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I William Steele of the County of Woodfors, and the State of Kentucky do make and ordain this my last will and testament as following to wit

My just debts shall be paid out of the proceeds of my Canhawa Estate in Virginia, and the sale of such of my lands as are not herein specifically otherwise disposed of or bequeaths

2nd I leave and give to my wife for and during her natural life the farm and tract of land whereon I new live, also all or so many of my slaves as she with the advice of my executing hereinafter named shall wish to keep for the support of herself and family, also all the household and kitchen furniture, and all farming utensils, wagons, carts and stock of all kinds, and my will is that no inventory and appraisement of my estate to be taken until after the death of my said wife, and

I give Thirdly to my daughter Jane the said farm and tract of land at her mothers death to her and her heirs for ever,

Fourthly, I give and bequeath to my daughter Anges Wingfield White the farm and tract of land whereon she and her husband now live, to her and her heirs forever,

Fifthly, I give and bequest to my daughter Sally the farm and tract of land whereon James Davenport now lives to her and her heirs forever,

Sixthly, I give to my daughter Polly the farm and tract of land lying in Franklin County in Steele’s bottom adjoining Robert Steele to her and her heirs forever,

Seventh, I give and bequeath to my only Grand Daughter Agnes Wingfield Steele the farm and tract of land whereon Henry Varvel now lives, also my tracts of land lying on Big Creek, in the County of Adair adjoining the farm of Henry Floweiz and Alex Walker to her and her heirs for every, except that a life estate in the first named tract when said Varvel living … and give to her mothers Catherine Steele

Eighth, It is my will that all my other lands lying in Kentucky, Virginia, the State of Ohio or elsewhere be equally divided between my said children and my said Grand Daughter, also all my slaves including those already given to part of my children to be equally divided between my said daughters and grand daughter also the personal estate to be divided in like manner at the death of my wife, or any part thereof, sooner by consent of my wife and advise of my executrix

Ninthly, I hereby give my executrix or any two of them full proven and authority to sell all or any part of my lands, not herein devised and to convey the lands to the same and to make any deed or deeds of conveyance for any land or lands for which I am or may hereafter become bound, during my life, also to sell any of my personal estate which the circumstances of my wife and family may in their opinion under it necessary,

Tenthly - I appoint my brother Robert Steele and my particular friends Herman Bowman and Samuel Berry the executors of this my last will and testament, Given under my hand and seal this 22nd day of October, 1823.

Signed, sealed & acknowledges in presence of

.. Bullock

John McKinley ..

L Whittington

Kentucky, Woodors County ..

December County Court 1826

This the last Will and testament of William Steele deceased was produced in Court proven by the oath of Thomas Bullock and .. Whittington two of the subscribing witnesses thereto said ordered to record, whereupon Herman Bowman and Robert Steele two of the executors named in said will came into court and took the oath required by law, and executed bond with Good.., Carter, Charles, Railey, Randolph Railey Willis Field Samuel Campbell Richard Fox, and Willis Blanton as their security, in the sum of thirty thousand dollars, conditioned according to law, certificate of probate is granted them in due form of law, and time given Samuel Berry the other executor hereafter to qualify.

Att John McKinney, jun CWCC

County, do certify that at the foregoing is a true copy of the last will and testament of William Steele, deceased with the certificate of probate and letters testamentary as the same is of record in my office, Given under my hand and the seal of said Court, at Versaillez this 24th day of October 1854, and in the 63rd year of the Commonwealth

Herman Bowman, Jr. …

State of Kentucky, Woodford County, ..

I Richard C. Graves presiding Judge of the County Court for said County, do hereby certify that Herman Bowman .., whose genuine signature appearing to the foregoing certificate is and was at the date thereof the clerk of said court, duly .. and qualified according to law and .. said certificate is in due form of law, of October, 1854.

R L Graves … ..

As a Circuit Court held for Kanawha County 10th day of November 1854

This authenticated copy and certificate of the probate of the will of William Steele dec was this day offered for publish in this court, and it appearing that the said will relates to estate within this commonwealth has been proved without the same and that the same was so proved in the Foreign Court of probate, to have been so executed as to be a valid will of lands in this state, by the law thereof it is .. that this .. .. authenticated copy of the will aforesaid be admitted to . .. as a will ..


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Transcribed from Microfilm by Tammy and Steve Barber.

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