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William White Appraisement and Bill of Sale

At a circuit court held for Kanawha county the 28th day of October 1853.

Lewis J White appointed admn of William White, dec’d ………..


A W Quarrier, clk

Kanawha County to wit:

Personally appeared before me Jepiah Hindman a Justice of the Peace for the County aforesaid William R Elswick, William H King and Benjamin Moore and made oath that the appraisement hereto annexed is a true and just valuation and apprasisement of the personal estate of William White, decd, as set out in the above inventory according to the best of judgment and belief given under my had and seal this 31st day of January, 1852.

Jepiah Hindman

Appraisement of the Personal Estate of William White, decd made by the undersigned the 20th day of Nov, 1852

One work ox at twenty-two dollars and fifty cents $22.50

Eight calves at twenty-four dollars 24.00

Too sheep at two dollars and fifty cents 2.50

Twelve cows at eleven dollars per cow 132.00

Three Bulls at one dollar, twelve ½ cents 1.12

Three mars at thirty seven dollars 37.00

One Bull at eight dollars 8.00

Three saddles at ten dollars 10.00

One set Blacksmith Tools at fifty dollars 50.00

One bell at seventy five cents .75

One horse at twenty-five dollars 25.00

Hay at twelve dollars and fifty cents 12.50

One ox yoak and log chain at four dollars 4.00

Too hundred dozen of oats, more or less,

at twelve and half cents per dozen 25.00

Three hundred and fifty too and half bushels

corn more or less, at thirty cents per

bushel 105.75

One set of geanes three dollars 3.00

One mare and colt at fifty dollars 50.00

One gun at too dollars 2.00

Kitching furniture at nineteen dollars and 22 cents 19.22

Housel furniture nineteen dollars and fifty cents 19.50

One day of sale, one bull at five dollars 5.00

total                                                466.84

Benjamin Moore

William H King

William Eslwick

The second day of sale, .. 25th day of April, 1852

One handsaw at 1.50

One fifth chain at 2.00

One six quarter auger at .50

One draw knife at .25

One Mattic at 1.12 ½

One hand axe at 1.50

Two scythes at .20

One half inch auger at 6.52 ½

Benjamin Moore

William Elswick

William H King

I sign the above appraisement bill as an Inventory of the Personalty

Lewis White

Admin of William White decd

At a Circuit Court held for Kanawha County, the 23rd day of May 1853

This Appraisement Bill of the Estate of William White dec’d was this day presented to the Court and ordered to be recorded


A W Quarrier Clk

A Sale Bill of William White dec December the 28th 1852

Lewis White $15.00

Alexander White25.28

Lewis White..cow..2.73

Lewis White…10.00

Lewis White…14.00

Lewis White..6.00

Lewis White..8.00

David White.. 7.50

……… 7.25

David White6.00

……… 1.00

………. 7.00

Lewis White 7.50

Lewis White 1.00

Miller 1.00

Elizabeth White1.00

John Lucas 25.00

………… 7.50

………… 8.00

……….. . .12

………… 3.50

………… 35.00

………… .50

Lewis White .. one hay stack at two dollars 2.00

David White .. one hay stack at two dollars $21.2 cts 2.12

Henry Cowens .. one lot of corn 50 bushels at 25cts 12.50

John Lucas the 2d lot of corn 50 bus at 27 cts per bus 15.75

Lewis J White third lot of corn 50 bus at 29 cts per bus 14.50

David White the fourth lot of corn, 50 bus at 28 cts per bus 14.00

William H King the fifth lot of corn, 25 bushels at 30 cts per bu 7.25

Lewis L White .. on bull at seven dollars $7.25 7.25

David White .. one bull at eight dollars $8.00 8.00

John Samples .. one white steer at seventeen dollars $17.00 17.00

Preston White .. 1 hay stack at 75 cents $.75 .75

Uirah King . one et of .low gears at $1.85 1.85

David White .. one saddle at five dollars $3.75cts 3.75

Preston White .. one sadd four dollars $4.62 cts 4.62

John Lucas .. one saddle at one dollar $1.00 1.00

David White .. one gun at one dollar $1.37 cts 1.37

The widow Mrs. White the household and kitchen

furniture at twelve and a half cents .12 ½

Anthony King .. oats .. amount at 12 ct per dozen 5.33

The amount of the sale without oats   294.98



The second Day of Sale April the 25th, 1853

William … one fifth .. 1.05

David White .. .. auger at .28

To one draw knife at .30

To one hand ax at .71

Andrew .. One handsaw .26

To one ½ inch auger at .13

Lewis L White to one Mattic at .10

To 2 scythes at 1.12 1/2

4.1 ½

Washington M. Grose, Clerk

At a Circuit Court held for Kanawha County the 23rd day of May 1853

This Sale Bill of the Estate of William White, dec’d was this day presented in court and ordered to be recorded.


A W Quarrier, Clk

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