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Huddleston Family

Minerva 1847 William Bowley 1867 Nancy 1849 0William A Smith 1870 Joseph H. 1841 1862 Unmarried Children of Daniel, son of Henry Huddleston Jr. Thomas J 1769 1825 Sallie Canaday 2nd Catherine Nichle No date 1861 Rachel 1767 Thomas H. son of Wm. 1787 John Paddy 1771 1862 Miriam Jarrett 1798 or 9 Samuel 1764 Sarah Watts 1784 Nathan 1766 1817 Margaret Girard 1789 Job 1768 Nancy mary 1770 John B/ Huddleston son of Wm. H., brother of Daniel H., son of Henry H. Jr. Children of William Huddleston, brother of Daniel. (Wm. Born about 1736 or 7) John Boomer Mary Huddleston Thomas Rachel Huddleston 1787 William Rachel Newgen Dec. 20, 1890 Henry Martha Pate Jan. 11, 1790 Nathan Mary or Polly Abraham 1773 1858 Mary Allen 1793 Daniel 1774 Agatha Holiday 1788 Rebecca 1776 John Buckle 1796 or 7 Elizabeth 1777 Job Martin 1798 or 9 Mary 1778 1855 Martha 1780 Children of Thomas Huddleston, son of William H. Hariet 1828 1920 James S. Williamson Martha 1829 1908 1-Stewart 2-Elisha McDaniels No date 1849 G. Milton 1830 H. Sanford 1836 Sarah E. 1838 Lucy F. 1840 Franes 1846 Lettie E. 1848 Children of Albert Thomas and Rachel A. Huddleston of Hansford, W.Va. son of Job and Elizabeth McCoy Huddleston. Albert Thomas Huddleston died 14 November 1934 Children: Rachel, died July 4, 1933 age 86. Mrs. Alice Guinn of Gauley Bridge, W.Va. Frank Huddleston, Montgomery, W.Va. Mrs. Rose Viar of Mount Hope, W.Va. Mrs. Lula Ring of Brackettville, Fla. Job M. Huddleston, Manater, Fla. Jesse Huddleston Mrs. Ona Moore of London, W.Va. Mrs. Ruth Seacrest of Hansford, W.V.a Jeanie Seacrest of Crown Hill, W.Va. Forty grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren are among the survivors. ------------------------------------- Joseph M. Huddleston, born 1874, died 1930, was a son of Jobe and Elizabeth McCoy Huddleston. Died at his home 210 Tennessee Ave., Charleston, W.Va., April 23, 1930. He is survived by his widow, five sons-Raynor, Farley, Keith, Joseph and Byron; one daughter Ailene at home; two sisters-Mrs. J.M. Tucker of Houston and Mrs. E.A. Proctor of Charleston and three brothers-A.R. Huddleston of Montgomery, Tom of Hansford and H.M. of Pratt. Children of Samuel, son of Thomas and Catherine Huddleston- Name Birth Death Married Date James 1829 1835 Emaline 1831 1863 Andrew Perkins 1852 Catherine 1833 Andrew Burgess 1853 Mary Jane 1835 1888 Mother of Joseph Ankrom H. George W. 1837 1917 Unmarried Jackson B. 1840 1916 Sarah E. Painter 1866 Sarah 1843 George Watters William Crow 1864 1870 Children of Job, son of Thomas and C.N. Huddleston Julius A. 1845 1845 George M. 1846 Leaha Peters 1871 Albert T. 1848 1935 Rachel cook 1973 Samuel M. 1851 Susan Giles 1875 Alice J 1853 James M. Tucker Elizabeth 1855 James Trimble 1874 Hamilton M. 1857 1935 Lydia Chapman 1884 Otho D. 1859 12/18/1938 Anna A. Proctor 1880 Mary C. 1862 Guy Porter Job W. 1865 Annie Johnson Lilliam R. 1867 1867 Calvin 1869 Died unmarried Joseph M. 1874 1930 (Job Sr., son of Thomas, married Elizabeth McCoy and lived across the river from Dego or Pratt) Children of George Rook Huddleston, son of Thomas and Catherine Nichols Huddleston. Joseph 1851 1863 Thomas 1834 1906 Margaret Perkins 1851 Charles W. 1839 Emily Blake Job R. 1839 Cynthia Blake Mariah 1840 1840 Virginia 1843 1844 Margaret Lucy 1845 1920 Chester Mahood 1865 George H. 1848 Unmarried Albert 1851 Arminta Davis 1872 Hamilton Morris Huddleston born 1857 died 1935, a son of Jobe and Elizabeth McCoy Huddleston. Mrs Lyda Chapman Huddleston, sife of H.M. Huddleston died 1934. Children: Mrs. J.A. Wood Jr. of Beckley, Mrs. H.R. Moore of Pratt, Mrs. J.M. Garnett of Gauley Bridge, Mrs. J.H. Stewart of Whitesville, Mrs. R.K.Camper of Barboursville, Mrs. Elizabeth Garnette of Amigo. One son Hamilton of Montgmery. 18 grandchildren and one great grandchild al of W.Va. ------------------------------------------------ Children of Albert Thomas Huddleston,son of Jobe and Elizabeth McCoy Huddleston- Name Born Married Date Alice 1873 Charles Turner 1892 Rose 1876 Judson Tinsley 1894 Frank 1878 Kate Bierne 1904 Ona 1890 William Moore 1909 Ruth P. 1893 Odell Johnson 1911 Lula 1881 Ward Garette 1903 Jessie 1886 Jean 1887 John Secrist 1910 Job M. 1885 Myrtle Miller 1907 Jackson Burwell Huddleston, son of Samuel and Julia Peters, was born July 20, 1840 at Kanawha Falls. He fought under the Stars and Bars in the Lost Cause from 1861 to 1865 in the 22nd and 60th Virginia Infantry. He was in the battles of Drop Mountain, the Seven Days Fight around Richmond and Chancellorsville where Stonewall Jackson fell. Sarah E. died march 29, 1885. Jackson B. Huddleston married Sarah E. Painter January 25, 1865. Their children were-Lillian, married P.S. Burkholder of Oak Hill, Minnie, married Fred E. Wiseman of Fayettevelle, W.Va., Julia, married Harison Toney of Mossy, Letha, married James S. Thurmond of Alderson, Bessie, married E.R. Fletcher of Alderson, Harlow Huddleston of Huntington, W.Va., CharlesC. (deceased) of Huntington (of the North Carolina Yellow Pine Lbr.Co. of Huntington) ------------------------------------ James H. Huddleston Funeral Services are to be held at Carbondale, for James H. Huddleston, 60, of Carbondale, who died June 26, 1935 at Charleston hospital. Burial is to be in the Huddleston Cemetery at Alloy. He is survived by his widow, three sons-John, clarence and Henry; three daughters-Mrs. Hazel Grady, Mrs. Anna Pinson and Mrs. Ruby Hiles, all of Carbondale; one step son Evert Estep of Harewood; his father Alonzo Brooks Huddleston of Alloy; tow sisters-Mrs. Mamie Tamplin of Oakland, Mrs. Ruby (J.H.) Johnson of Alloy; two brothers J.C. Huddleston of Charleston, J.A. Huddleston of Montgomery and nine grandchildren. Bedford County, Va. Record of Daniel Henry Price Huddleston, born November 30, 1840, married Mary Gardner May 17, 1785. Mary was born September 17, 1852. Children; Ellen Boaz 7/20/1876 W.L. McManaway 10/1/1896 Sarah Eugene 10/1/1877 Geo. R. Haden 4/1897 Rosa Magnolia 11/17/1898 Howard McManaway 6/1903 Hettie 4/2/1880 Died Jan. 14, 1887 of Diptheria Dora C. 8/29/1881 Lewis Huddleston 1903 McMahon 4/14/1885 Died Jan. 12, 1887 of Diptheria William E. 12/11/1885 Virgie Ramsey 1/1919 Von Werder 5/1/1890 Florence Parker 1919 Jessie F. 8/26/1892 Samuel Carmer Frances M. 4/4/1896 Frances Marion Huddleston was gassed in France, brought home August 1919, died November 4, 1919. Was in Co. F, 317th Inf. 90th Div. ----------------------------- Ellen B. Huddleston married W.L. McManaway Oct. 1, 1895. To this union was born 11 children-Eunice marrried Rucker Allen 1918. Children Billie, Edward, Agnes & David Lee. 9/2/1898-R Clayton married Doella Simmons. One child Charles Augustus C., May 19, 1932. 8/1/1900-Harry B. McManaway of Salem, Va. 8/2/1902-James William McManaway married Ella Gearheart 1925. One son J.W. Jr.m, born 10/1925. They live in Ronoake Va. 6/5/1904-W. Stewart McManaway in War College on duty. 9/6/1906-Edwain McManaway at home 5/26/1912-Lois, April 11, 1916 Hellen McManaway 10/29/1918-Francis 5/12/1921-Virginia McManaway Mrs. Ellen McManaway helped to get data for Congressman George Huddleston for the Book "History of the Huddleston Family". ------------------------------- Elizabeth Huddleston, sister of Henry Huddleston, Jr., married John Jenkins in Bedford County, Va., about 1778. To this union was born Isaac Jenkins, Nancy Mrrs, Pricilla Nugen, Betsy Authur, Mrs. Wilson, Uriah, William and some others. John Jenkins and family came to this part of the state when Indians infested the country. They lived in a fort somewhere between Cabin Creek and Charleston sometime near 1793-4 or 5. When Isaac Jenkins was about 14 years of age, he used to guard the fort with the women, while the men went out to hunt. About 1800 they, with some other families, moved up Cabin Creek, it being the first creek along the Kanawha River to be settled. About that time, Isaac Jenkins, eldest son of Elizabeth Huddleston and John Jenkins was to be married. As they were preparing for the marriage feast, the men all went out hunting for their winter meat and wild turkey for the wedding feast. Betsy Jenkins was preparing to make a bed tick of fine linnen for the bridge to be, but her flax was damp and as she was in a hurry, she put the flax up over the fire to dry to make it spin fine. But Alas; the flax caught fire and burned the house down. However, Betsy was much braver than some of her granddaughters I have known. She turned the sheep out of the sheep house, put her children in there, built a fire in front of the door and toojk her riffle and guarded the sheep from the wolves, (which were bad in those days) until the men came home. Lyle Burdette, my grandson of Duffy Street, has that rifle now. He being a grandson of Betsy's six times removed. That was not enough to stop a wedding in those days, so Isaac Jenkins married Nancy Martin, daughter of John Martin who was a brother of Daniel Huddleston wife. (Note: John Martin should be Job Martin-Janet Martin August 1999) To Nancy Martin and Isaac Jenkins were born three children. One died in infancy, one daughter Rachel died in 1825. She was the first to be buried in the Cemetery on the hill overlooking Deepwater Depot. The cemetery is named for her. Eldest daughter if Isaac and Nancy Martin Jenkins married Cary Tinsley Boatwright in 1825. To this union was born two daughters. The youngest Nancy died in 1829 aged six months. The eldest daughter Minerva Frances married Francis Asbury Settle, third son of Nancy Pinell and Abner Settle. To this union were born seven children. Three sons and four daughters. They were Virginia Margaret, Sarah Frances, Susan Mariah, Clarisie Bogess, Isaac Jenkins, Charles H. of Flordia, Joseph Boatwright (youngest) died Oct. 14, 1898, age 31 years. John Jenkins and his wife Betsy are buried in Wilson Cemetery on east side of Cotton Hill, near Beckwith, W.Va., and some of their children are buried there. Their eldest son Isaac and Nancy his wife and two children, Marguartie Boatwright and Rachel Jenkins are buried at Deepwater, W.Va. Virginia Margaret Settle married Dow Blake. Sarah Frances Settle married Robert Mays, Pansey Hale children. Susan M. Settle married George W. Huddleston, September 14, 1875, to which union was born four children; Lottie M. born Oct. 1898, Charles W. Feb 1881 died Spet 1909. Mary Frances 1889 died 1889. Herbert E. died when five years old. George W. Huddleston died Feb. 2, 1927. Susan his wife died June 14, 1931, age 80. Lottie is the only child living at this date, 1938, at Barboursville, W.Va. Joseph Boatwright Settle, born 1867, died October 14, 1898. He married Gertrude Campbell, daughter of Rev. Campbell. She is still living with one of her daughters near Rocevert, W.Va. at this date, 1938. Her sister Mrs. Hattie Trent lives at Beckley with her daughter Eloise. She is also a widow. Her husband died, Isaac Jenkins Settle, born about 1846, married Ella Huddleston, daughter of Jarrette and Mariah Montgomery Huddleston, 1867. To this union was born three children. Emerson was born November 1868. Rosey born March 1870 married Irvin Rigg-two children Etherl and Littie Rigg. Danield Frederick Settle, second son of I.G. and Ella Settle, was born January 1872, married Mae Alexander, daughter of Heugheston and Sallie Mitchell Alexander. She was a sister of Minnie Mitchell of Coalburg, W.Va., who married Charley Nighoof, son of Daniel and Julia Nighoof of Boomer, W.Va. Fred and Mae had six children. Evelyn, Frederick, Isaac, Irene, Lorena, and Ella. Lorena is only one living at this date, 1929. Page Settle born May 1883, youngest son of I.G. and Ella H. Settle is living at this date, 1931. ---------------------------- Joseph Huddleston, son of Abraham Huddleston came to this part of the country soon after the Revolution. He lived in a fort as the Indians were so bad people couldn't live on separaye farms. Men in those days hunted and trapped for their meat and they had to go in companies, like soldiers, for fear of Indians. It was on an occasion of this kind that they recaptured a Miss Watts of the Charleston Watts, a bonny lass who had been the wife of Indidan Chief. As the "Pale Face" regarded not the matrimonial laws of the Red Man and Joseph Huddleston being a single man there started a romance right away and they were married. A child was born to this union, Joseph Huddleston Jr. Joseph Huddleston's name sake lived in Montgomery and is still unwed. Joseph Huddleston Jr., married a Miss Montgomery, daughter of Henry Montgomery (commonly called Major). To this union was born several children. Albert Huddleston abd one daughter who married John Loyd and died without children. Albert Huddleston married Frances Sey. They were the parents f John Albert, Joseph, Charles and Harriet Abbott. Joseph Huddleston's second wife was Sarah Hickman. To this union was born Amanda Colemna, Catherine Burgess, and some others who went west to claim their Indian reservation. Amanda and Mason Coleman had five children; James Mason, Sarah Dores, Lillie, Margaret, Joseph and Vernon. This is all I know of this line of the Huddlestons. Originally by Clarise Settle Loving 1823 or 4. Montgomery, Oct. 1, 1937. The body of Joseph Huddleston 71, of Washington Street, Montgomery was found floating in the Kanawha River at the mouth of Morris Creek here today. He had been missing since Tuesday night. Corp. C. T. Taylor if the State Police said $189. In currency was found in Huddleston's pockets. The body was discovered by the 18 years old Ethel Musie. When he failed to appear for supper at the home of a brother A. Huddleston, a search was started for the elderly man. The $189 is believed to have represented rent collection. Juseph Huddleston owned several pieces of property. Corp. Taylor believed Huddleston may have falled accidentally into the creek from a Railroad Bridge. The body was taken to the M.C. White Mortuary. Dr. James E. Roberts, County Coroner will go to Montgomery tomorrow to view the body. Henry Huddleston son of Abraham and Mary Patterson Huddleston married Patty Loyd May 5, 1798. To this union was born seven sons and four daughters; The sons were Abraham, Joel, henry, William, Isom, Richard and John. Daughters were Judith, Sarah Nobels, and Elizabeth Comer, Martha Ramsey and Amelia Huddleston. Henry Huddleston's grandchildren were Mirianda, Elizabeth and Mary Ann Nobles. Judith Huddleston was born April 19, 1804, married Joseph Slack, son of Nancy Huddleston and John Slack, son of Abraham Slack. Joseph Slack was born Oct. 7, 1803, died December 7, 1880. Judith died July 31, 1884 at her home in Chelyan, W.Va. Joe and Judith were married about 1846. To this union was born two children: Amelia and Martha. Amelia was born January 30, 1847, married to Billie Gatewood about 1868. To this union was born two children; Cora, born in1869 (still unmarried). Her mother died Jan. 9, 1936. She had one son Harry Gatewood and several grandchildren. Amelia and harry Jr., a Civil Engineer. He is 24 this Aug 19, 1932. Martha Slack married Alexander Grady. One dauhgter Julia. She married Alexander Douglas. To them was born three children: Virginia Frances, Muriel and Alexander Douglas, Jr., Julia Douglas died August 12, 1935. Martha G was a sister of Amelia G. ----------------- Marriage Records from Bedford County, Virginia, by John Baily Calvert Nicklin January 26, 1830 Eliza Huddleston to Catherine Bradley December 9, 1828 John Huddleston and Sallie A. Dent April 23, 1829 Abraham Huddleston to Elizabeth Dickinson June 19, 1828 Joel Huddleston and Martha Ann Cain January 12, 1825 Ira Quarles and Nancy Huddleston January 28, 1790 Thomas Huddleston and Sarah E. Kennada (Copy of marriage bond reads Cannady) December 20, 1790 WilliamHuddleston and Rachel Newgan January 11, 1790 Henry Huddleston and Martha Pate March 5, 1793 Abraham Huddleston and Mary Allen May 6, 1798 Henry Huddleston and patty or (Martha) Loyd November 26, 1798 John slack and Nancy Huddleston February 26, 1783 Samuel Huddleston and Sarah Watts July 30, 1810 James Burgess and Rachel Huddleston January 13, 1801 Thomas Huddlseton and Catherine Nickols (daughter of George and Catherine Nichols) August 3, 1766 Henry Huddleston and Elizabeth Bennette May 7, 1768 Joseph Huddleston and Margaret Thomas May 7, 1768 Nathan Huddleston and Esther White November 15, 1773 James Price and Sarah Huddleston October 9, 1762 Thomas Huddleston and Elizabeth Stiger August 19, 1763 Cornelius Slack and Elizabeth Straker Marriage Records from Kanawha County, by John Baily ?Calvert Nicklin March 16, 1829 Job Huddleston and Nancy Blake 1828 George P Huddleston and Mary Huddleston August 12, 1830 George P Huddleston and Nancy indsor May 6, 1835 George Paddy Huddleston and Nancy Harvey January 5, 1832 Frederick Nighoof and Elizabeth Huddleston January 20, 1834 Hiram S. Marsh and Huldah Huddleston 1834 John Martin and Mary Huddleston October 30, 1832 John Huddleston and Sarah martin September 7, 1837 Nanthan Huddleston and Elizabeth Rowland 1852 Nathan Huddleston and Sarah Elizabeth Burns January 7, 1941 Jarrette Huddleston and Mariah Montgomery August 11, 1839 Allen Dulin Huddleston and Mary Evans November 4, 1847 Fleming Huddleston and Eunice Peeples 1840 Nancy Huddleston to Pinkey Peeples March 9, 1851 John Dempsey to Nancy Huddleston Peeples 1834 Samuel Hanna and Ruth Huddleston November 2, 1865 James (son of Jobe) Huddleston and Elizabeth Waters June 13, 1839 William Rader to Mrs. Sarah Huddlseton (widow of John Huddleston) September 5, 1850 William Brewer to Elizabeth Martin, daughter of mary H and John Martin January 13, 1801 Thomas Huddleston and Catherine Nickols March 28, 1820 John B Huddleston and Betsy Robertson 1828 Thomas Huddleston and Martha Sims September 8, 1828 Samuel Huddleston and Julia White March 20, 1821 John Huddleston and Elizabeth Robinson December 12, 1821 Nathan Huddleston and Miriam Huddleston 1834 George Rook Huddleston (brother of Sam) April 1, 1846 Lewis Huddleston and Mary Ann Cleck September 19, 1844 Jobe Huddleston and Elizabeth McCoy June 15, 1811 Cain Huddleston and Mary Massey April 14, 1807 Solomon Huddleston and Betsy Spangler October 12, 1846 John Widndgrove and Mrs. Sarah Huddleston February 13, 1852 Albert Huddleston to Fances Seay 1852 William Nugen to Susan Huddleston October 12, 1846 John Windgrove to Mrs. Sarah Huddleston November 4, 1847 Marine Britt to Catherine Martin (daughter of Mary & John Martin) April 13, 1850 George Martin to Susan Nunnery January 5, 1852 Andrew Perkins to Emeline Huddleston January 25, 1841 William Martin to Susan Terry (brother to Sarah Rader) January 9, 1840 Lewis Harvey to Manna Windsor December 22, 1847 Henry Windsor to Isabinda Coleman January 1, 1852 Caytor Clark and Mary (Plly) Arthur October 29, 1852 Miles Martin and Eliza J Martin November 25, 1865 Anderson Windsor to Martha Armstrong October 19, 1852 Eli Jarrette to Mary G. McGraw November 11, 1851 James Marrs to Mildred Rodes November 11, 1851 Calvin Marrs to martha Rodes June 8, 1852 John Meadows to Sarah J. Johnson 1860 Emery Rodes to Margaret Perkins 1865 Marion Marrs to Catherine Paddleford July 21, 1852 William Morris to Jincy Lykins September 29, 1852 Jurd Dickinson to Jane Stockton November 18, 1850 Manly Tatum to Louisa Grinsted Dodd July 4, 1843 John Hinton to Avis Nickol December 17, 1847 James A. Veassey to Eliza Stockton February 19, 1845 John Johnson to Plly windsor August 25, 1841 Job Martin to Mary Terry March 8, 1847 Martin Bibb to Susan C. Ellison January 20, 1842 William Martin to Helen Sims March 3, 1847 Milton Sims to Salina L. Steel May 30, 1844 Enoch B. Jones to Nancy Morris May 12, 1844 Allen Morris to Elizabeth Shumate May 25, 1843 Joshua Morris to nancy Seay March 8, 1849 William Plumley to Polly Meadows October 26, 1843 Daniel Stowman to Sarah Martin November 9, 1843 Gideon Amick to Emily Stewart 1841 James Morris to Martha Acord June 17, 1841 William Martin to Susan Terry May 25, 1833 Daniel Hemmings to Eliza Tucker December 7, 1831 William Loyd to Catherine Young 1852 William Nugent to Susan Huddleston Mine foreman killed while running moteo-Montgomery August 9, 1932. Wade B. Huddleston 39, Forman of the Kanawha and Hocking Mines at Carbondale, who was instantly killed when a motor and five cars run over him in a mine, was buried yesterday at Cedar Grove. A widow and sic children survive him. Huddleston was operating a motor in the mine and was knocked off the motor when a trap door failed to open. (E.C.M.'s nephew) Z.T. Huddleston's son and grandson of Nathan Huddleston. Note from Lawrence M. Huddleston-The data on these pages was complied by Edna Huddleston Clark Morton, daughter of Nathan and Sarah E Huddleston. Born February 4, 1854. Married Richard Daniel Clark, January 2, 1873. Some additions and corrections have been made; for instance Henry Huddleston, the ancestopr of this froup died in 1706, not 1712. His will appears in Will Book C, page 3w, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Probated the 17th day of May 1706. Henry Huddleston, Jr., was born after his fathers died in 1706, not 1712. Lawrence Huddleston (his signature) 1831 W. Dupont Avenue, Belle, West Virginia 25015-December 6th, 1977. Note from Janet Martin August 1999-Lawrence Huddleston passed away in the 1990's. Edna Huddleston Clark Huddleston Morton died December 5, 1955 in Summers Co., West Virginia. She is buried in the Hilltop Cemetery, Hinton, West Virginia, beside her husband Richard Daniel Clark. Through this journal of Edna Huddleston Clark's I find dates of 1929, 1931, 1932, 1937 and 1938. She must have started it in 1929 and finished this in 1938. I typed this journal just as it was written, word for word and all misspellings. Please do not contact me about misinformation in this journal. I too have found misinformation on the Martin's that are mentioned in her journal. Use your own judgement when using this information.

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