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Huddleston Family


We will begin with the Manor of old time Huddleston or Huderston. It is in the parish of Sherburn and about one and a half miles southwest from that place and stands in a most secluded valley. Here at the Doomsday Survey dwelt one Hunchel, or Huder; a Saxon, from whence it has been said the place received its name; but Huder, or "Huddel" in old English meant a heap, an abundant accumulation of anything, and it is quite likely that the place derived its name like that of others about, and the Doomsday dwellers there derived their cognomens from the fact of stone being so plentiful, and in the early days so easily got at, and of such quality, that the quarry once opened has been delved into fame; is the source of many an imposing tower and pile throughout the country of broad acres and farther afield as well. In the wood adjoining, called Huddleston Old Wood, are the remains of a double trench and on the moor in the direction of Newthorpe are the traces of similar entrenchments evidently salient points in the vest system of entrenchment’s beginning at Burwick and stretching hither, more or less, a distance of eight miles, guarding in pre Norman times the only approach north between Ouce and the Aire valleys. The Hunchills are supposed to have been settled here generations previous to the conquest, but they fled before the scourge and devastation of the conquorer, returning to their old homes sometime after this family soon rose to position and dignity. About the year 1110, one Nigel de Huddleston presented lands to the Monastery of Selby and being weary of the sinful ways of this wicked word entered that establishment as a monk. Again in 1296 one Sir Richard de Huddleston by license from Dean Sewell de Boville had leave to attach a chapel to his manor house "To hear divine servious this year in my chapel kept in my court of Huddleston, or Hoddleston, yet so that on chief feast days I may repair to the mother church Sherburn." Richard, the last of the male line to dwell in the hall died here early in the 14th century. The estate then went by marriage to John de Melsa. A Sir John Huddleston, however, established the old name in Cumberland where it lasted until 1774. When his estate passed by marriage of his daughter Elizabeth to Sir Hadworth Williams, who in turn sold it to the Lowthers. This family appears to have been ever brave soldiers on the battlefield. A Sir Richard Huddleston was made Knight Bannerette at the hands of Henry the V on the field of Agincourt; John de Odleston was with Edward the First at the siege of Carrellaverock. One Ferdinand Huddleston was a staunch cavalier, who took to wife Jane, daughter of Sir Ralph Gray of Clillingham, who bore him nine sons, all of whom became officers and fought in the cause of King Charles. William the eldest was made Knight Bannerette by Charles for his gallant effort in recapturing the Royal standard at the battle of Edgehill. His brother Richard Huddleston, a Lieutenant Colonel, was at York during the sorties and the repulse of the Roundheads Sunday, June 17, 1764. His body was buried in the Ministry the day following. The old Hall has a wonderful chain of unbroken history stretching over a thousand years, before, which is speculative. It is now a farmhouse and, although much altered, retains features picturesque and quaint. The shell of the old chapel built in the 13th century is still remaining but not used for religious purposes. Huddleston Manor is also interesting by reason of its great limestone quarry, famed for building purposes, the best and most durable in Yarkshire, whence the surrounding churches and manor house. Thorsbay says "The quarry at Huddleston is also a delicate stone and has this peculiarity in it, that when the stone is when newly dug out so soft it may be cut or wrought with a knife, the color is also pure white; so that not only chimney pieces, but monuments in churches are made, it hardens by exposure to the sir; it little inferior to marble." The antiguarries description is to the point. Huddleston quarries are (Celtic ceraig rock) easily detected by their hardness and silvery whiteness. Tradition reports that Bishop Dyke, reaching from Sherburn to Caiwood, was made cheaper and wider and its course cut straight by the Archbishops, so that the stone from this quarry might be located on rafts and floated down on rafts to Caiwood and from thence by boat to York. In 1358, the Dean and Chapter York took Huddleston Delph on a lease for a period of 80 years and afterward for a period of 19 years. This quarry is said to have been known and used by the Romans one mile southwest of this place by the path ledding over the old mill waste (of old a wild forest region) in liewthorp Norse – the new settlement, It lies between Millford and Micklefield about a mile from the letter. Here while removing surface bearings in 1881 trenches running east and west, north and south end U shaped, about six feet deep were discovered, the outer bolt of earthwork having been thrown around the crest of the hill. These trenches were probably a part of some system as those already mentioned as existing in the Huddleston Old Woods beyond. Near the trench was found the upper half of a hand mill stone. Newthorp standing on the edge of the Vale is a most primitive spot. From hence we pass Stockton, one and a half miles away. This land as we go gradually changing from limestone to sandstone is gently, undulating, and though all in enclosed, some part of the surface still bears signs of its primitive wilderness. (From the Kingdom of Elmst and the Ainstay of York by Boggs) HUDDLESTON CASTLES IN ENGLAND Millom Castles, John Hutton. Millom Castle is situated about two miles from the extreme southern point of Cumberland. It forms a link in the line of Tower houses and castles extend along the Cumberland and Furnese coasts. We have Worthington, Muncaster, Irton, Millom, Tiel, Gleaston and Dalton Castles; Wrayholme and Dallom and Hagelback and Arnside Towers. Sizbergh and Dallam. At first sight such a series looks almost like castles defenses, but the six more important dates from the 14th century and were built soon after Bruce’s raid through Copeland and Furness in 1329. King Edward first gave license to Sir John Huddleston to build Millom Castle, which stood until the late civil wars demolished it. It was being restored by Ferdinand Huddleston in 1671, who was then the owner. A complete Huddleston pedigree is a very big business and the family awaits its historian. The cescent of the house of Huddleston of Millom begins with two Johns, the first of whom was the husband of Joan de Millom, who appears as a widow in 1252. The second also an important man proved this title to his estate and priveliges in 1292 and figured at the battle of Falkirk in 1298 and the siege of Caerlaverock Castle in 1300. His coat of arms are given as "Rouge prettie de argent". He was styled Baron in 1299 and also a signatory letter to Boniface the VIII in 1301. This was written on parchment to the Pope of Rome saying the Roman Catholics were to get out of England "By order of the Royal British Army" and was signed to which he added "Sir Huddleston Knight" and added his coat of Arms. This is said to be the first time the Huddleston Coat of Arms was used in an official capacity. There is marble sarcophagus of Sir John and Lady Huddleston in Millom Castle Church. This castle was built by Godard de Boyville, who first owned Manor of Millom. Its posterity, Arthur, surnamed de Milloms, Henry, William and Adam successfully enjoyed it after him, but the last leaving only one daughter named Joan, who was in the reign of King Henry III married to John Huddleston. It was then transformed to that family, in which it has continued to the present time. DEEDS Deed – Nathan Huddleston and Esther his wife, of Plumstead Township, PA. to John Saunders, September 22, 1780, Deed Book 26, page 606. "Whereas, Thomas and Richard Penn, proprietaries Vcc. by patent dated September 2, 1756, granted and confirmed unto Henry Huddleston a tract of land in Plumstead Township adjoining the land of William Wilkinson, containing 221 acres and 23 Perches. Whereas, Henry Huddleston by will derived 106 acres to be taken off of said tract for His daughters Hulda Montgomery, Rachel Clymer and Martha Fox, and devised the residue of His lands to his son Nathan Huddleston. Present conveyance is for one and one eighth acre on the Duram Road. Deed – Henry Huddleston and Mary, his wife Mary Wilkinson, of the Plumstead Township, Bucks County, To Philip Harple of Bedminister Township, said county dated February 2, 1769. Recorded in Deed Book 17, page 308, conveying 100 acres of land lying partly in Plumstead and partly in Bedminister Township, to the said Henry Huddleston, anfix by Icabod Wilkinson and Sarah His wife, June 30, 1757. Deed – Nathan Huddleston, of Hampshire County Virginia, surviving executor of the Will of Henry ‘ Huddleston deceased, to Judith Moyer, dated December 4, 1815. Recorded in Deed Book 44, Page 234, conveying 33-1/4 acres by will of said Henry Huddleston to his daughter Hulda Montomery for and during her natural life then to be sold, of which will be named his wife Mary and son Nathan as executors. Deeds (cont’d) By warrant dated September 1, 1723, 100 acres of land was laid out in Plumstead Township, Bucks County PA. William Wilkinson adjoining the lands of Ebeneezer Farge. William Wilkinson died intestate leaving two daughters, Margaret Wilkinson and Mary, wife of Henry Huddleston and whereas the said Margaret Wilkinson by deed dated August 12, 1738, conveyed all her rights therein unto said Henry Huddleston who died suddenly. Thereof like deed recorded in deed Book 44, page 239 to George Clymer of Philadelphia for 33 acres devised to Rachel Clymer by said will. Deed - Nathan Huddleston of Plumstead Township and Rachel his wife, to his father Henry Huddleston of Same place, dated October 6, 1766, Deed Book 13, page 266, conveying 150 acres of a track Of 230 acres devised by Ebeneezer Large. Will dated 12 months third day 1759, to his grand- son Samuel Tryor; conveyed by said Samuel Tryor to John Bancroft and Hannah his wife to Daniel Huddleston, December 5, 1766. Deed – Henry Huddleston to Rudolph Landis same 150 acres, May 11, 1755, Deed Book 17, page 228. Deed – Henry Huddleston and Mary his wife, of Plumstead Township; Bucks County to Philip Herple Of Bedminister Township, said county dated February 2, 1769. Recorded in Deed Book 17, Page 308, conveying 100 acres of land lying partly in Plumstead and partly in Bedminister Township, conveyed to said Henry Huddleston annex by Ichabod Wilkinson and Sarah his wife June 30, 1757. Kanawha County Records, by J. B. C. Nicklin – Daniel Huddleston patented three hundred and eight acres on the Great Kanawha in 1791 on which he made his tavern and home. Nathan Huddleston patented two hundred acres on Laurel Creek near Kanawha Falls in 1801, also two hundred acres on the waters of Kanawha in the same year. He was John Pady Huddleston’s brother. Daniel Huddleston 17 ½ acres on Loop Creek near Deepwater in 1809 and Daniel Huddleston 27 acres on Kanawha in 1810. John Pady Huddleston 50 acres on Armstrong Creek in 1810 and 50 acres on Kanawha River in 1815. He was Danield Huddleston’s son. Job Huddleston 168 acres on Garrette’s Branch. Records of Kanawha County Virginia. Copied for the Hon. George Huddleston, M.C. by John Baily, Calvert Nicklin, 1929, part 1, 1789-1819. Deed Book A., Page 441, September 9, 1800. Reuben Slaughter to Samuel and John Huddleston, conveyance of land. Ditto, page 490, April 12, 1801, John Hensford and Jane his wife to William Huddleston the same. Deed Book B, Page 160, July 12, 1802. Wyatt Stark and Mary his wife to Nathan Huddleston for 5 shillings 36 acres near Cabin Creek. Ditto, page 151, April 12, 1802, George Alderson and Sarah his wife to John Slack for 5 shillings 152 acres on Elk River. Deed Book C, Page 36, June 12, 1805. Job Huddleston and Nancy his wife, to Samuel Huddleston for $1.00 a tract of land on the right fork of Laurel Creek. 195 acres. Deed Book C, Page 36, June 12, 1805. Job Huddleston and Nancy his wife, to Samuel Huddleston for $1.00 a tract of land on the fight fork of Laurel Creek. 195 acres, signed Job Huddleston Nancy Huddleston. Nancy Huddleston relinquishes her dower rights in the above land on the same land on the same date. Ditto, Page 228, March 10, 1807. Bond for John Huddleston to keep the ferry from his own land. Land of H. Banks on the opposite shore, Signed John Huddleston. Ditto Page 479, April 13, 1811, John Huddleston and others on the Bond of William Morris for the office of Sheriff. Ditto Page, 487, 1811. John Harmon and Nancy his wife, to Samuel Huddleston for $690.00, land on Big Hurricane Creek in Teases Valley. Deed Book F, Page 206, February 24, 1823, Margaret Gerald Huddleston, widow of Nathan Huddleston, deceased, relinquished dower in the land formerly sold by her husband to John Lee. Ditto, Page 38, March 9, 1819. Lydia Slack and John Slack administrators of the estate of Samuel Slack, deceased, bond for $5000. Deed Book H. Page 126, March 12, 1833, John Slack one of the Justices of Peace for Kanawha Cty. Ditto, Page 134, November 1, 1817, Nathan Huddleston and Margaret Girard Huddleston his wife. John Huddleston and Mary his wife. Job Huddleston and Nancy his wife. Thomas Huddleston and Rachel his wife. Samuel Huddleston and Thomas Huddleston, heirs and devisees of Daniel Huddleston, deceased, all of the county of Kanawha, of the one part, for $1100. Sell 308 acres patented to Daniel Huddleston November 15, 1799. Witnesses: Nathan Huddleston, John Huddleston, and Job Huddleston. This deed acknowledged by Job Huddleston, another party thereto this first day of November 1832. At the instance of John Huddleston the grantee. Will book 1 page 10, May 14, 1821. Appraisement of the estate of Nathan Huddleston, widow Margaret Huddleston administratrix Ditto page 208. October 4, 1818 Job Martin and Elizabeth his wife to Nathan Huddleston, for $50.00 a tract of land on the Kanawha River which Job Martin is entitled to by his intermarriage with his wife Elizabeth, formerly Elizabeth Huddleston, it being one eleventh part of the tract of land which William Huddleston, deceased, and of which they are entitled to by the death of the said William Huddleston. Ditto, page 209, November 11, 1817. Thomas Huddleston and Rachel his wife, (John Paddy Huddlestons sister), Henry Huddleston and Mary his wife, Daniel Huddleston and Agatha his wife, Abraham Huddleston and Mary his wife, Polly Or Mary Huddleston and Patsy Huddleston, heirs of William Huddleston, deceased, too Nathan Huddleston 100 acres "between the land of said Nathan Huddleston and a survey made for Andrew Donnaly including the place whereon John Boomer Huddleston lived. Land purchased of Lewis Tackett. Witnessses: Job Martin, John Huddleston, Job Huddleston and Joseph Martin. Ditto, page 222, September 15, 1817. Jesse Jarrett to John Huddleston 100 acres on the North East side of Kanawha River. Witness Nathan Huddleston. Ditto, page 265, March 5, 1819. Job Huddleston and Nancy his wife of the State of Indiana to George Richards, for $250. Sell land on Armstrong Creek. Witnesses: John Huddleston and Nathan Huddleston. Ditto, page 514, October 9, 181. Gabriel Huff and Elizabeth his wife, and Joseph Huff and Sarah his wife, to John Huddlston son of Daniel Huddleston for $1000. Land on Kanawha River below the great falls. Deed D page 2, January 16, 1812. John Huff to Greenbrier County, to John Huddleston of Kanawha County, 20 acres in Kanawha County. Diito, page 5 April 1812. William Huddleston to Owen Jarrett for $100. Land on Paint Creek part of a tract granted to John Hansford, assignee for William Morris. Ditto, page 85, November 11, 1813, Samuel Huddleston to William Morris (son of Joshua) land bought by the said Samuel Huddleston to John Harman. Ditto, page 154, April 13 1814. Job Huddleston and others on the Bond of Carrol Morris for the office of Sheriff. Ditto, page 367, December 3, 1815. Daniel Huddleston and Agnes (or Agatha) his wife, to Samuel Jones for $1.00 sell 100 acres on laurel Creek being part of a survey granted by Government to the said Daniel Huddleston and Robert Foster for 2000 acres. Ditto, page 390, September 9, 1815. John B Huddleston and Mary his wife, (JPH’s sister) to John Paddy Huddleston, son of Daniel, for $1000. Land purchased by the said John and William his father. (Note-John Boomer Huddleston and John P.H. were cousins and brother in laws. Deed book E page 17, October 15, 1810. John Huddleston and Miriam J. his wife, one of the heirs of Wyatt Stark, deceased, J.B.C. said this is very involved, his wife is included among the children of Wyatt Stark. (I assume that she was a daughter) (No she was a granddaughter, her mother was Wyatt Stark’s daughter. Her name was Miriam Garrette. Ditto, page 90, September 15, 1815. Samuel Huddleston and Hannah his wife to Nelson Britt for $500. Sell 50 acres in Teas Valley. Ditto, page 264, November 6, 1832. Hannah Huddleston to John Newgan of Main County, Indiana. $60.00 sells land claimed by her the said Hannah as her right of dower as widow of William Huddleston, land where Job Martin lived. Daniel Huddleston, 17 ½ acres on Loop Creek in 1809 and Daniel Huddleston 27 acres on Kanawha in 1810. Huddleston and McMullen 657 acres of land on the north east side of Kanawha River below Kanawha Falls. F.A.V. Campbell settle 550 acres on Loop Creek near and in the town of Deepwater W.Va. James B Muncy 40 ½ acres on the Canebrake. A short distance above Gauley Bridge on New River. Daniel Huddleston pattened three hundred acres of land on the Great Kanawha in 1791, on which he made his tavern and home. Daniel Huddleston 17 ½ acres on Loop Creek in 1809 and 27 acres on Kanawha River in 1810. Huddleston Notes from Bedford County; by John Baily, Calvert Niclin Deed, Records and Wills January 4, 1796. Henry and George Huddleston, heirs of Abraham Huddleston, deceased, Will Book A page 500, October 2, 1785. November 28, 1785, Will of Abraham Huddleston, wife Mary, four sons and three daughters of which Joseph was the only child mentioned by name. Will book N, page 242, March 27, 1849. Settlement of the estate of Henry Huddleston, deceased, (Widow Martha Huddleston) named as Legattees in the settlement were Richard, John, Abraham, William, Joel, Henry and Amelia Huddleston. Also James Slack and Isham Huddleston. Will Book N, page 54, January 30, 1841, August 25, 1845. Will of Henry Huddleston, wife Martha; daughters, Elizabeth Camer, granddaughter Marinda, Elizabeth and Mary Nobles; daughters, Judith Huddleston, Sarah Nobels, Martha Ramsey, Amelia Huddleston; sons, Abraham, Joel, Henry, William, Richard and John. Will Book F, page 12, November 15, 1823. Sales of the property of Joseph Huddleston, deceased. Buyers included Mrs. Huddleston and Abraham Huddleston.. Order Book E, page 379, January 16, 1776. Isham Talbot and Elizabeth his wife for $100. Sell to William Huddleston 250 acres in Bedford County. One of the witnesses was Daniel Huddleston. Deed book K, page 316, September 23, 1805. Abraham Huddleston and Mary his wife and Annie Allen of the one part to William Miller of the other part for $87. Sell 35 acres in Bedford County, Va. Deed Book M, page 314, October 16, 1793. Daniel Huddleston Sr., (John Paddy’s father) to Thomas Williams. Witness John Huddleston. Deed book J, page 218, October 17, 1796. William Huddleston and Martha his wife to Francis Calvert for $25,00 a tract of 50 acres on the north side of Goose Creek, near Flat Top Mountain. Witnesses; Abraham Huddleston. January 21, 1798. The lands o f Abraham Huddleston, processened, present, Thomas Huddleston, Robert Davis and Nathan Huddleston; also Joseph Huddleston and Fleet Hanks. February 22, 1801. A reference to Abraham Huddleston, deceased, February 27, 1802. The lands of Abraham Huddleston processioned February 27, 1804. The lands of Abraham Huddleston, "himself present", processioned. These notes were gathered at the Court House in Bedford, Virginia, November 5,6 and 7, 1929, by John Baily-Calvert Nicklin. Died, Mrs. Sophia Reid, wife of a faithful Revolutionary officer, Nathan Reid, at Liberty, Virginia. Marriage Records and Bonds- March 20, 1793. Abraham Huddleston and Daniel Huddleston, Bond for $50.00 for the marriage of the said Abraham Huddleston to Mary Allen with the consent of Ann Allen to the marriage. May 5, 1798. Henry Huddleston and Henry Loyd bond for $150.00 for the marriage of the said Henry Huddleston to Patty Loyd. January 26, 1790. Thomas Huddleston and John Huddleston bond for $50.00 for the marriage of the said Thomas Huddleston to Sally Canady with the consent of William Canady, father of the bride. One of the witnessess to the bond was a John Huddleston. January 20, 1794. Thomas Huddleston and Benjamin Watts, bond $50.00 for the marriage of the said Thomas Huddleston to Rachel Huddleston with the cionsent of her father Daniel Huddleston. (John Paddy Huddleston’s father) January 26, 1784. Samuel Huddleston and Joseh Hibbs, bond for $50.00 for the marriage of the said Samuel Huddleston to Sarah Watts. January 22, 1788. Daniel Huddleston and Joseph Hibbs, bond for $50.00 for the marriage of the said Daniel Huddleston to Aggie Holiday with the consent of David Holiday, her father. April 19, 1791. Jospeh Huddleston and Isham Gallaway bond for $50.00 for the marriage of the said Joseph Huddleston to Sarah Gallaway with the consent of her parents John and Hannah Gallaway. (Isham was a brother of Sarah Gallaway) November 19, 1800. George Huddleston and John Slack bond for $50.00 for the marriage of the said George Huddleston to Susan Slack, daughter of Abraham Slack, with her father’s consent. (George was a son of Abraham Huddleston who was a brother to Daniel Huddleston) November 26, 1798. John slack and Thomas Alexandria bond for $150.00 for the marriage of the said John Slack to Nancy Huddleston, with the consent of her mother Mary Huddleston. Witnessed by Thomas Alexander and Sarah Huddleston. (Nancy Huddleston and Sarah Huddleston were daughters of Abraham Huddleston) November 7, 1798. Abraham Slack and Henry Loyd bond for $150.00 for the marriage of the said Abraham Slack to Mary Huddleston. (This was Mary Patterson Huddleston. Widow of Abraham Huddleston) Henry Huddleston Sr., was born in England in 1660, died 1706. (Phila. Will book C p3w). He was our first American ancestor. He married Elizabeth Cooper in 1701. She was the daughter of William Cooper, a Quaker from Low Clinton. Snapt Yorkshire, England. The Cooper family lived over in what is now York County Pennsylvania, but William nearly got turned out of Quaker meeting for allowing his daughter to marry an outsider, a man who did not belong to the Quaker Church. But Henry made up for it. He united with the Quaker Church, built the Middleston Meeting house on the corner of his property. It is about a block from the stone house he built just before his death. He also established a creamery by that wonderous spring; which was near his home. All signs of his log house and that creamery have vanished from the earth ages ago.. Though the creamery was still doing business when his son William was a tanner and a shoemaker. For son William a stone house was built by the creamery. Now to go back to the Henry Huddleston SR. As we have said in a previous page, Henry married Elizabeth Cooper in 1701, and is this union born three children; William, Elizabeth and Henry. William was born 1702, Elizabeth in 1704 and Henry Jr. born 1706. He married Mary Wildkinson in 1733. They had four sons and three daughters; Daniel, William, Abraham and Nathan, Hulda, Rachel and Martha. Hulda married a Mr. Montgomery. Children of Hulda Montgomery; Mary, Sarah, Margaret and Elizaeth. John married Margaret ____. I don’t know who. Mary married John P Cosby or Cospey. Patsy married Alexander Dorsey. Elizabeth married Arron McAnnulty. George Huddleston, Congressman, says it is not know which are Montgomery or which Ray. She having married a Mr. Ray after her first husband died. She appears to have moved with her brother to Bedford and there to have married her second husband John Ray and thence to the Chester District of south Carolina Her children signed a deed to Bucks land in 1815, reciting that they lived in Chester District. Nothing more is known of them. Hulda Montgomery died in North Carolina 1815. Rachel, Daniel Huddleston’s sister, married George Clymer. Martha married a Mr. Fox. Nathan was in Bucks County Militia 1755-80. He signed a deed to Bucks land in 1815, reciting that he then lived in Hampshire Co., Va (W.Va. now). The first available census of Hampshire 1820 shows Henry about 45, with family composed of wife, five other females and four males. Whether he was a son of Nathan is not known and his descendants are untraced. Daniel and William moved to Bedford County, Virginia about 1770 and thence with their children some of whom were adults into the Kanawha Valley about 1790. (See chapter on the Huddlestons of Kanawha Valley). Rachel joined with Daniel in deed to Bucks land in 1766. Abraham moved to Bedford County, Va. About 1775. Nathan Huddleston, Daniel’s brother moved to Fayette County, W.Va. and patented 200 acres of land on Laurel Creek near Kanawha Falls, W.Va., in 1801. He died about 1821. See will Book 1, page 10, May 14, 1921. Appraisment of the estate of Nathan Huddleston, widow Margaret Huddleston, administratrix. Her name was Girard. Record of Daniel Huddleston Daniel Huddleston, son of Henry Huddleston (Jr.) was born in Buck County, Pa. In 1735, died July 27, 1817; married Rachel Martin, who was born in February 11, 1754 and died February 11, 1831, at what is now Alloy Fayette County W.Va. Rachel was a daughter of John Martin or Revolutionary fame. He served in the Revolutionary War. Two or three Martin names are on the battle monument in Point Pleasant. They were brother of Rachel Martin Huddleston. Of the exact date of Daniel Huddleston coming to West Virginia,, I am not sure, but it was between 1785-1790. He patented 300 acres of land on the Great Kanawha in 1791. I think there were a few Indians still roving up and down the Kanawha Valley when he came to this state. He first settled near the mouth of Little Loop Creek, now Deepwater. Daniel built his home a short distance up the creek to get off the Indian trial and scalped trees around his farm and entered it. Perhaps everyone doesn’t know what scalping the tree means, but one simply uses as ax or hatchet and hacks the bark off of the tree into the wood and it never heals over with bark anymore, so that it is a permanent land mark as long as the tree lives. I wonder what dear old Great Grandfather Daniel would think could he come back and see Loop Creek as it is now after one hundred and fifty three years have elapsed. Many changes have taken place since he lived there. The great Norfolk and Western RR made up the creek, perhaps it runs over the same spot where Daniel built his home about 1785 or 86. The N&W RR comes through a small tunnel where it crossed over the C&O RR on a long bridge across the Kanawha River and connected with the Ohio Central RR near the end of the bridge. Many things have taken place around and in the vicinity of the town of Deepwater since then. As we have said Daniel Huddleston married Rachel Martin and a s a result of this union was born five sons and two duaghters; Thomas, John Paddy, Samuel, Nathan, Job, Mary and Rachel. Record of John P and Miriam Huddleston John Paddy Huddleston was born in Bedford, Va., October 28 1771 and died November 9, 1862. He married Miriam Jarrett about 17908 or 1799. She was born February 11, 1781 and died in 1864 0r 1865. She died at Alloy. Both of them, their little daughter Susan and old Uncle Jack, the colored man, are buried up on the cliff above the old home place. One can see their resting place from the Midland Trail and the Railroad. John Paddy and Miriam Jarrett Huddleston had thirteen children; seven sons and six daughters; as follows- Born Died Married Job H 1800 1862 Nancy Blake 1829 George 1802 1859 Nancy Harvey (3rd wf) May 6,1835 Mary 1804 1868 John Martin 1821 Hulda 1806 1868 Hiram Marsh 1829 Ruth 1808 1875 Samuel Hanna 1834 Lizzie 1810 1846 Frederick Nighoff 1832 John 1812 1837 Sarah Martin 1832 Nathan 1814 2 July 1890 Elizabeth Rowland 1837 Jarrette 1816 1884 Marie Montgomery 7 Jan 1841 Susan 1819 1822 Allen 17 Aug 1821 22 Feb 1891 Mary Evans 1839 Nancy 1822 Pinkey Peebles 1841 Flemming 1823 1910 Eunice Platt 1847 Record of Job and Nancy Blake Huddleston Job Huddleston, eldest son of John P Huddleston was born 1800. He married Nancy Blake March 16, 1829. Nancy was born in 1805. To this union was born two sons and one daughter; Jackson, James and Miriam, called "Tiny". She died about four years old. Her play house was still outside in the Chimney Corner and all of her play things still in it.. When I saw it many years after she died. Dear old Aunt Nancy, I always loved her. When I was a girl I loved to visit her, we did not live far so I saw her frequently. She would always insist on me eating something that she had made recently especially her good pickles and they were good too. She was a fine cook in that day. We had to pass her home on our way to Sunday School and preaching, all conducted in the little red school house up on the bank in the mouth of the little hollow that comes down near the end of the N&W or the Virginia RR which crosses the Kanawha River at Deepwater. The Church at Alloy was not built then. That was between 1868 and on up to 1874. A long time ago. The school house was built a mile above our home. The Midland Trail was not made then. The Kanawha & Michigan (the Ohio Central) it is now called, had not been built, but the Chesapeake and Ohio was about finished on the opposite side of the river, by 1873. I remember the first train went through to Clifton Forge. R. D. Clark, my husband and I lived at Coalburg at that time, Adam Schleagle and Daniel Neal Hale, were passengers on the first train through to Clifton Forge. There were no automobiles, no school busses in that day to carry the pupils to and from school; no nice hard surface roads for us to walk on but when it was rainy or snowy weather we had to wade through the mud or snow to and from school. Jackson Huddleston, eldest son of Job and Nancy Huddleston was born about 1830. He married Ellen Atkinson in 1869, and to this union was born four sons and two daughters; Thomas Teaford, Walter Lee, Junius Barger, John Strawther, Ola and Blanche. Thomas T Huddleston was born March 21, 1866. He married Mrs. Julia Calahan, widow of Jessie Calahan. She was Miss Julia Richmond before her first marriage. She and Tom were married October 16, 1895. They had no children. He died October 11, 1929, at his home, 1025 10th St., Huntington, W. Va. Julia is living in California at this date, 1938. Walter L. Huddleston, was born in 1867. He married Miss Auninta Carroll, who was the daughter of Rev. James Carroll. They were married about 1890 or 1891. He met a horrible death on Christmas Day. He boarded a passenger train No. 14 at the depot here to ride to upper Hinton , (Avis now) and just this side of the crossing he jumped off. His clothes became entangled in the step railing and he was thrown under the train. One arm and both legs were badly mangled and he received a bad cut on his forehead. He was removed to the hospital room in the YMCA where he remained in an unconcious condition until 8:00 PM when he died. He left a mother, wife, three brothers and two sister. Tom, Barger, John, Ola and Blanche of Carbon. The remains were taken to Mount Carbon on train35 for burial December 27, 1897. He was buried in the Huddleston Cemetery in Carbon. His widow in after years married Charley Glass, an engineer. He died. She lives in Huntington, W. Va. Junius Barger Huddleston was born in 1868. He married Lillie Mae Faulkner, a daughter of Abner and Alice Garner Faulkner. They were married December 29, 1892. They had one daughter, Mabel, born August 31, 1893. Mabel married John Herndon February 5, 1910. One son John (Jr) born in 1917. They lived in Huntington in 1929. Ola Huddleston was born in 1871 and married Remington Eads in July 1923. Blanche H was born in 1872, died January 24, 1926, burioed on Huddleston Cemetery. Record of James Huddleston, son of Job James Huddleston was born about 1833. He married Elizabeth Watters of Oak Hill, November 2, 1865. She was a sister of Geroge, Sherman and John Wattters. John Married Allen Huddleston daughter Lizzie. George married Sallie Huddleston, a daughter of Samuel Huddleston, grandson of Daniel Sam was a son of Thomas, James and Elizabeth had four children; Emma, Robert, Billie and Mattie. Emma Huddleston was born March 23, 1867. She married Robert Watson. I do not know the date of the marriage nor how many children. She died 1903, aged 36 years and 7 months and 8 days. Robert Huddleston was born about 1868. He married Hattie Garten, date unknown. She was a daughter of Ed and Abbie Garten. The had three children; Ray, Theresa and Catherine. Ray died 10 February 191. He is buried in the new addition on Hill Top Cemetery, Hinton, WV. Theresa m Guy Edward McMillion, Sat Apr. 18, 1925, in Huntington, WV. Catherine at home. Billie died when a small child. (Note: Robert Watson married Emma after Mattie died-from Lawrence Huddleston) Mattie Huddleston was born in 1877. She married Robert Watson. I do not know the date of Marriage, but they had ond daughter Lula. Mattie died Aug. 5, 1895, aged 18 years. Record of George Paddy Huddleston’s Family George P. Huddleston was born April 29, 1802. He married Mary Huddleston, as a first wife. They were married about 1828. She was a daughter of John Boomer Huddleston. Mary died April 27, 1820 in the 18th year of her life. Willie was born March 17, 18230, died November 2, 1836, aged 5years 8 months and 5 days. George P Huddleston’s second wife was Nancy Windsor. They married August 12, 1830. She was born September 27, 1811 and died May 26, 1834. They had one son named Thomas Huddleston. Lt. Thomas Huddleston, son of George P. and Nancy Windsor was born 1831 or 1832. He was the first West Virginia soldier to loose his life in the lost cause. He being killed on Scarry Bridge by one of his men by mistake. He sleeps under the Confederate Monument in Spring Hill Cemetery in Huntington, W. Va. (Note: He has a marker in the Huddleston Cemetery at Alloy, WV-from Janet Martin 1982). The little two story house that was built on the hill (it fronts the Midland Trail. We called it the yellow house.), was built by Thomas. It was said and he roomed and entertained his gentlemen company in there. It is a log house, weather boarded and ceiled. The house is still standing and is in good condition considering its age. I am not sure, but I think John Boomer Huddleston built that house and that he and his family lived there. There are several very old and large locust trees in the front yard. Perhaps John Boomer planted them. I think he owned the land whereon the town of Boomer is now. I think where George P Huddleston lived at one time was John Boomer’s property. George P Huddleston married as his first wife John B Huddleston’s daughters Mary in 1828. I am not certain, but I think John B Huddleston sold his farm to some son in law, G. P. Huddleston and he and his family went west. However, the party he sold it to, I suppose, bought it on credit system and probably made a few payments on it, but never paid the balance on it, so after a time he came back to Boomer to see if he could collect the balance due on his farm. I never learned whether he was successful or not. It was not Boomer then, but was later named in honor of him. I suppose he lived with son in law and died there. I regret I do not know the date of his death. He was buried in the George P. Huddleston place on the hill a short distance above the house. That is why I think he owned that farm at that time, for it was a custom in those days mostly to burry in ones own property. But now he lies in the corner of someones yard without so much as a tombstone, or a little fence around his grave to show where he lies. I have often wondered why George p. Huddleston never put a tombstone above his grave. He still lies there now, in the Boomer Coal Company’s property. The Boomer Coal Company’s Railroad running up the creek to the coal mines is between the Thomas Huddleston and George P. Huddleston’s house. They at that time were in the same lot or lawn. There was a wonderful spring of clear cold water down across the road, several large trees grew on the bank over the spring making a dense shade over the spring. But when the Midland Trial was made through the Valley they made a fill in front of the house causing the road to be raised much higher that the G.P Huddleston house. The trees were out down and the spring covered over with dirt and no sign of a spring there now. Before the Midland Trail was made the yard was about four or five feet higher than the County Road. A retaining wall was built the full length of the yard out to the creek and the County road at that time ran along by the side of the wall and it was a beautiful home place. George P. Huddleston’s third wife was Nancy Harvey (a sister of Morris Harvey). They were married May 6, 1835. Three daughters were born to them; Celia, Octavia and Minnie. Celia Huddleson was born about 1836 or 1837. She married Warren Hibbard about 1863. I do not know how many children they had, if any. They went to Pasadena, California about 1868 or 1869. She died in Pasadena in 1918. Octavia Huddleston, I think was born in 1843 or 1844. She married Dr, Junius Barger about 1865. They had two daughters and one son. The boy deceased. The daughter; Blanche and Nellie Barger. Dr. Barger died and later she married Moses Trimble. He was a brother of Aarron Trimble who married Nannie Levi in Kanawha County many years ago. I think she and her husband died in Fayetteville, W. Va. Blanche Barger was born in 1877. She married Judge Alfred Davis Preston about 1900. This below is notice of her death: "Beckley, December 28, 1934. Funeral services for Mrs. Alfred D. Preston 61, who died Thursday, were held today at the Episcopal Church and burial was here. She was the wife of Judge A.D. Preston. She had been ill for 18 years. She is survived by her husband, a sister Mrs. Ralph Stegall, Fayetteville; two nieces, Mrs. Cleve Wilmouth of Glen Jean and Mrs. Ray McGee of Beckley and a nephew, Ralph Stegall, Jr. of Bell. Mrs. Preston before her illness was a well know artist and resided for a time at New Orleans, where she did the designing and writing for the Mardi Gras for three years and where her portraits and landscapes are owned by the Delgado Art Museum. She painted portraits of President Cleveland and Ellen Glasgow and Mary Johnson, arthurs of Richmond Virginia and many Southern beauties, including Mrs. William Ruffin Cox and Evelyn Bird. Mrs. Preston maintained a studio at New York and was a member of the International Society of Artists, The Art Students League and other societies. Mrs. Preston was born at Fayetteville, W.Va. Patrons of Mrs. Preston at Charleston were Harrison B. Smith and Andrew Lewis. Nellie Barger was born about 1880. She married Ralph Stegall, date I do not Know, but they h ad two daughters and son; Mrs. Cleve Wilmoth of Glenn Jean and Mrs. Ray McGee of Beckley and Ralph Stegall of Bell, W.Va. Mrs. Nellie Stegall lives in Fayetteville of this date March 12. 1938. Her daughter died October 12, 1929. Minnie Huddleston, a daughter of George P. and Nancy H. Huddleston, was born in 1860. She was married in 1902. Her wedding annoucement from Fayetteville paper is as follow: "An interesting wedding ceremony performed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Moses Trimble in Fayteville, W.Va. when Miss Minnie Huddleston, a deaf mute, was married to Mr. Samuel Pugsley also a deaf mute. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Turner of Stanton, Va. A mute himself, Mr. Pugsley lives in Canada and the couple first met at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo New York last summer. They will reside in Canada. Record of Mary Huddleston Martin Mary H. Martin the eldest daughter of John Paddy Huddleston was born in 1804. Married John Martin in 1821. He was born 1799. He was a son of Joseph (Note: He was the son of Job Martin and Elizabeth Huddleston-Janet Martin 1983). They had eleven children; Miles, Eliza, Smith, Catherine, John, Elizabeth, ? Hulda Huddleston was born in 1805, second daughter of John P and Miriam Huddleston. Hulda married Hiram S. Marsh January 20, 1834 and to this union was born two sons, William and Henry. Hulda died in 1877 and buried in Huddleston Cemetery. Will died in 1875 or 1876. Ruth Huddleston was born in 1808, a daughter of John P. and Miriam Huddleston. She married Samuel Hanna about 1830. To this union was born nine children: Lizzie, Davis and Daniel. I don’t know the names of the other children. Elizabeth Huddleston born 1810, nmarried Frederick Nighoof (Note: Nihoff-from Lawrence Huddleston), January 5, 1832.. She was a daughter of John P. and Miriam Huddelston. She was mother of two sons and one daughter; Daniel, Joseph and ? John Huddleston was born 1812, a son of John P and Miriam Huddleston. He married Sarah Martin October 30, 1832. Sarah was daughter of Joseph Martin. John Martin who married John Paddy Huddleston’s eldest daughter Mary, was Joseph Martin’s son. And a half brother of Sarah. Her mother name was Margaret Slack. (Note: Joseph was the son of Job Martin and his first wife, uknown. John Martin was son of Job Martin and his second wife Elizabeth Huddleston. John and Joseph were half brothers-Janet Martin 1983) I don’t know who John’s mother was as Joseph was married two or three times. (Note: she is speaking of Job Martin-Janet Martin 1983) Sarah was born in 1813-1814. John and Sarah had two children; Ann and Walsh. Ann was born in 1833 married Edward Neugen. They had three sons –John, Henry and Edward. They lived at Dego, W.Va. (Note: now Pratt, W.Va.-Lawrence Huddleston). Nathan Huddleston a son of John P. and Miriam J. Huddleston was born 3 May 1814. He married Elizabeth Rowland September 7, 1837. They had five children: Jane, Margaret, Fleming, John and Minnie. Jane, daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth Huddleston was born in 1838. She married David Lykins in 1855. He was born June 17, 1829. They had six children. Walsh Huddleston, son of John and Sara Huddleston was born in 1834, and married Annie Thompson. They had two sons, John and William and a daughter. Walsh died April 1925. I think his family lives in Spencer. Fleming Huddleston waas born in 1842, a son of Nathan and Elizabeth Huddleston. He served in the war of 1861, but I don’t know what company. He married Mary Kius in 1867. They had three children; Warren, Mattie and Cora. I find that Fleming served in Company I, Virginia Cavalry. Warren Huddleston was born in 1868 and married Miss Mary Campbell. They had tow children. One daughter was Anna Laura. I do not know the other daughters name. Anna Laura married Leland R Boyd, Saturday December 26, 1925. The other daughter married Homer Gallbruner of Middleport, Ohio, (Note: Gallbruner is Galbroner and he married Jennie Rae, a third daughter Blanche Mable born 1893 and died 1899-from Lawrence Huddleston) Mattie Huddleston was born in 1870, daughter of Fleming and Mary Huddleston. She married Abraham Miles. I don’t know the date of marriage. They had five children; Gladys Miles, who was a student nurse at Oak Hill hospital was their daughter. Warren Miles who lives over near Fayetteville is their son and three daughters in Melbourne, Fla. They orginally lived in Salem, but later moved to Fla. Mrs. Miles died September 5, 1924 and Mr. A. B. Miles died in 1922. (Note: Myles-from Lawrence Huddleston) Cora Huddleston was born in 1870 and married Charlie Sttle. I do not know date of marriage or if any children. John Huddleston, son of Nathan Huddleston, died when a child. Nathan Huddleston’s second wife was Sarah Elizabeth Burns, married in 1852. To this union was born eleven children, five sons and six daughters. Nancy Ann, Edna, Emily, Zekariah T., Huldah M., George Paddy, Colder Baily, McCany, Rosa Etta and Miriam Dovie. Nancy Ann Huddleston was born October 16, 1852, married John Rader January 1876. They had three children; Sarah Melvina Rader was born October 12, 1876 died September 4, 1889. Wake Rader was born June 10, 1879 died September 1879. Harry Rader was born September 10, 1881, married Nannie McCutchen September 17, 1902. They had four children. Edna Huddleston, daughter of Nathan and Sarah E. Huddleston, was born February 4, 1854, was married to Richard Daniel Clark January 2, 1873. He was born December 14, 1851. They had six children; three sons and three daughters; Charles Clifford, Sarah Letitia, Evvie Mae, Rosa Ellen, Daniel Neal and Robert William. Emily Huddleston was born August 16, 1855 a daughter of Nathan and Sarah E. Huddleston, married Job Martin son of Miles and Eliza Martin. He was born in 1852. They were married October 14, 1875. They had five children; Daniel Frederick, Robert Rakes, Annie Lee and Trixey Martin. Zacharia T. Huddleston was born November 22, 1857, married Lena Foster 1881. Children’ Nancy Elizabeth born in 1882 married Bide Gray in 1911. One child Ruby born 1912. Aliza Huddleston born in 1885 married Elija Peck. One daughter Lena born in 1915. Aliza later married C. B. Brown in 1919. Two children-Henry born 1915 and William born in May 1928. Edna Huddleston born about 1887 deceased. Wade Huddleston born February 18, 1894, married Mrs. Lola Pritt in 1921. Children; Anna bornb January 7, 1926, Lilvie Base born March 13, 1924, Earl Lincoln born October 10, 1925, William H. born June 3, 1928, Two other children I don’t know. Wade Huddleston was killed in the Kanawha and Hocking mines at Carbondale August 9, 1932. He was 39 years old and foreman in the mine. Widow and six children survived. Hulda M. Huddleston, daughter of Nathan and Sarah, was born June 15, 1859, married to Charley Kirkwood in 1878. One son Charles C. Kirkwood born in 1880, married to Carrie Crouse 1905. Rosa Etta Huddleston, daughter of Nathan and Sarah, was born April 8, 1870, married to Sheldon Thomas Nutter May 23, 1889. Children; Ara Cuthbert, Witton Vernon, Cecil, Dove, Eva and Ina. Death 7 Births of Nathan and Sarah E Huddleston’s family May 3, 1814 Nathan Huddleston Died July 3, 1890 Huddleston Cemetery June 30, 1835 Sarah Elizabeth Huddleston Died Jan. 29, 1919 Huddleston Cemetery October 16, 1852 Nancy Ann Huddleston Died April 17, 1930 Huddleston Cemetery February 4, 1854 Edna Huddleston August 16, 1855 Emily Huddleston (Martin) Died April 23, 1892 Huddleston Cemetery November 22, 1857 Zechariah Huddleston Died 19, 1922 Huddleston Cemetery June 15, 1859 George Pady Huddleston Died 1883 Huddleston Cemetery May 13, 1862 Colder Baily Huddleston Died Oct 16, 1889 Huddleston Cemetery April 8, 1866 David Lee Huddleston Died April 8, 1892 Huddleston Cemetery December 26, 1868 McAnany Huddleston Huddleston Cemetery April 8, 1870 Rosa Etta Huddleston (Nutter) Died June 11, 1900 Huddleston Cemetery July 23, 1874 Miriam Dove Huddleston Died Mar 9, 1892 Huddleston Cemetery (Note: Sarah Elizabeth Huddleston marker has her born June 30, 1800-no death date on marker. George Pady Huddleston was born December 21, 1860-on marker and died Nov 1883. McAnany Huddleston died November 7, 1894-on marker. The Huddleston Cemetery is located across Rt. 60 on the hillside, from the Alloy Plant in Alloy, Fayette Co., WV. Edna Huddleston died 4 December 1955 in Hinton, Summers Co., WV and is buried in the Hilltop Cemetery and also her husband Richard Daniel Clark, Jr., Summers Co., WV.-Janet Martin 1990) Jarrette C. Huddleston Family Jarrett C. Huddleston, born in 1816, a son of John Paddy Huddleston, married Mariah Montgomery, January 7, 1841. She was a daughter of Henry Montgomery (known as Major). They had eight children; Nancy, John Paddy, Henry M., William Hamilton, Ella, Daniel F., Mollie, Early B., at Kanawha Falls. Nancy J. Huddleston was born in 1842, married John Strauther Davis, met death by drowning in Kanawha River April 2, 1868. John Paddy, son of Jarrett and Mariah Huddleston, was born in 1844, (Note; died 1914-Lawrence Huddleston-1974), married Annie Backus, died 1900. His second wife was Katherine Johnson. Children; Charley P. born 1883, married Cora Kirby in 1902. Four children; Thelma born in 1904, Lenard born in 1906, Louise born in 1908, Charles born 1912, Julie Huddleston married Willie Arbaugh; children; Frederick married Mabel Martin, Rosetta, Virginia and Alvin. John W Huddleston, born June 1889, married Eva Hensley November 2, 1909. They had two children; Gladys, born December 5, 1910. Helen Huddleston was born February 20, 1912. Jarrette C. son of John Paddy. Born in 1886, married Lottie Crookshanks in 1900. They have teo daughters; Pauline born July 1909 and Madaline born June 8, 1918. (Note: Jarrette C. second wife was Thelma T. Grant. They married in 1940. They had one daughter, Patty Jarrett, born 1941, she married Lynn B Cooper, Jr. 1960-Lawrence Huddleston-1974.) Henry, son of Jarrette and Mariah Huddleston was born in 1846, married Mrs. Edna Munsey White about 1868. William hamilton H. son of Jarrette and Mariah born April 1849, married Roxey Munsey in 1873. They had four children; Harry, the eldest son son born in 1874, married Noco Reynalds. Catherine, Willie and Maude. I think Willie runs the Algoma mines near Keystone, W.Va. or Gilliam. Ella Huddleston, daughter of Jarrette and Mariah Huddleston, born September 1851, married to Isaac Jenkins Settle in 1867. He was the eldest son of Asbury and Minerva B. Settle. They had three children; Emerson, eldest son of I. J. and Ella was born November 1869. Roxey E. born March 1870, married Irvin Rigg. They had two children; Ethel and Little Rigg. Daniel Frederick, son of I. J. and Ella Settle was born January 1872, married Mae Alexander, daughter of Heugheston and Sallie Mitchel Alexander. Sallie was a sister of Minnie Mitchel of Coalburg, who married Charley Nighoof, son of Daniel and Julia Nighoof. Fred and Mae had six children; Evelyn, Frederick, Isaac, Irene, Lorena and Ella. Daniel F. Huddleston, born February 1855, son of Jarrette and Mariah, died April 1880. Mollie, born October 1859, died 1865 of whooping cough. Earl B., youngest son of Jarrette and Mariah, died September 1887 at Kanawha Falls, W. Va. Nancy, fifth and youngest daughter of John Paddy and Miriam J. Huddleston was born in 1821, married Pinkey Peeples in 1840. They had two children; Emily and George. Emily was born in 1842, married Frank Stark. George W., born December 1, 1844, married Ella Dempsey in 1880. Six children; Joseph, born 1881, lives in Bellington, Washington. Emily eldest daughter and Byron. Aliza married E. S. McClean and he is the Manager of the Reiffner Hotel in Charleston, W. Va. Mae married C. P. James and lives in Huntington. Marrie Peples married M. H. Webb and lives in Parkersburg, W. Va. Emily, Bryon and their father live together in #1 Emmons Apartments, Huntington, W.Va. Nancy H. Peeples second husband was John Dempsey. They were married March 9, 1851. They had five children; Josephine Baugh, Eunice Thomas, Julia Wallis, Nancy Allen and Dr. Emmette Dempsey. Four are still living at this date 1923. George Peeples wife Ella, born in 1854, died April 4, 1937. Allen Dulin Huddleston’s Family Line- Allen D. Huddleston was born September 20, 1820, son of John Paddy and Miriam J. Huddleston, married to Mary Evans, daughter of Huldah M. Evans and granddaughter of Henry Montgomery. He was one of the first settlers on the land where the town of Montgomery is located. The town of Montgomery was named in honor of thjs family. Allen D. Huddleston and Mary were married August 11, 1839. Twelve children were born to them, three deceased. 1. Elizabeth Huddleston was born in 1846, married to John Watters of Oak Hill about 1860. John was born in 1841. They had eleven children; Daniel H., Minnie, Rose, Ida, Alonzo B., and John were twins, Mary. Below is an account of J.T. Watters death in the Charleston Gazette. "John T. Watters died at the home of his son Alonzo B. Watters in Montgomery February 10, 1930. He is survived by his widow who is critically ill at Belva on Gauley River. He having married again after his first wife died. She died in 1900. Those below are his surviving children; Mrs. Alonzo Watters of Montgomery, Daniel L. Watters of Charleston, W.Va., Mrs. E.J. Songer of Beckley; Mrs. Minnie Underwood, Mrs. Ida Gleason of Montgomery, W.Va., forty nine grandchildren and forty one great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at the First Christian Church at Montgomery. Burial will be in Pratt Cemetery." 2. Henry O. Huddleston was born in 1848, married Margaret Dempsey in 1868. No children. H is still living at this date, 1938. 3. Alonzo B. Huddleston, son of Allen D. and Mary Huddleston, was born February 24, 1850. Married Julia Calvert in October 1873. To this union was born six children, James born 1874, John C. born in 1876, Joseph D. born 1878, Clarence born 1880, Mamie born 1882, Ruby born 1883. (Note: James was born 3 February 1875. Also a daughter Laura B. born August 19, 1883 and died October 1884, James and Laura are buried in the Huddleston Cemetery at Alloy, Fayette Co., WV-Janet Martin-October 1995 James eldest son of A. B. and Julia Huddleston, married Lizzie Barker. They had five children; Claarence, John, Annie, Ruby and Henry. John C. son of A. B. and Julia H. married Mrs. Rosa Tyler. No children. Funeral services will be conducted tomorrow at one thirty PM at the home of Mrs. John C. Huddleston, who died Sunday November 23, 1937 at the home in Charleston, W.Va. Surviving are tow sisters, Mrs. Julia Huddleston and Mae Richmond McKinley of Longelese, Cal. Mrs. J.C. (Rosa) Huddleston buried in Spring Hills Cemetery, Charleston, W.Va. James H. Huddleston funeral services are to be held at Carbondale Church. Died at Charleston Hospitla. Burial will be in Huddleston Cemetery at Alloy. He is survived by his widow; three sons, John, Clarence and Henry; three daughters, Mrs. Hazel Grady, Mrs. Anna Pinson and Mrs. Ruby Hiles, all of Carbondale; one step son Everette Estep of Harewood; his father A. B. Huddleston of Alloy; Mrs Mammie Tamplin of Oakland; Mrs. J. H. Johnson of Alloy; two brothers, J. C. Huddleston of Charleston, J. A. Huddleston of Montgomery and 9 grandchildren. Joseph D. Huddleston, born in 1878, son of A. B. and Julia Huddleston, married Lizzie Barker. Four children; Ruth, Julia, Sarah and Alice. Clarence Huddleston, born in 1880 (Note-born September 16, 1886 died October 4 1917 and buried in the Huddleston Cemetery, Alloy, WV-Janet Martin October 1995) Mamie Huddleston daughter of A. B. and Julia H. born in 1882, married Joe Tamplin. They have three children; Thelam, Mildred and Betty Joe. Ruby, born in 1886, daughter of A. B. and Julia H. born in 1882, married Billie Johnson. Four children; Edward, Brooks, John and Calvert Johnson. Joseph, third son of Allen D. and Mary E., born in 1852, was killed by a C & O train August 1874 at Cheylan, W.Va.. Alice Huddleston, born September 29, 1855, daughter of Allen D. and Mary E Huddleston married John Creasey, October 15, 1874. They had eight children.. Henry Allen born December 27, 1876 John Edward born December 6, 1878 Burton L. born October 6, 1880 Frank born April 1883 Irvin L. born August 30, 1885 Louis G. born September 20, 1887 Bennie W. born November 10, 1889 Ida B. born September 28, 1882 Henry A., son of Alice and John Creasey, married and had two children; Henry Crasey Jr., born December 17, 1898 and Letha born July 22, 1900. John E. son of Alice and John Creasey, married, had one child. Dolly Creasey, born May 25, 1878. Burton L. Creasey, married, two children; harry A., born August 1, 1907and Anna A. born 1908. Ida B. Trail, born September 28, 1891, daughter of John and Alice Creasey, married Mr. Trial. One son Chester, born July 1912. Bennie W. Creasey, married two children; Billie H. born August 15, 1919 and Bennie E. Jr. born September 1923. Great grandchildren of John and Alice H. Creasey; Children of Harry A.: August 2, 1917 Harry K. Creasey. April 2, 1922 Bobby Creasey. Letha, daughter of Harry A., married Johnson, one daughter Mable Elsie Johnson. Here second husband was Kuhn, two children; June 1926 Billie K. Kuhn. September 1922 Anna Kuhn. October 1928 Allen K. Thompson, son of Anna Thompson. John and Alice’s granddaughter. He died May 1832. Mrs. Allice Huddleston Creasey, born September 29, 1855, died January 4, 1936 at her home in Shelyan, W.Va. Surviving are her husband John H. Creasey, one daughter Ida Trail of Okley, Bennie Creasey of Chelyan and three brothers, Henry O Huddleston and Alonzo Brooks both of Alloy and Edward F. Huddleston of Huntington, W.Va. Son Irvin Creasey of Owens and John E. Creasey died January 7, 1936 at Okley. Martha Ellen Huddleston, born in 1857, married Billie McCombs. Five children; Dollie, Mamie, Rena, Henry and Buddie McCombs. James Huddleston, born 1865, son of Allen D. and Mary E. Huddleston, married Nannie hansford in 1886. One son, Gordon, born in 1887. She died in 1888 or 1889. Gordon married Miss Blanche Toney of Boncar, W.Va., March 26, 1910. In 1893 Jim Huddleston married Georgia Fowler. They had three children; Earl born 1894, Ernest born 1895, Evelyn born 1896, died 1918. Jim was killed by falling from a coal tipple in 1917 at Boomer, W.Va. Stephen Huddleston, born in 1868, married Jeanetta Craig, daughter of Matt Craig, who was a son of Jimmie and Sarah Blake Craig. She was a sister of Nancy Blake Huddleston. Steve and Nettie were married in 1888. Two children; Susie married Sam Woods, Pearl married Billie Johnson. Steve Huddleston was killed by falling from a coal tipple at Boomer, W.Va. in 1900. Edward Huddleston, born 1861, married Miss Annie Campbell. They have three children; Mary, Jane and Carl. Home: 235 11th Ave., Huntington, W.Va. Fleming Huddleston, born in 1824, son of John Paddy and Miriam J Huddleston, married Eunice Platt, November 4, 1847. She was born July 1, 1832 and died July 2, 1886, at Boomer, (Now Alloy). Fleming and Eunice had six children: Edward Baily, born September 1849, married Mary Loyd, daughter of John and Jane Loyd of near Gauley Bridge; two children, Eunice and Edward. Eunice (called Nuny) born about 1871, married C A Montgomery. They had two children; Bridget and Edward. Edward married Emma Danner of Charleston, W.Va. John Philco Huddleston was born in 1852, married Emma Dixon. They had four Children , all dead now. His father, Fleming H died 1910. John and his wife, children and father are buried in a cemetery on Blue Creek. Rev. George Walter Huddleston was born September 1854, son of Fleming and Eunice H., married Susan Mariah Settle October 15, 1875. She was a daughter of Francis Asbury and Minerva B. Settle. Susan was born in 1852, died June 12, 1931. George died February 2, 1927, in Barboursville, W.Va. Four children born to them. Lottie born October 1878, Charley born February 1881 died September 1909. Mary Frances born 1889 died 1889. Herbert (deceased). Lottie is the only one living. Dora Paulina Huddleston, daughter of Fleming and Eunice P. Huddleston, was born July 1860, married Jeff Johnson in 1886. Dora was a granddaughter of John Paddy Huddleston and her husband was a great grandson. They had six children: Beatrice, Fleming, Frank, George, Philo and Ernest. Jefferson died at this home in Smithers, February 28, 1933. Surviving are Fleming S. Johnson of Charleston, Clyde V Johnson of Gauley Bridge and J E Johnson of Smithers. One daughter Lilian of Smithers, two brothers William E Johnson of Cannelton and M C Johnson of Pond Gap and Mrs. Nannie Roupe of Pond Gap. Funeral services will be held at Alloy Baptist Church, burial in Huddleston Cemetery at Alloy. Dora H. Johnson of Smithers died at her home after a long illness. Her body was removed to the B C Cooper funeral home at Montgomery. Surviving are four sons, Clyde of Dickinson, Clarence of Glasgow, and J Edward of Smithers. A daughter Lillian J of Smithers and brother Frank Huddleston. She died November 25, 1937. Buried in the Huddleston Cemetery at Alloy, W.Va. -----Dr. Sarah Margaret Huddleston of Washington, D. C., says my American line is- Henry Huddleston Sr., Langhorn, Pa., 1688 His son William is son George His son William, married Mary Bond His son Johathan married Sarah Paxton His son John Capt. John Huddleston, born in Cumberland, Md., in 1833, was my father. He is sixth in line of descent. My great grandmother, Mary Bond Huddleston, wife of William, the father of Johathan, was the latest Huddleston to occupy the residence built by Henry Huddleston, Sr. She died there in 1862. When I was in Philadelphia last summer at the Secquitennial, I visited Langhorns and saw the house built of Pennsylvania ledge rock by Henry Huddleston Sr., in 1706. That date is on the eaves of the house, and is said to have been put there by my grandmother. Another stone house is on the orginal Henry Huddleston tract, built by Henry Sr.'s son William who married Dorothy Walsh. That house is of field stone and not so handsome or attractive. Sarah M Huddleston says I have two brother, Harry Patterson Huddleston no in St. Petersburg, Fla. temporarily and Dr. Frank W. Huddleston, County Treasure, Fairfax, Virginia. Each brother has a daughter apiece. I am unmarried and when my parents died in 1922 I declined housekeeping and board here. My parents are buried in beautiful Arlington Cemetery It is one of the hansomest cemeteries in this country and the graves will have perpetual care. She died June 30, 1930. Children of Thomas Huddleston, son of William- Harriet Born 1828 Died 1908 Married James Williamson 1848 Martha A 1829 1908 Stewart 1849 G. Milton 1830 Elisha McDaniels Sanford H 1836 Sarah E 1838 Lucy F 1840 Lettie E. 1844 Frances 1846 --------------------------------- Record of Abraham, brother of Daniel Huddleston- The decedents of Abraham Huddleston of Bedford Co., Virginia (Series J) Abraham, son of Henry, son of Henry of 1688, was born in Bucks County, Pa., and is believed to have married there. He married Mary Patterson, to this union was born seven children: Joseph, Abraham, Geroge, Henry, Elizabeth, Nancy and Sarah. Names born Died Married Date Joseph 1768 1820 Sarah Callaway April 19, 1791 Abraham 1770 Mary Allen March 20, 1793 George 1775 Susan slack November 19, 1800 Henry 1775 1845 Patty Loyd May 5, 1798 Elizabeth 1776 1851 Joseph Eades 1795 Nancy 1777 John Slack November 26, 1798 Sarah 1780 Thomas Alexander 1798 Third generation of Abraham, children of Joseph and Sarah Huddleston Abraham 1801 1873 M. Leah Bourges J Nancy 1802 1878 Ira H Quarles January 13, 1825 Emma C 1803 Henry Stiff Elizabeth 1804 Peter Scott Sarah 1805 1884 William Huddleston 1834 Frances 1806 Levi Loyd Henry Huddleston son of Abraham Huddleston, brother of Daniel Huddleston, was born April 16, 1775, married patty Loyd, May 6, 1798, was a daughter of Henry Loyd. She was born January 9, 1778, died July 26, 1867. To this union was born fifteen children Elizabeth 1798 Elija Carner 1819 Abraham 8/23/1802 Judith 4/19/1804 Joseph Slack Joel 8/28/1805 Martha Ann Cain June 19, 1828 John (Jack) 2/20/1807 Sallie A Dent Oct. 9, 1828 William 11/23/1809 Sarah A Huddleston Isom 4/7/1810 Daughter of Jos. Huddleston Henry 11/9/1811 Mary Mitchell 1834 Mary 9/20/1813 Burckholder Isom 1/10/1817 Mary E. Patterson Martha 4/11/1815 Mathew Ramsey Joseph 12/29/1818 Richard 9/27/18

0 Elizabeth Oyler 12/10/1845 Amelia 8/9/1822 Anthony Wright 1847 (Note last child not given-Janet Martin 1999) (Note: These children are listed after the ones listed above. No parents given. They may be children of the above, I do not know. I have typed it just as on the original copy. Janet Martin 1999) Names Birth Death Married Date Daniel 1837 1911 Emma Burton 1865 George W 1843 1915 Hester Hamm 1867 William 1851 1893 Nancy Peters John W 1839 1862 Unmarried Robert W 1853 1910 Emma Childs 1874 Elizabeth 1845 1925 David Lockhart 2nd Lews Sprouse 1870 Sarah F1833 1835 1924 Thomas Plymale 1855 David G 1833 1873 Agnes Hook 1855

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