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I John Rowan Steele being of lawful age and sound mind do hereby will and ordain this to be my last will and testament, whereby revoking all formal will, I desire that all my just debts be paid, they being but few, It is my desire that should I die in the State of Kentucky or at any place convenient to the City of Louisville that my body shall be removed to Bardstown KY, and be buried along side of my sister and brother, …… it whom my executor as soon as my debts are paid he cause the bodies of my father and mother to be removed from the vault at Louisville, KY to Bardstown, and to be there decently interred along side of my sisters and brothers to my own grave, and then the five graves to lie fenced in with pailing or brick, Should executors not have the means on hand after paying my debts he is authorized to sell so much of my land as he may think necessary, I wish this matter to be the first thing attended to after the payments of my debts, Having the fullest confidence in my uncle in law Dr Henry McWakefield, I wish him to act as my executor, should his health permit, I require one security of him for his faithful and honest executor of this my will, should Dr. Wakefield’s health or inclination prevent his acceptance of this trust, Then I wish Mr. Wm P Boone in whom likewise I have the greatest confidence to act as executor, no security being required of him for his faithful performance of the duties of executor, it my express will and desire the heirs or children of the late Hon. John Rowan shall be my heirs, I don’t wish my property to discuss to the Steeles they never having done anything in their lives to assist me, but on the other land everything to my late grandfather John Rowan, I wish it distinctly understood that I include Eliza M. Boone wife of Wm P Boone Esq as one of the heirs of .. Rowan, and as one of my heirs, I wish my property or the money the property sells for to be equally divided among the following persons, .. John Rowan, Ann Buchanon wife of Dr. T R Buchanon, Alice D. Wakefield wife of Dr. H. H. Wakefield, Elizabteh Hughes wife of Daniel Hughes and Eliza M. Boone wife of Alen P Boone, Esq in case any of the above named persons die without issue this their share or interest is to be divided among the survivors, I wish Dr. Wakefield who has always been to me a very kind friend to have my books and instruments, this is to be separate from the other property, I release Ale.. P Boone of his indebtedness to me; I have a claim against the Government of the U S for a horse that died while I was in service in Mexico, his value $250 or $300 also mileage from Washington City to Louisville, I wish this matter attended to immediately. I also have a claim to two lots, in the Town of Easton County of Preble this I wish it .. . to written with my own hand and seal this 14th of February 1849.

Rowan Steele

State of Kentucky

At a County Court held for Jefferson County at the Court House in the City of Louisville on the ninth day of April One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty nine; the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of S. Rowan Steele decd was produced in Court and proved by the Oaths of George H Waming and Madison Pyles, to be wholly written by the hand writing of .. Steele, whereupon the said was established by the Court, to be the last will and testament of .. Steele, and ordered to be recorded, on the motion of H. M. Wakefield, the executor named in the last will and testament of .. Rowan Steele dec late of this County, who made oath accordingly to law, execution of said will is granted him, whereupon he have bond in the penalty of eight thousand dollars, conditioned according to law, without security as required in said will, where from said will is recorded in my office as clerk of said County.

Att Cunan Pope

State of Kentucky Jefferson County ..

I Charles W. Thurston clerk of the County Court of the county afs.. do certify that the foregoing will is truly copies from the signed in my officer

In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and affixed the seal of said court, this twelfth day of October, 1854

Ch W Thurston

State of Kentucky Jefferson County ..

I, Edward Garland judge of the County Court of the county afs.. do certiy that Charles M. Thurston is the acting clerk of said court duly … and qualified, and that full faith and credit are due all his official ad.., and that his signature above is genuine .. Given under my hand this twelfth day of October, 1854.

E Garland

As a Circuit Court held for Kanawha County the 10th day of November, 1854.

This authenticated copy and certificate of probate of the will of John Rowan Steele decd was offered for probate in this court, and is appearing that the said will relating to estate within this commonwealth had has been proved without he same, and that the same was so proved in the Foreign Court .. probate to have been so executed as to be a valid will of lands in this state by the law thereof it is ordered that the said authenticated copy of the will aforesaid, be admitted to record here as will of real estate, and the said John Rowan Steele having departed this life more than three months since and there being no executor in this Commonwealth of his said will, it is ordered that John Seack Jr the Sheriff of this County to take the estate of the said deceased unto his possession and administer the same with said will annexed according to law.


Q W Quarrier, Clk

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Transcribed from Microfilm by Tammy and Steve Barber.

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