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Ramsey Cemetery

While researching my Family Tree, I found out that the Ramsey Cemetery had been moved about 1979, since a lot of my family was buried there I decided to try to find out where they were moved. I got in touch with Mr. Ivan Kapp at the WV D.O.T. and he said he could send me all the pertinent information, which he did, and I want to Thank him again for his co-operation.

When the WV D.O.T. decided to build Interstate 79 through the area known as Coopers Creek, Kanawha Co., it created what is known as land locked property. This means that the property used by D.O.T. to construct the right of way and the highway would prevent access to the property known as the Ramsey Cemetery. The state contacted the family members and gave them a small amount of money for reinterrment of their family in another resting place. A lot of the families refused at first, thinking it wrong to move the bodies of their loved ones but the WV D.O.T. won out and most of them were moved to six different cemeteries. Elk Hills Memorial Park, Sunset Memorial Park, Grandview Memorial Park, Spring Hill Cemetery, Taylor Cemetery and Jarrett Cemetery.

Mr. Kapp also sent maps, blueprints, and information on who was paid and some pictures of gravestones that were moved. Some of the reinterrment records have sections and plot numbers but not all of them. If anyone is interested in this info feel free to contact me at

The list he sent me is as follows:

Not to be moved:
Ramsey, Baby
Crowder, William D.
Ramsey, Belle
Ramsey, Gertie
Ramsey, Goldie
Ramsey, Mabel
Woody, Liza
Milam, Marian
Milam, Herman
Ramsey, Harve
Shamblen, George Jr.
Shamblen, Lottie Milam
Ramsey, James
Ramsey, Jane
Mace, Will

Reinterred at Jarrett Cemetery:
Tucker, Alice Jo (baby)
Ramsey, Lonnie R.
Braley, Cullie A.
Copen, Tonya Sue

Reinterred at Grandview Cemetery:
Waldin, Nina M.

Reinterrred at Sunset Memorial Park:
Bryant, Janice Beverly

Reinterred at Taylor Cemetery:
Cavender, James Lester
Cavender, Sarah J.

Reinterred at Spring Hill Cemetery:
Brisentine, (baby, unknown family)
Jones, (baby)
Baby unknown
Male Baby unknown
Slack, Nancy
Mullins, Michael Steven

Reinterred in Elk Hills Memorial Park:
Hanes, Dale Jr.
Good, Dorothy A.
Good, Connie A.
Ramsey, James Clifford
Ramsey, Alpha May
Ramsey, Ira
Wilson, Retha Belle
Quigley, Charles P.
Wilson, Charles W.
Quigley, Edward McDowell
Wilson, Sarah Parthenia
Quigley, Emmett Franklin
Quigley, Thompson McDowell
Wilson, William M.
Douglas, Judy Faye
Wilson, George
Wilson, Susan
Ramsey, James Ronald
Quigley (baby)
Quigley (baby)
Quigley, Mary Francis
Quigley, Larry Jr.
Quigley, Janies
Cavender, Freda Faye

Submitted by: Rodney Fink at

Kanawha County Cemetery Records