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1855 Kanawha County Births

Name                         Date            Parents                       Informant

Alexander, Martha            May 3           William and Mary              father

Anderson, James M            March 21        Edward and Mary J             father

Angel, William H             January 26      George G and Mary J           father

Arnold, Kate V               January 6       Enos and Cynthia              father

Asbury, Andrew J             November 12     William and Mary              father

Asbury, Martha               December 7      Henry and Lucinda             father

Atkinson, Mary C             February 4      James and Miriam              father

Baber, James C               August 27       James and Martha C            father

Bailey, Charls F             October 1       Bushrod and Elizabeth         father

Basham, Amanda               May 4           Anderson and Frances          mother

Woodram, Hannah Isabella     April 11        John & Mary Martha Woodram

Bays, William B              April 25        Isaac and Emma Jane           mother

Bean, Arabella               March 12        John J and Mary               father

Bean, Medora                 June 25         Archibald and Margaret        father

Beaver, Melinda              March 5         Cyrus and Mary                father

Bibby, ___                   August 23       Joseph and Margaret           father

Billups, Samuel              December 24     Richard A and Mahuldah        father

Binswanger, Caroline         February 1      Solomon and Eliza             Samuel Binswanger, uncle

Blackwell, David             November 7      Jacob and Margaret            father

Blount, Eliza Jane           July 1          William and Mary              father

Board, Joseph                November 7      Patrick and Rebecca           father

Boggess, Elizabeth           October 10      George and Mildred            father

Boggess, Melissa             March 1         William and Caroline          father

Boggs, Mark                  April 11        James E and Jane              father

Bonham, Nancy Jane           March 3         William and Adeline           father

Botkin, Edward Alonzo        August 6        Chapman J and Sarah           mother

Brammer, ___                 August 30       Lorenzo and Lucinda           father

Brawley, Emmeline            March 5         Washington and Catherine      father

Brogan, Arabella             December 1      James and Mary                father

Brown, Jacob G               September 7     Jerome and Martha J           father

Brown, Nancy                 March 5         William and Susanna           father

Bryant, Amanda V             September 4     James N and Alethea           father

Bryant, William              August 12       Charles and Nancy             father

Buford, James A              September 15    James C and Mary M            father

Burdett, Allisa              January 28      Charles and Delilah           father

Burdett, Wm                  September 15    Harvey and Sarah              father

Burditt, Mary                August 8        Madison and Minerva           father

Burgess, Henry A W           June 6          Fleming and Adelia            father

Burgess, Henry F             February 4      Thomas C and Judith           father

Burks, Elizabeth Ann         August 26       John and Nancy                mother

Campbell, ___                August 28       John and Rhoda                father

Campbell, ___                September 14    William and Elizabeth         father

Campbell, Archer             December 31     Archer and Mary               father

Campbell, Eliza              September 20    John H and Eliza              father

Canterbury, William H        July 1          Lewis and Elizabeth           father

Carlisle, Martha             October 20      John M and Sarah              father

Cart, David R                November 24     Richard and Mahala            father

Casdorph, Emma A             December 28     Francis and Mary              father

Cavender, Nancy              March 21        Andrew J and Emily            father

Chambers, Samuel             February        ___ and Victoria              father

Clark, John W                April 18        Owen B and Nancy              father

Clarke, Henry                October 15      Moses and Nancy               father

Clay, John W                 March 11        Burwell and Biddy Ann         father

Cliff, George W              October 20      George W and Sarah            father

Cobb, Joseph                 December 12     Hildevert and Sarah           mother

Cobb, Nancy                  April 15        William and Catherine         father

Cobbs, Mary A                November 11     Fleming and Lucy              father

Cobbs, Thomas                September 16    Richard and Caroline          father

Coleman, Lindsey             December 30     David and Christian           father

Coleman, Noah                September 2     Nathaniel and Isabella        father

Comer, Sarah E               March 10        Joseph B and Angelina         father

Coon, Mary Elizabeth         June 8          Jubah and Salley A            mother

Cooper, Villa Ann            December 8      Wiley and Margaret            Zalinda Price, grandmother

Copen, Margaret              November 19     Clinton D and Margaret        father

Cottrel, William A           December 28     Patrick and Elizabeth         mother

Cox, Ida                     May 25          William R and Eliza           Ann Wood, grandmother

Craig, Virginia E            November 2      Robert and Adeline            mother

Crawford, Margaret           May 15          Joseph and Julia A            father

Creasey, ___                 December 17     Wyatt R and Sarah             father

Creasy, ___                  June 9          Henry L and Martha            father

Crouch, John                 November 30     Dennis and Sarah              father

Crouch, John                 November 30     Dennis and Sarah              father

Crouch, Parthenia            September 2     Robert and Harriet            father

Cundiff, John F              May 7           John and Rhoda                mother

Cunningham, Cynthia          June 12         Andrew and Eliza              father

Cunningham, Frances          August 31       William H and Frances         father

Danbury, William H           July 11         Nathaniel and Mary A          father

Davis, Allen                 March 1         James and Sarah               mother

Davis, Henrietta             February 17     Henry J and Caroline          father

Davis, Sarah A               October 5       Christopher and Elizabeth     mother

Dawson, Susanna              June 15         Robert and Elizabeth          father

Dennis, ___                  November 17     Sylvanus N and Catherine      father

Derrick, ___                 July 16         Andrew and Elizabeth          father

Dickson, James Oden          January 2       James H and Barbara           mother

Dickson, Matthew Eli         January 2       James H and Barbara           mother

Douglas, Amelia              September 15    John and Julia                father

Dow, William Preston         November 26     James and Rebecca J           father

Dunlap, Mary                 March 20        Wilson and Julia              father

Eastwood, Emma J             September 12    Watson and Isabella           father

Edens, Henrietta             February 9      John and Elizabeth            father

Edens, Sarah                 June 29         Bird B and Catherine          father

Edens, William D             November 15     James and Harriet             father

Elswick, Caroline            February 10     Roswell and Ellen             mother

Elswick, Mereley             February 2      Joseph and Elizabeth          father

Elswick, Sarah C             December 10     Rice A and Nancy              Andrew and Mary Pritt, neighbors

Escue, ___                   May 10          Andrew and Hannah A           father

Estep, Martha                December 15     Andrew and Nancy              father

Estep, Rufus F               August 15       Westley and Polly             father

Estill, H V W                January 30      Davis and Maria               father

Field, Timothy               December 21     John and Elizabeth            mother

Fielder, Jessie C            December 28     Fountain G and Margaret       father

Fisher, Josephine            September 15    John and Mary SHIRKEY         father

Ford, Susan                  June 11         Alonzo and Susan              father

Fore, Rachel                 August 15       Charles and Margaret          father

Fowler, Adam                 February 4      Lewis and Sarah               mother

Franklin, Charles E          January 12      John W and Elizabeth          father

Gatewood, Sarah              August 15       Perry and Sarah               father

Gay, ___                     March 15        William and Hannah            father

Gaylor, Susan                December 30     William H and Martha          father

Goff, Hiram                  December 24     John and Mary                 father

Graham, America              May 15          James and Jane                father

Graham, James                June 9          William and Mahuldah          father

Graham, Martha G             June 26         William and Elizabeth         mother

Graley, William              November 15     Thomas and Ruth               father

Griffith, Irvin              December 20     Isaac and Mary J              mother

Hall, Columbus V             June 5          William and Elizabeth         father

Hammock, Andrew J            March 15        Andrew and Mary               mother

Hammond, Charles W           November 9      John and Nancy                father

Hannah, Samuel               December 30     Samuel and Charlotte          father

Hansford, Liliam M           May 25          Felix G and Sarah Luella      father

Harmon, Enoch G              December 6      John and Margaret Ann         father

Harris, Clinia Ann           October 4       John and Mary Ann             father

Harris, Margaret             September 10    Gideon and Mahala             father

Harris, Robert               September 10    Gideon and Mahala             father

Hastings, ___                March 15        James and Mary                father

Hastings, Caroline           September 11    James and Isalinda            mother

Henley, Thomas C             January 18      Samuel and Hester A           father

Herkins, Samuel              September 15    Samuel and Catherine          father

Hicks, Hannah M              December 20     William and Minerva           father

Hill, ___                    April 1         Nelson and Sarah              father

Hill, Lavinia                August 10       Gordon and Mary               father

Hill, Sinnett A              February 20     Martin and Rebecca            mother

Hilton, ___                  October 14      Eli W and Jane                father

Hoffman, Laura Ann           January 7       Perry and Frances             mother

Hoffman, Wm H                November        William H and Mary            mother

Hoffman, Wm H                October 29      Wm H and Mary F               mother

Holly, James M               December 25     William P and Rhoda           father

Holmes, B F                  February 2      Fountain W and Sarah          father

Holstein, Mandaville L       December 3      John and Rebecca              father

Huddleston, Eliza            June 25         Isham and Mary                father

Huddleston, Luella           July 1          Job and Elizabeth             mother

Hudnall, Julia               February 9      Joseph and Cynthia            father

Hudnall, Milton              February 9      Joseph and Cynthia            father

Hudson, Rachel M             November 28     Samuel S and Eveline S        mother

Humphrey, George C           May 10          William H and Sarah           mother

Hunt, Joseph                 August 19       Joseph and Mary               father

Hutson, Sarah                March 26        Joel and Eliza                father

Icenhower, John T            June 1          John and Mary                 father

Johnson, Elizabeth Ann       April 15        William and Sarah             father

Johnson, John                January 23      Milburn and Elizabeth         mother

Johnson, Mordecai D          July 19         James and Sarah               father

Jones, Alethea A             September 15    Thomas A and Elizabeth A      father

Jones, Robert W              September 10    John H and Matilda            father

Jones, Thomas                March 10        Thomas and Susan              father

Jordan, Charles W            January 22      Wesley and Martha             father

Justice, Allisa              May 11          Turner and Sarah M            father

Keeney, Mary E               August 15       Foster and Eliza Jane         William E Keeney, uncle

Kidd, John W                 November 10     John and Amelia               father

King, Edward                 April 23        Geo. W and Rhoda              father

King, Virginia A             January 6       Wiley and Dicey               father

Kirk, ___                    May 10          William and Anna              father

Kirt, Frances                June 18         William and Sally             father

Kisinger, Benton             November 24     Valentine and Mary            father

Knight, Benjamin F           June 28         John S and Nancy              father

Lacy, Nancy                  September 14    Thompson and America          father

Lacy, Orra W                 August 15       Moses and Francina            father

Lanham, ___                  November 12     Benjamin and Susan            father

Light, Mary E                March 5         Joseph E and Rachel           mother

Lilly, Margery               January 26      Samuel G and Elizabeth        father

Lilly, William N             May 14          N B and Catherine             father

Lively, Zuleka               February 14     William and Diana             father

Lynn, John                   January 7       Henry C and Melinda           father

Mahan, Melissa J             March 15        James E and Elizabeth M       father

Malone, Houston              April 19        Thos. W and Martha            father

Martin, Harriet Ann          January 10      John L and Lucinda            mother

Martin, James P              August 19       George W and Melinda          mother

Matheny, Emeline             March 22        Michael and Margaret          father

Matheny, Margaret            November 19     John C and Margaret           father

Matthews, William            December 25     Francis and Mary              father

Mays, ___                    July            Edward M and Mary             father

McClasky, Demarias           September 29    Samuel and Margaret           father

McClasky, Sarah              February 1      James and Nancy               father

McCormick, Ann               December 15     Albert and Mary               father

McDaniel, Chapman            April 26        Chapman and Sally             father

Meachy, John                 August 17       Timothy and Mary Ann          father

Meadows, Braden A            October 20      Jacob and Sarah               father

Melton, ___                  February 15     Jubal and Delilah             father

Midkiff, Mary                March 2         Samuel and Susan              father

Miles, John Gibson           February 26     William and Martha F          mother

Miller, Charles              March 15        William J and Ruth A          father

Miller, George E             May 24          Joseph and Rebecca            father

Miller, Mary                 April 20        Absalom and Mary A            father

Minner, Sarah E              June 23         Joseph H and Elizabeth        mother

Moles, Hannah                March 12        Job and Martha                father

Montgomery, Caroline         March 1         James and Eliza               mother

Montgomery, Willie Ellen     June 15         Michael and Elizabeth         father

Moore, Charles B             January 20      Philip and Christian          father

Morgan, ___                  December 22     Philip N and Lucy Jane        father

Morris, Rebecca E            September 30    Stephen and Martha            father

Newhouse, Rebecca            March 15        Michael and Jane              father

Newton, Mastin               November 29     David H and Rebecca           father

Oakes, Adelia                December 8      Allen and Elizabeth           mother

O'Daniel, James              December 15     Andrew and Frances            father

O'Daniel, Rachel             February 5      John and Priscilla            father

Older, Henry N               April 23        Edward and Susan              father

Oliver, James William        March 26        James and Mathena Ann         father

Osborne, Charles H           April 15        Charles and Nancy             father

Pancake, Richard H           March 23        George and Mary Ann           father

Parks, Laura W               October 27      John and Lucy                 father

Parsell, Mary E              April 30        Richard and Betty             father

Pauley, Adelia               August 19       Solomon and Elizabeth         father

Pauley, Flournoy             May 1           Washington and Emily          father

Payne, Jane                  August 10       Andrew I and Ann              father

Perry, Leanza A              November 18     George W and Elizabeth        James B Perry, grandfather

Perry, Nancy Jane            September 10    Robert F and Eliza            father

Persinger, Melissa           December 20     Kenneth and Lucinda           father

Piles, Lenora F              May 21          Charles L and Melinda         father

Pritt, Henry D               September 6     Andrew and Mary               father

Quarrier, Thomas             November 17     Joel S and Frances C          father

Rader, Margaret              September 15    Bennett and Ann               father

Rand, Nancy                  June            Christopher and Nancy Ann     father

Reese, Joseph                February 28     William B and Mary            father

Rimmer, Albert               August 17       Robert G and Minerva          father

Roberts, William             December 15     William and Elizabeth         father

Robinson, James R            April           Samuel and Sarah A            father

Robinson, James R            April           Samuel and Sarah Ann          father

Robinson, Nancy A            July 31         James C and Polly             mother

Rogers, James A              June 13         James H and Emma              father

Russel, John P               July 13         John and Mary                 mother

Russel, Mary J               March 22        Samuel and Serena             father

Rust, Emma A                 November 1      Richard and Felicia           father

Rust, Laura V                June 15         William T and Emma            father

Samples, Mark                December 1      Hiram and Caroline            father

Saunders, ___                April 7         William and Elizabeth         father

Saunders, Olivia             November 3      John T and Frances            father

Seachrist, Mary              November 25     Henry and Barbara             father

Selba, Timothy G             December 21     Richard T and Lurinda         father

Shirkey, John A              February 14     William W and Nancy           father

Silman, John                 September 15    James P and Matilda           father

Slater, James                April 22        John and Mary                 father

Smith, Alsaretta             October 26      Francis M and Amanda V        father

Smith, Andrew A              May 13          James A and Sarah             father

Smith, Pleasant A            June 19         Wm and Mary C                 father

Smith, Samuel A              October 17      Henry F and Sarah Ann         mother

Smoot, ___                   October 5       William H and Margaret        father

Smoot, Sarah J               December 18     D C and Mary E                father

Snead, Mary F                January 16      John and Mary Ellen           Preston Whitlock, grandfather

Spradling, Thomas            May 26          Rodham and Julia Ann          mother

Spriegle, Sarah Alice        June 29         John and Sarah                mother

Spurlock, ___                September 11    Richard and Elizabeth         father

Starke, Henry A              August 2        Fielding and Philena F        father

Stephenson, James H          December 17     John A and Phoebe A           father

Stricklin, Darlena           July 28         Andrew and Anna               father

Thaxton, John H              February 13     John and Fanny Ann            father

Thaxton, Robert D            December 17     James and Julia               father

Thomas, ___                  June 10         Henry R and Mary              father

Thomas, Andrew J             June 8          David S and Caroline          father

Thomas, John W               July 4          Robert and Martha             father

Thompson, Betty              November 17     Ralph and Julia A             father

Tolly, ___                   November 8      Alfred and Alethia            father

Toney, Susana                July 31         John and Jane                 father

Tucker, Delilah              November 24     Middlebury and Mary           mother

Tucker, Richard              July 6          James R and Emily             mother

Turley, Mc__                 July 15         Preston S and Mary            father

Turner, Alice                June 3          William H and Elizabeth       mother

Tyler, ___                   May 14          William W and Elizabeth       father

Vickers, ___                 May 28          Thomas A and Melissa          father

Vickers, Lucy Minerva        December 6      Elias and Leah                mother

Walker, James M              February 14     William and Susanna           mother

Walker, James R              December 21     Alexander and Mary Ann        mother

Warner, Labinia              September 14    William W and Jane            father

Wehrle, ___                  ??              Victoria                      father

West, Mary Y                 March 19        Isaac A and Ellen             father

White, Marg. E               May 8           William C and Serena          father

Whitlock, Emmeline           March 20        Giles and Sarah               father

Whittaker, James P           September       William A and Lelia           father

Wilkinson, Nancy A           March 10        William and Martha            father

Williams, ___                December 12     John and Mary                 father

Williams, ___                December 30     Simon and Malinda             mother

Williams, ___                September 30    Andrew J and Margaret         father

Williams, Leah               April 14        Robert and Nancy              father

Wilson, Margaret             March 6         Alintia and Mary              father

Wiseman, Eremintha           May 15          William R and Nancy           father

Withrow, Drusilla            June 24         Robert and Martha             father

Withrow, Margaret            January 30      William and Nancy             father

Withrow, Mary                March 18        James and Eliza               father

Wood, Floyd                  November 14     Thornton and Martha J         father

Woodram, Hannah Isabella     April 11        John and Mary Martha          mother

Woody, Viola S               May 30          Fleming and Elizabeth         mother

Woody, William G             January         William G and Mary Ann        father

Young, George                December 27     Chas. and Mary                father

Young, James                 December 27     Chas. and Mary                father

Young, James Edward          January 5       Jonathan and Catherine        father

Young, Laura                 November 20     James S and Mary E            father

Young, Lewis                 April 10        Lewis and America             father

Young, Mary J                April 6         Henry and Sarah Mildred       mother

Young, Roxala                December 28     Charles W and Elizabeth       father

Young, Vincent A             June 10         Charke and Elizabeth E        father

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