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1853 Kanawha County Births

Name                       	Date          	Parents                   		Informant

Abbot, John A            	February 9    	St. Clair and Mary        		father
Abstan, Mary M       		May 5        	John and Mary             		mother
Agnew, Mary A            	January 30    	John and Felicia          		father
Alexander, __     		July 16      	William and Mary          		father
Allen, Willey C        		August 1    	William and Sarah         		father
Anderson, Charles     	 	September 1  	Anderson and Eliza        		father
Armsted, Frances        	December 12   	James and Ann             		father
Armstrong, Charles 		June 13       	Addison and Virginia      		father
Asbery, Lucinda     		December 19   	Solomon A and Soga        		father
Atkinson, Elizabeth     	April 10      	James and Mirram          		father
Atkinson, Rebecca       	February 15   	Jas. M and Julia          		father
Baber, James C          	October 6     	William V and Caroline    		father
Bailey, Morrison M      	January 12   	William R and Dulcina     		father
Beach, Samuel           	October 14    	A H and Harriet           		father
Beaver, Sarah B        	 	October 8     	David and Sarah           		father
Bibby, Isabella         	August 26     	Joseph and Margaret       		father
Billreps, Josephine     	April 1       	David and Mary            		father
Bonham, Louisa Jane      	October 15    	Fielding
Botkin, Cynthia A        	February 5    	Josiah and Mary J        		mother
Botkin, Lawrence Albert    	January 29    	Chapman I and Sarah       		father
Braner, ___               	April 19      	William and Susan         		father
Braner, William Joshua     	May 14        	L D and Lucinda           grandfather, H Bradon
Bray, Elizabeth            	January 8     	John and Mary Ann         		mother
Brooks, ___                	May 14       	Freah and Helen           		father
Brown, Isabella            	January 1     	Robert and Elizabeth      		mother
Bruns, Rosalina            	September 23  	John and Priscilla        		father
Buckley, ___               	October 21    	John and Sally            		mother
Burdett, Henry             	May 2         	Archibald and Elizabeth   		father
Campbell, B                	November 13   	John D and Judith         		father
Campbell, Micajah          	July 29       	William and Matilda       		father
Campbell, T A J            	November 4    	William J and Isabella    		father
Campbell, William Henry   	December 12   	Robert
Canterbury, Andrew         	March 6       	Lewis and Elizabeth       		father
Carlisle, M                	August 5      	John and Sarah            		father
Carpenter, Minerva         	November 20   	Andrew and Eliza          		father
Carr, Elizabeth            	November 7    	Asa and Nancy                father and mother
Carr, Frances              	April 30      	William and Malinda       		father
Carr, twins                	March 2      	Ezekiel and Vienna       		father
Carrithen, Ellen           	December 15   	James and Nancy           		father
rCarter, Betsey C P         	December 27   	Thomas R and Eliza Ann    		mother
Carter, Kitty              	October 18    	Albert and Mary           		father
Chandler, ___              	January 22    	George P and Martha J     		father
Chandler, Charles          	February 21   	James E and Charlotte     		father
Chemning, William          	March 14      	Zelurion and Elizabeth    grandfather, James Chemning
Chilton, Samuel           	November 15  	William E and Mary E      		father
Clay, Rhoda E              	June 5        	Brunwell and Biddy A      		father
Clinton, Henry F           	?             	Michael D and Roxalina Fisher     	father
Cobb, Nancy J             	December 1    	William and Barbara       		father
Cole, John B               	October 29    	Samuel and Mary           		father
Coon, Lincoln              	March 17      	Joel C and Letitia        		father
Copen, Abel S              	May 11        	William and Jane          		father
Copenhaver, Cynthia        	November 12   	James and Kepiah          		father
Crawford, William          	May 16        	Joseph and Irelina        		father
Crouch, Mary E             	November 8    	Charles and Couzady       		father
Crouch, Robert             	December 27   	Robert and Harriet       		father
Curry, Josiah              	June          	Josiah and Mary           		father
Curtis, Payton             	May 6         	R and Jane                		father
Davis, America             	March 15      	Baxter and Virginia       		father
Davis, Henry R             	February 5    	Isaac B and Mary F        		father
Davis, Thomas Adams       	December 16   	Thomas and Sarah          		mother
Derrick, Elmina Melissa    	September 29  	Michael and Julia Dawson       		father
Donnally, Maud Mary        	?             	F          	             		father
Dudding, Amy F             	March 28      	Joseph and Catherine      		father
Dudding, Phenicia M        	December 22   	Lewis C and Jane A        		father
Duling, Catherine          	?             	Albert                    		father
Eades, Cynthia Elizabeth   	October 24    	Andrew and Rachel         		mother
Eastep, Samuel B           	March 12      	Joel and Rebecca          		mother
Eastep, Sarah Ann          	July 7        	Pleasant and Sarah        		father
Eastwood, Henry T          	October 30    	Watson and Isabella       		father
Edens, Christiana          	April 20      	Bird B and Catherine      		father
Ellswick, Edward B         	March 31     	Michael and Emeline       neighbor, Martha J Hudlin
Fagan, Margaret            	May 15        	Lawrence and Digett      		mother
Farer, __                  	March 21      	Valentine and Rachel      		mother
Fisher, Charles                 June 14         George & Mary SHIVERTAKER
Fisher, Scott                   October 10      Franklin & Nancy KOONTZ
Fitzbergh, Henry           	December 29   	Nicholas and M B          		father
Foster, Bofina             	February 3    	James and Elizabeth      		father
Foster, Mary Belle         	February 18   	Lucas and Susan           		mother
Funk, __                   	February 27   	Eden and Martha           		father
Gardner, William Henry     	October 21    	John and Isabella         		father
Gladwell, John Henry       	October 22    	Nathaniel                 		father
Grass, Cornith             	November 5    	Andrew and Rhody          		father
Grayham, James D          	October 20    	James and Jane            		father
Green, __                  	?             	James and Mary            		father
Griffith, Sarah            	September 15  	Harrison and Elvira       		father
Gunter, George             	March 8       	John and Rosalina         		father
Gutherie, __               	June 20       	James and Henrietta       		father
Hall, Mary M               	May 31        	David C and Minerva       		father
Hamilton, Virgina B        	November 3    	John T and Lelia C        		father
Hammons, Joel              	November 1    	John and Nancy            		father
Hannah, Nancy              	September 15  	Samuel and Christiana     		father
Harkins, Elizabeth         	July 24       	David and Elizabeth       		father
Harris, Sparrel            	May 27        	John and Mary Ann         		father
Harrison, Mildred S        	April 4       	James M and Julia         		father
Hart, John J               	April 13      	James M and Catherine     		father
Hastings, Gaston           	February 23   	James and Mary            		father
Hastings, Julian           	October 5     	James and Icevinda        grandfather, Simeon 
HastingsHays, Sarah J        	July 25       	William and Mary         		father
Helton, Charlotte E        	October 31    	Eli W and Rhoda J         		father
Henley, Mildred R          	February 28
Hill, Frances              	November 20  	Charles W and Sarah       		father
Hill, Nelson H             	May 19        	Nelson and Sarah          		father
Holly, Joseph H            	November 6    	William P and Rhody       		father
Holmes, Parmelia           	April 16      	John and Catherine        		father
Holstein, __               	June 7        	Henry and Eliza J         		father
Huffman, Amelia            	June 23       	William and Sophronia     		father
Humphrey, Mahlon           	August 12    	Samuel C and Emma J       		mother
Humphreys, Copondra E   	May 10        	William H and Sarah       		father
Humphreys, Fountain        	March 10      	J E and Mary E            		father
Hutson, Amanda             	November 21   	Joel and Eliza            		father
Hutton, Margaret           	August 22     	Richard and Martha        		father
rIcenhower, George          	April 6       	John and Mary             		father
James, Mary F              	June 21       	Davis and Pricy           		father
Jarrett, James W           	July 30       	Eli and Mary              		father
Jarrett, Nancy             	November 20   	William and Mary          		father
Jarrett, Squire           	July 2        	Eli and Nancy             		father
Johnson, Amanda S          	March 13      	James H and Sarah         		father
Johnson, Mary S            	June 16       	John B and Mary Ann       		father
Jones, Emelina Henrietta   	April 6       	Archibald and Sarah       		father
Jones, Mary A              	July 1        	Daniel and Susan          		father
Jones, Thomas I           	May 27        	Alex and Eliza            		father
Jordan, George W           	December 12  	William and Jane          		father
Keenery, Amanda A          	April 17      	Foster H and Eliza A      		father
Keeny, __                  	October 26    	David and Catherine       		father
Kellar, William L          	November 6    	William and Martha J      		father
Kessenger, Conallis        	December 20   	Valentine and Mary        		father
Kidd, Elizabeth            	May 20        	James and Delia           		father
Kidd, Savory               	June 29       	Jesse and Lavina          		father
King, William I            	December 5    	Nathaniel and Frances     		father
Knight, Samuel L           	October 26    	John L and Nancy          		father
Lanham, Mary L             	April 19      	Benjamin and Susan        		father
Laughhorn, Edward O       	February 2    	Elias and Emeline         		mother
Leftwich, Angeline         	November 21   	Jesse and Malinda         		father
Leftwich, Eveline F        	November 21   	Jesse and Malinda         		father
Light, Trelia C            	November 9    	David and Margaret        		mother
Littlepage, Alexander B   	November 11   	Adam B and Rebecca        		father
Mahan, __                  	March 15      	James E and Eliza         		mother
Mahan, James A             	March 15      	James E and Eliza         		mother
Malcolm, Joseph P          	October 8     	Joseph and Rebecca        		mother
Malone, Buford             	September 21  	Thomas and Martha         		mother
Martin, John D             	September 21  	John and Ruth             		mother
McClanahan, Zachariah     	October 16    	George F and Alis         		father
McClaskie, Adeline         	March 7       	Samuel and Margaret       		father
McClasky, __               	April 4       	James and Nancy           		father
McConihay, __              	February 27   	Samuel and Malinda        		father
McLane, Nancy B            	November 19   	Isham and Frances         		father
Means, Francis M           	November 4    	Hugh and Mary             		father
Means, Lewis P             	June 10       	Parker and Jane           		father
Means, Marilda I           	July 18       	Caleb and Lucinda         		mother
Medley, Harvey             	September 15  	Franklin and Ann Eliza       father and mother
Miller, Henry L            	August 6      	Absalom and Mary          		father
Miller, Silas M            	March 29      	David and Mary            		mother
Moore, Thomas S            	July 24       	Franklin and Adeline H    		mother
Morgan, __                 	December 20   	Philip and Lucy Jane      		mother
Murray, Mary Jane          	March 21      	David H and Judith Ann    		father
Nance, __                  	September 21  	Benjamin E and Eliza R    		father
Nash, Mary E               	December 21   	James M and Miponia L F   		father
Naylor, Elizabeth          	May 13        	Caleb and Mary            		mother
Naylor, Mary               	August 19     	Jacob and Emily           		mother
Naylor, Michael            	December 15   	Farlton V and Mary        		father
Newhouse, Robert           	September 25  	Thomas and Sarah          		father
Norton, James H            	June 12       	Moses and Frances         		father
Nunley, Martha E          	March 24      	Taylor and Jane              father and mother
Ogburn, Sarah E            	May 20        	John and Sarah            		father
Oper, Melton               	March 8       	Adam and Nancy            		father
Osburn, William H          	June 21       	John and Jane             		father
Pancake, Lucy E            	?             	George and Mary           neighbor, Fanny Thayer
Parsley, Franklin          	April 14      	Richard and Biddy         		father
Parsons, __                	June 8        	John and Matilda P        		father
Pauley, Amelia             	September 6   	Dryden and America        		father
Pauley, Balsonia           	June 26       	Joseph and Mary           		father
Pauley, James W            	November 20   	Amos and Elizabeth        grandmother, Elizabeth Hall
Pauley, Jane               	June 16       	John and Margaret         		father
Pauley, Rebecca            	September 10  	Colman and Malinda        		father
Pauley, Solomon            	October 18    	Solomon and Elizabeth     		father
Perry, James L             	November 1    	Lorenzo D and Sarah I     		father
Peters, John C             	October 7     	Addison and Salina        		father
Poor, Sarah I              	September 29  	William R and Margaret    		father
Porter, Blanche F          	March 14      	B F and Mary C            		father
Price, __                  	April 1       	Margaret                  	  Hiram Morris
Price, James               	June 13       	John and Sarah            		father
Prows, Nancy C             	August 19     	John T and Malinda       		father
Quinn, Eliza               	April 18      	Thompson and Rachel       		father
Raines, Amanda             	December 13   	William and Mary A        		father
Rand, Christopher C        	October 3     	C C and Nancy M           		father
Reveal, William W          	April 28      	William P and Sarah       		father
Reynolds, Ada A            	June 20       	John J and Jane C         		father
Reynolds, Rebecca A        	November 5    	Hiram and Martha          		father
Richards, James W          	January 10    	James and Eliza           		father
Richards, William I        	November 15   	Owen and Mary             		mother
Ripell, Daniel I           	October 13    	Samuel and Serena         		father
Ritter, Lelia C            	November 16   	George and Sophia         		father
Robertson, William H       	April 6       	A J and Lucretia          		father
Rooke, Charles H           	May 12        	Elijah and Frances        		father
Rucker, America            	May 16        	Josiah and Mary Jane      		father
Samuels, Nancy             	August 14     	John and Emeline          		father
Sargent, Goodon            	June 6        	Abram E and Amelia        		mother
Saunders, Henry H          	October 1     	John T and Frances        		father
Saunders, James            	August 26     	Allen and Mary A          		mother
Scott, Floyd               	November 19   	George and Nancy          		father
Scruggs, John C            	May 12        	John and Frances          		father
Seachrist, Amanda          	April 28      	Henry and Barbara         		father
Seachrist, Ellen           	April 18      	Henry and Barbara         		father
Selbe, Robert              	March 18      	Richard T and Lucinda     		father
Settle, Susan D            	June 10       	William and Rachel        		mother
Shepherd, Thomas L         	March 1       	Isaac and Margaret        		father
Shrewsbury, Henry C        	October 12   	Samuel and Laura          		father
Sigmon, James              	August 3      	Larkin and Elizabeth      		mother
Simms, William S           	January 7     	James W and Sarah Jane    		father
Slack, Barbara I           	November 29   	Cornlius and Mary Ann     		father
Slack, Mary                	May 15        	John and Miriam           		father
Slater, William W          	March 2       	John and Mary             		mother
Smith, James W             	July 18       	James A and Sarah         		father
Snead, William H           	December 19   	John A and Mary F        		father
Snodgrass, Cynthia F       	June 2        	Nathan and Minerva        		mother
Spencer, Albert T C        	November 23   	A T and Sarah M           		father
Spradling, Eliza A         	March 28      	Albert A and Eliza           neighbor, C Slack
Spurlock, Richard V        	June 18       	Richard H and Elizabeth   		father
Stagland, Louisa           	November 8    	James and Susanna S       		father
Stanley, Alfonso           	September 9   	Isaac and Ann Eliza       		father
Stephen, Warren            	April 17      	Jeremiah and Cassandra    		father
Tate, Lelia B              	October 18    	Preston and Mary          		father
Taylor, Tazewell           	December 4    	Ananias and Mary          		father
Thomas, __                 	April 10      	Tamerland and Frances     		father
Thrush, Sarah              	August 28     	George W and Sarah H      		father
Tinsley, __                	June 15       	Madison and Sarah         		father
Truman, Malinda            	June 20       	John and Sarah A          		father
Tucker, Andrew             	September 18  	Andrew and Harriett       		father
Tucker, David              	May 1         	Littlebury and Mary       		father
Tucker, Searann            	May 25        	Achilles and Lucy A       		father
Turner, Fletcher           	August 25     	William H and Eliza       		father
Vickers, Susan A           	May 28        	Canida and Lelia A        		mother
Walker, __                 	November 6    	A G and Mary              		father
Ward, Florence             	January 19    	William W and Sarah       		mother
White, Mary Ann            	September 24  	Cynthia A
Whitlock, James M         	August 2      	Giles and Sarah           		mother
Whitlock, Sarah F          	November 25   	Thomas I and Susan I      		father
Whitteker, Lilly           	September 20  	William A and Lelia       		father
Whittington, Virginia      	March 23      	Starke B and Rhoda        		mother
Wilkinson, __              	August 31     	Joseph D and Lucinda      		father
Wilson, __                 	December 21   	Crestes and Mary A        		father
Wilson, James              	April 28     	Nathaniel and Eliza       		father
Wiseman, Margaret E        	April 7      	William R and Nancy       		father
Withrow, John H            	December 27  	Lewis M and Rhoda         		father
Withrow, Samuel C          	November 17   	James and Elizabeth       		father
Woodram, William           	May 1       	John and Mary            		mother
Woodram,  William          	Nov    1      	John & Mary Woodram
Woods, Sarah F             	December 20   	Andrew J and Letha        		father
Wright, Mary E             	July 31   	Abraham and Rachel E      		father
Young, Emily               	July 6      	Charles W and Eliza       		mother
Young, Lewis G             	July 13      	Charles C and Margaret    		mother
Young, Maminta            

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