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1854 Kanawha County Births

Name                        Date          Parents                    Informant

Alexander, __               June 20       William and Mary           mother

Alexander, John D L         December 15   OYC and Mary               father

Allen, Samuel               April 10      James and Mary             father

Altz, Emory M               October 23    John and Frances           father

Angel, James A              August 7      Charles C and Mary         father

Armstead, Martha            June 23       James and Eliza            mother

Arthur, Rhoda               August 16     Levi and Sarilda Jane      father

Bailey, Lucinda             November 30   Alfred and Ann E           father

Bailey, William S           May 5         Bushrod and Elizabeth      father

Bias, Arepta                December 27   Rowland and Martha         mother

Billups, Melissa A          September 26  David and Mary             father

Blackshire, Delphia         July 15       Ebenezer and Moreah        father

Blaker, James A             March 8       John F and Louisa C        father

Booker, Henrietta           April 19      KM and Eliza               father

Borrer, Isaac               April 15      George and Naomi           father

Bowing, William A           March 5       Jarrett and Sarah          mother

Bowman, Charles             November 21   Taliaferro and Sarah       father

Boys, Iaurilla E M          April 21      Lewis and Medora           father

Brigham, Martha             April 18      Wm A and Margaretta        father

Britt, __                   December 29   James and Ann              father

Brogan, Lilly H             September 24  Wm B and Caroline          father

Brogan, Sanford             October 7     Isaac and Serena           mother

Brooks, Frederick           July 30       Nathaniel S and Laura      father

Buckner, Elizabeth          March 3       William and Eliza          mother

Burford, John M             October 15    John M and Martha          father

Burford, Mary C             February 6    James C and Mary           father

Burns, Frances              October 10    William A and Parmelia     James Shoemaker, grandfather

Butler, Isaac               January       Isaac and Mary             father

Cabell, Ella M              September 7   NB and Catherine           father

Calvert, Drusilla           January 30    Francis and Eliza          mother

Calvert, Julia              September 27  John and Nancy             mother

Campbell, Arrina            February 13   John and Mary              father

Carney, John B              December 15   Joseph and Mary            father

Carney, Margaret E          May 3         Silas and Lucinda          father

Carpenter, Robert           November 19   Granville and Elizabeth    father

Cart, __                    August 1      John and Delilah           father

Casdorp, __                 October 3     Delaney and Mary           father

Casdorp, Alice J            February 10   Francis and Mary           father

Cash, Joseph E              February 28   Powhatan and Margaret      father

Champ, Valeria              June 24       Sewell P and Almeda        father

Chandler, Eliza             November 15   George P and Martha        father

Childress, Sarah C          September 7   Nathan and Harriet         father

Chilton, Mary E             March 15      Joseph B and Martha        father

Christy, John               July 25       William and Caroline       mother

Christy, Lawrence E         January 14    Samuel and Minerva         Caroline Christy, sister-in-law

Clarke, Rachel J            July 4        William and Frances        father

Collins, Catherine          October 9     Thomas and Catherine       father

Comer, John                 September 8   James and Polly            father

Compson, Susan F            December 29   William and Harriet Ann    mother

Coon, Sarah V               August 3      Joel and Letitia           father

Copen, Sarah M              October 13    Chapman and Susan          father

Cowey, Anna L               July 26       Robert and Isabella        mother

Crank, James                September     William and Anastasia      father

Crawford, Clarke            June 11       Thomas and Eliza           mother

Crew, Margaret              August 15     Obadiah and Georgiana      father

Crotty, Virginia C          March 20      Daniel L and Angelina      father

Curry, Charles R            March 17      Charles and Jane D         father

Dailey, __                  June 30       David and Susan            mother

Daily, __                   June 30       David and Susan            mother

Darnel, Summers             October 19    Peter and Penelope         father

Davis, Philip B             August 18     William and Mary           father

Dawson, Marion              April 11      Manoah and Nancy           father

Dent, Arrissa Alice         November 8    Willis M and Eliza         father

Derrick, Charles            May 4         Andrew and Elizabeth       father

Donnally, Virginia          July 19       Lewis F and Eliza R        father

Dunlap, Alice               July 27       John and Jane              father

Eakin, Charles C            April 28      Thomas M and Elizabeth     father

Elswick, Rachel Ann E       March 27      Rice and Nancy             father

Escue, Guy F                March 20      John and Henrietta         father

Escue, Kenderick A          June 8        Kenderick and Martha       mother

Escue, Wythel H             March 7       Preston and Elizabeth      mother

Ewing, George               July 21       George and Elizabeth       father

Farley, Anna E              August 26     John W and Eliza           father

Fauber, Mary C              October 20    Alfred and Frances Ann     father

Ferrill, Ann Eliza          April 4       Henry and Nancy            father

Gardner, Sarah              May 8         Thomas and Catherine       father

Garrett, James W            January 1     James C and Elizabeth      father

Gay, Lucy Ann               February 6    Henry and Lucinda          father

Gebhart, Fanny              June 20       Charles and Margaret       father

Gebhart, Joseph             July 16       John G and Catherine       father

Gillespie, __               September 7   Empsey and Cornelia        mother

Gillispie, Olivia Ann       March 7       John and Rhoda             father

Given, Sarah                November 18   Adam and Mary              father

Goff, Hetty V               May 2         Mac and Auy                father

Goff, Pinkney               April 23      Smith and Elizabeth        father

Graham, Mathew              April 19      William and Mary Ann       father

Grass, Charles              March 17      Augustus and Susan         mother

Grass, Martha E             December 24   John and Nancy             father

Grass, William A            March 28      George W and Sarah         father

Griffith, George L          June 26       George W and Eurydice      father

Groshorn, John I            May 11        David and Sally L          father

Groves, Lilley              September     Perry A and Mildred        father

Guill, __                   December 16   Richard and Louisa         father

Guthrie, Lewis              May 18        James and Henrietta        father

Hagerman, Ellen W           July 16       William and Salley         mother

Hall, William V             June 22       James L and Sarah Ann E    father

Hamilton, James W           October 15    William and Sarah          father

Hammock, Wm                 July 30       St. Clair and Catherine    father

Hansford, Ora Susan         November      Milton and Margaret        father

Harmon, __                  September 5   John and Margaret          father

Harmon, Ann G               August 21     Wesley and Sidney          father

Harriman, Levi              August 18     Joshua and Margaret        father

Harris, James               April 15      Hiram and Sarah            father

Harris, Wm H                June 16       Nathan and Ann Eliza       father

Harrison, John W            May 5         Nathaniel and Alice        father

Hawkins, Alexander S        April 24      William N and Sarah        mother

Haynes, Mary                December 15   James and Jane             father

Hazlett, Mary F             December 9    Henry and Elizabeth        father

Hedrick, Katie              September 20  Charles and C H            father

Hensley, Catherine          July 11       William and Mary           father

Herrold, Sarah C            June 22       Dabney and Nancy           father

Higginbotham, Martha        March 10      Andrew and Melinda         father

Hill, Henry I               September 29  Lewis and Sarah            father

Hill, Selena                November 6    Lorenzo D and Mary E       father

Hively, John L              September 15  James and Mildred          father

Hobbs, Margaret             June 10       John and Martha            father

Hoffman, Lewis M            February 28   Michael and Nancy          father

Holcomb, Henry W            December 13   Norman and Parmelia        father

Holmes, Mary E              August 30     John and Catherine         father

Holt, Henry J               September 8   Thomas F and Matilda       father

Howell, Anna                March 22      William and Mary           mother

Howery, Jacob E             August 20     Samuel and Charlotte       father

Hubbard, __                 September 28  Creed T and Sarah A        father

Huddleston, __              May 15        Isam and Mary              father

Hudgins, Lucy J             August 24     John R and Ann             father

Hudnall, Eveline            May 20        Walter W and Cynthia       father

Hudnall, Sarah E            March 25      Thos. and Catherine        father

Hudson, Elliot              October 10    Andrew and Winney          father

Hudson, L                   August 3      Benj. F and Ursula         father

Hudson, Mary C              September 29  Davis and Jane             father

Hughes, Curtis              August 22     Andrew and Nancy           mother

Humphrey, Ann               December 11   William and Sarah          father

Hunt, Robert                May 10        Levi H and Eliza           father

Icenhower, Laura Ann        February 11   Joseph and Elizabeth       mother

Jarrett, Ann Eliza          May 22        Addison and Margaret       father

Jarrett, Marietta           November 14   Seth and Nancy             father

Jones, Rebecca              August 5      Charles and Mary           father

Kidd, Dioctesean Benjamin 		  John Benson & Amelia A. MARTIN

Keen, William C             August 30     James and Nancy            father

Keeney, Louisa              July 29       William S and Mary         father

Kennan, Andrew B            September     Peter and Margaret         father

Kersey, William             March 29      James and Cynthia          father

Kesinger, Canallis          January 10    Valentine and Mary         father

Keyser, Martha              April 20      Martin and Polly           mother

Kidd, John M                June 14       John and Emily             father

Kidd, Nancy                 December 27   James and Delilah          father

Koon, Joseph B              December 15   Benjamin and Rebecca       father

Lacey, Elizabeth            March 19      Spicer and Margaret        mother

Lanham, Louisa              December 18   John and Floretta          father

Lee, Cynthia                April 15      Sophia                     mother

Leftwich, Lucy M            May 30        Joel and Hannah            father

Lilley, Mary M              January 16    James N and Jiney          father

Malone, Rhoda S             January 31    William and Charlotte      mother

Marion, George Wallace      August 3      Shadrick and Martha Ann COOK

Martin, Clarissa            June 13       William and Nancy          father

Martin, Helen Lavinia       December 2    Nathan and Susan           father

Matthews, Thomas            April 19      Thomas and Ann             father

McClanahan, Alfred S        January 6     William and Virginia       father

McClure, Andrew J           September 27  Elijah M and Rhoda M       father

McLaughlin, Nancy           October 25    Daniel and Catherine       father

Meadows, Floyd              May 18        Harrison and Martha        father

Means, Minerva              September 14  John and Eliza             father

Meed, John H                September 10  Gilbert and Virginia       father

Milam, George F             April 28      John and Azelphia          father

Miller, Joseph              March 30      Robert and Phoebe          mother

Miller, Lawrence            June 15       Samuel A and Helen         father

Moles, Thresa               February 11   James and Sarah            father

Montgomery, Minerva E       February 17   James L and Eliza I        father

Morgan, Sarah C             November 5    John J and Ann Eliza       father

Moseley, Joseph Friend      August 20     John L and Pauline         mother

Mullin, Mary E              July 1        Gordon and Henrietta       father

Murphy, Charles W           January 28    Hiram and Jemima           father

Murray, James               November 9    Frederick and Elizabeth    mother

Naylor, America             November 20   Stephen and Eliza          father

Nickols, Sarah F            March 23      John and Sarah A           father

Oakes, George W             December 22   Allen and Betsey Ann       father

Osborne, Mark               September 15  Isaac and Selena           father

Page, Harriet C             October 11    Cornelius and Mary         father

Parsons, Sarah M            June 11       John and Mary              father

Patrick, Susan              February 17   Spicer and Virginia        father

Paul, __                    June 29       William and Mary           father

Pauley, John S              September 16  Buren and Nancy            father

Pauley, Parmelia            October 8     William and Emily          father

Paxton, Dicena              August 27     John and Mary              father

Perry, John L               February 28   John and Sarah             father

Phillips, Mary H            December 1    Squire I and Eliza         father

Poor, Mary Ellen            October 1     Robert and Nancy           father

Porter, __                  November 22   Benj. F and Mary C         father

Price, Mary F               November 4    Archibald and Lucinda      mother

Pruce, Benjamin F           October 11    George W and Rachel        father

Raines, Richard A           July 8        Joseph and Lydia           father

Reynolds, Thomas W          December 18   Henry W and Helen W        father

Richards, Elizabeth Ann     July 15       James R and Elizabeth      father

Ritter, Mary Ellen          March         John H and Elvira          father

Roberts, Albert Monroe      July 12       John and Elizabeth         mother

Roberts, Emily E            April 12      Theophilus and Melinda     father

Robinson, Andrew J          November 15   Andrew J and Lucretia      father

Robinson, Sarah             November 28   William and Clarrisa       father

Rogers, __                  March 12      Charles H and Sarah J      father

Rogers, Edward              December 29   Elijah and Ellen           father

Rogers, Patrick             December 15   James and Christiana       father

Rose, Henrietta             May 8         William and Finette        father

Ruby, Mary F                January 11    John C and Mary F          father

Rust, Mary E                March 13      William and Emma E         father

Sargent, __                 November 25   Abraham and Amelia         mother

Saunders, Lucy Jane         November 10   George W and Nancy E       father

Seasholes, Fraces W         May 22        Isaac and America E        father

Selby, William              December 23   Peter G and Edna           father

Shaver, William H           February 26   John D and Rachel          father

Shrewsbury, Hugh            May 8         William D and Martha D     father

Simms, Ann Eliza            March 7       Joel and Caroline          father

Simpson, John A             May           Peter and Milly            father

Slack, Chloe                April 26      Benjamin and Martha Ann    father

Slack, Minerva              December 16   Henry and Elizabeth        father

Slack, Sarah E              January 5     John Sr. and Jane          father

Slater, C C                 Nov. 7        Mariam Fisher & William A Slater

Slater, Mary F.             Sept 10       Elkana and Elizabeth FISHER Slater

Sleeth, Rachel              July 25       Malan and Eliza            mother

Smith, John                 November 27   RHM and Amacetta           father

Smith, Joseph N             July 1        John and Frances           father

Smith, Margaret             December 14   John S and Nancy           father

Smith, Phoebe G             June 11       William A and Sarah L      father

Snodgrass, Elizabeth Ann    April 24      Samuel and Minerva         mother

Snyder, Thomas              July 11       David H and Mary C         father

Spradling, Ann Eliza        February 20   Rohham and Julia Ann       father

Stanley, __                 February 11   Job and Ioanna             father

Stanley, Charles S          May 9         James and Mary J           father

Stickland, Anna C           May 11        Andrew and Anna            father

Stockton, Effie             October       John and Elizabeth         father

Stone, __                   September 10  David and Jane             father

Summerfield, Thomas         August 15     William and Nancy          father

Taylor, Lydia               June 15       John and Ann               father

Teays, Martha A             December 29   James S and Mary A         father

Thaxton, Robert D           December 17   James and Julia            father

Thomas, Helena              January 30    James and Emily            father

Thomas, Lilly D             June 23       Henry R and Mary           father

Thompson, Floyd             January 28    Ralph and Julia            father

Trent, William H            August 6      William H and Sarah        mother

Triplett, Helen Selma       March 27      William B and Sarah        father

Trudgian, Joseph B          July 25       John A and Sarah W         father

Turner, Eliza M             February 14   Van and Orena              mother

Tyler, __                   March 20      William W and Eliza        father

Vandall, Matty R            January 20    Edward D and Mary E        father

Venable, Charles D          February 17   William C and Catherine    father

Wallace, George S           August 20     Peter and Rachel           father

Warner, Lavinia             February 7    William and Jane           father

Welch, Mary F               February 16   Isaiah and Mary            father

Wells, __                   October 22    Lawson N and Maria         father

Wells, Eleanor              February 17   William and Elizabeth      William Wells Sr., grandfather

Wells, John                 February 17   William and Elizabeth      William Wells Sr., grandfather

Wheeler, Robert J           March 21      Addison and Sarah          mother

White, Julia A              May 8         Henderson and Rachel       father

Whitlock, __                October 11    Thomas and Susan T         father

Whittington, James          August 8      John and Nancy             father

Wiley, Thomas Alex          December 28   William and Ellen I        father

Willard, Louisa             March 15      William and Julia          father

William, William J          April 10      Robert and Mary            father

Williams, Mary E            December 27   Alex and Lucinda           mother

Wilson, William H           August 14     William S and Sarah        father

Wood, Edna V                January 26    Thornton F and Martha      father

Woodall, Erastus A          May 6         William A and Delilah      father

Woods, Lewis G              December 11   Robert and Martha Ann      mother

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