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I-77 North to Exit 116 State Rt 21 North to State Rt 19 West. Approximately 1-1/2 miles on right. In addition to the below, there are numerous fieldstones and unmarked graves.

BAILEY, Margaret SLATER  01/21/1932- (w/o Russell M. BAILEY) (Wed 11/12/1949)
BAILEY, Russell M.  07/21/1930- (h/o Margaret SLATER BAILEY) (Wed 11/12/1949)

BOGGESS, Catherine  1817-1881 
BOGGESS, Charles E.  1921-1999 (h/o Helen L. BOGGESS)
BOGGESS, Dollie G.  07/02/1915-04/01/1978 (w/o Wilson B. BOGGESS)
BOGGESS, Ellen Lorane  04/05/1936-02/15/1953
BOGGESS, Flem E.  1901-1981 (h/o Mabel N. BOGGESS)
BOGGESS, Garnes Waveleen  10/09/1926-06/21/1947 (hand painted on ciderblock)
BOGGESS, Helen L.  1922-  (w/o Charles E. BOGGESS)
BOGGESS, Mabel N.  1903-1946 (w/o Flem E. BOGGESS)
BOGGESS, Wilson B.  11/17/1912-11/02/1991 (h/o Dollie G. SLATER)

CASTO, Bettina Gail  12/31/1956-01/01/1957
CASTO, Clytie B.  11/27/1909-  (w/o Leo B. CASTO)
CASTO, Leo B.  02/05/1905-07/17/1960 (h/o Clytie B. CASTO)
CASTO, Robert Pernell  1936-1936

FISHER, Inez May  10/01/1908-09/01/1982 (mother of Charles, Ray & Roy)

GARNES, Betty J.  1889-1974 (w/o George W. GARNES)
GARNES, Dennis E.  1924-1995
GARNES, Dessie May SLATER  03/29/1894-11/11/1928 (w/o Peter B. GARNES)
GARNES, George W.  1880-1936 (h/o Betty J. GARNES)
GARNES, Infant son of Patan & M. F. GARNES Died 12/07/1871
GARNES, James E.  04/04/1881-12/29/1998
GARNES, James Parley 07/28/1925-06/09/1930 (s/o Peter B. & Dessie M. GARNES)
GARNES, John  11/04/1847-02/01/1920
GARNES, John William  05/12/1921-07/07/1944 PVT 1C Killed in France (photo)
GARNES, Leo Ferrell  06/03/1929-08/13/1950 WV CPL 31 AF FIGHTER GP (photo)
GARNES, Mary M. 02/11/1876-11/08/1896 (d/o Patan & M. F. GARNES)
GARNES, Peter B.  10/09/1875-11/07/1949 (h/o Dessie May SLATER GARNES)

HARRISON, Charles H.  1925-1945 (photo)
HARRISON, Roy E.  1930-1951 (photo)

HARVEY, Imogene  08/07/1960-01/08/1961

HICKS, Albert Ray  04/28/1931
HICKS, Esta SLATER  1905-1990 (w/o Vaney HICKS)
HICKS, Norris D.  07/10/1924-09/18/1966 WV MSR1 US NAVY WWII KOREA
HICKS, Vaney  1895-1976 PVT US ARMY WWI (h/o Esta SLATER HICKS)

HIGGINBOTHAM, Katie GARNES  1880-1908 (w/o Orville B. HIGGINBOTHAM)
HIGGINBOTHAM, Orville B.  1873-1939  (h/o Katie GARNES HIGGINBOTHAM)

HULL, Clowney M.  07/18/1885-01/24/1953
HULL, Delia E.  Died 05/01/1961 (d/o Benjamin F. & Sarah A. JONES)

JONES, Austle E.  02/25/1895-01/21/1962
JONES, Barney E.  03/21/1899-08/23/1986 (h/o Velcie JONES) (Wed 04/30/1928)
JONES, Benjamin Franklin  05/27/1865-01/03/1926 (h/o Sarah Agnes BOGGESS JONES)
JONES, Betty Jo  1934-1934 (d/o Barney E. & Velcie JONES)
JONES, Della D.  1888-1890 (d/o Benjamin F. & Sarah A. JONES)
JONES, Earl Ray Jr.  05/16/1947-08/02/1999 Age 52
JONES, Earl Ray Sr.  09/29/1921-01/10/1993 PVT US ARMY WWII
JONES, George E.  07/15/1890-05/29/1974
JONES, Imogene  1932-1932 (d/o Barney E. & Velcie JONES)
JONES, Iva HACKNEY  05/28/1912-12/23/1994
JONES, J. Wilson  1897-1898 (s/o Benjamin F. & Sarah A. JONES)
JONES, Larry D.  08/31/1951-01/28/1953
JONES, Lelia E.  1903-1928 (d/o Benjamin F. & Sarah A. JONES)
JONES, Leon  08/16/1884-11/03/1953 (h/o Mary THOMAS JONES)
JONES, Mary E.  1887-1891 (d/o Benjamin F. & Sarah A. JONES)
JONES, Mary THOMAS  01/05/1884-10/08/1967 (w/o Leon JONES)
JONES, Opie E.  03/21/1899 (s/o Benjamin F. & Sarah A. JONES)
JONES, Sarah Agnes BOGGESS  03/20/1867-11/07/1933 (w/o Benjamin Franklin JONES)
JONES, Velcie  04/30/1908-11/24/1984 (w/o Barney E. JONES) (Wed 04/30/1928)
JONES, William Bennett  07/20/1908-01/17/1992 (h/o Iva HACKNEY JONES)

KING, Gay  1890-1971 (w/o Vollie E. KING)
KING, Vollie E.  1885-1956 (h/o Gay KING)

LANHAM, Della Dale  1910--1940

MATTHEWS, Melva Jean  1936-1953

MOLES, Wendell R.  06/20/1970-07/29/1977 (Grandson of Luke & Vannie SLATER)

MOSS, Ernie B.  1889-1950 (w/o Leftridge V. MOSS)
MOSS, Leftridge V.  1891-1979 (h/o Ernie B. MOSS)

SHAMBLEN, Carshell D.  10/02/1909-02/04/1963 WV PVT US ARMY WWII
SHAMBLEN, Minerva Paradine  12/09/1877-07/10/1957 (w/o Willie Edward SHAMBLEN)
SHAMBLEN, Stanley E.  08/24/1907-09/23/1929
SHAMBLEN, Willie Edward  03/19/1885-06/27/1976 (h/o Minerva Paradine SHAMBLEN)

SKEEN, Helen BOGGESS  05/08/1934-02/15/1953

SLATER, Burga BAILEY  05/05/1894-03/16/1989 (w/o William L. SLATER)
SLATER, Clarence N.  1886-1956 (Shared stone with James D. SLATER)
SLATER, Claude O.  1892-1984  (h/o Mollie T. SLATER)
SLATER, Elkana  1831-1875 (h/o Elizabeth SLATER) (footstone reads EWS)
SLATER, Elkana Norris  1861-1927 (h/o Ida HARRISON SLATER)
SLATER, Elizabeth  1831-1891  (w/o Elkana SLATER)
SLATER, Frances C.  06/12/1925-09/20/1991 (w/o John N. SLATER)
SLATER, Golden A.  07/26/1919-11/12/1976
SLATER, Ida HARRISON  1873--1936
SLATER, Infant son of Claude O. & Mollie T. SLATER  1935
SLATER, Infant son of Elkana & Elizabeth SLATER Died 04/08/1867 Age 13 days 
SLATER, Infant son of Elkana & Elizabeth SLATER Died 04/11/1867 Age 15 days
SLATER, James D.  1927-1927 (Shared stone with Clarence N. SLATER)
SLATER, James Robert  04/03/1943-01/13/1950 Aged 6 years 9 months 10 days
SLATER, John  02/04/1807-11/1892 (h/o Mary SLATER)
SLATER, John N.  01/31/1926-09/03/1992 (h/o Frances C. SLATER)
SLATER, Josephine E.  1868-1910 (w/o William P. SLATER)
SLATER, Luke S.  1895-1963 (h/o Vannie J. SLATER)
SLATER, Martha L.  08/24/1906-01/18/1998 (w/o Rome A. SLATER)
SLATER, Mary  05/01/1808-05/18/1884 (w/o John SLATER)
SLATER, Mollie T.  1899-1968 (w/o Claude O. SLATER)
SLATER, Robert R.  10/13/1915-02/22/1980 S1 US NAVY WWII
SLATER, Rome A.  09/04/1907-10/21/1976 (h/o Martha L. SLATER)
SLATER, Vannie J.  1899-1972 (w/o Luke S. SLATER)
SLATER, William E.  1897--1965
SLATER, William L.  12/15/1890-09/30/1975 (h/o Burga BAILEY SLATER)
SLATER, William P.  1858-1935 (h/o Josephine E. SLATER)

SMITH, Clifford R. 03/03/1907-12/29/1983 US Navy WWII (h/o Adna M. SMITH)
SMITH, Adna M.  12/17/1905-01/10/1944

STAPLETON, Edith May  08/05/1939-12/31/1939 (d/o W. Arthur & Mabel S. STAPLETON)
STAPLETON, Mabel S.  1916-  (w/o W. Arthur STAPLETON)
STAPLETON, W. Arthur  1912-1993 (h/o Mabel S. STAPLETON)

SUMMERS, William H.  03/11/1902-08/14/1958

TALBERT, Carl C.  1915-1944 PFC (photo) (Nobly he fell while fighting for liberty) 
(s/o O. E. TALBERT)


YOUNG, Lucille HICKS  1921-1964

Transcribed by William Morris Higginbotham -
Kanawha County Cemetery Records