the property also that she has use of for life. And the aforesaid three heirs of my body soon after my death shall take into possession the balance of the farm lying between the land willed to my said wife and the land deeded by me to my son, Dryden Pauley supposed to be 32 acres which they will pay the taxes on it as it becomes due. Provided if there is a crop commenced or growing on said land at my death the said three heirs are not to interfere until my widow can get the said crop off on her own premises for her own use. I have deeded Cornelius Pauley a tract of land which was agreed on to be his full share of both real and personal of my estate. And I have deeded Dryden Pauley, my son, a tract of land which as much as falls to his heirs both real or personal and wish him to have no more. And further, all the property not willed to my said wife after my death I want the three aforesaid heirs of my body to take in possession and sell and to and pay all my just debts and divide the balance. I want George P. Hix to have all his own property. And further, I give and bequeath to my granddaughter, Margaret A. Pauley, daughter of Amos Pauley one turned bedstead, one under bed, one sheet, four quilts, 4 pillows and all the quilts she may make after this date. And one little  poled cow if she is living, at the time she leaves, provided that she lives with my wife till she is sixteen years old, unless she consents to let her go sooner. I have written this will with my own hand and without the influence of any person this March 17, 1874.

Meredith Pauley (Seal)

M. A. Lively

Addison Childress

Kanawha County Court Clerks Office – August 10th, 1874.

This paper writing proporting to be the last Will and Testament of Meredith Pauley decd, late of said county was this day presented to me in my office duly proven by the oaths of M. A. Lively and Addison Childers subscribing witnesses, hence and thereupon ordered to be recorded as the last Will and Testament of the said deceased.

Teste: Jack S. Quarrier, Clk

Kanawha County Court

Transcribed from a handwritten copy by Ellen Cantley Pauley

Submitted by Ellen Pauley

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