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Dan Slater Cemetery

Located on Kanawha County Road 19/4, Trace Fork ~500' past Dan Slater Hollow on right at top of ridge.

BARKER, Clyde  04/25/1915-11/29/1986  PFC US ARMY WWII  h/o E. Virginia BARKER
BARKER, E. Virginia  1922-1975  w/o Clyde BARKER

BOGGESS, Bryan  04/10/1898-04/21/1977  h/o Lillian BOGGESS
BOGGESS, David C.  07/10/1920-  h/o Sarah H. BOGGESS
BOGGESS, David C., Jr.  12/28/1950-10/21/1966  s/o David C. & Sarah H. BOGGESS
BOGGESS, Frances Allene  07/13/1924-03/22/1947
BOGGESS, Imogene  1935-1935
BOGGESS, Lillian  05/22/1911-03/11/1990  w/o Bryan BOGGESS
BOGGESS, Lomi  1930-1931 
BOGGESS, Mahala Mae  1936-1944
BOGGESS, Nancy Lou  1940-1941
BOGGESS, Sarah H.  10/17/1927-12/11/1997  w/o David C. BOGGESS
BOGGESS, Sidney SLATER  06/19/1899-02/27/1933
BOGGESS, Steven Franklin  1943-1943 
BOGGESS, William Bryan  1932-1952 

HARPER, Archie P.  1916-1983  w/o Larchie L. HARPER
HARPER, Larchie L.  1913-1954  h/o Archie P. HARPER
HARPER, Russell E.  02?/14/1939-04/07/1990  Age 51  s/o Larchie & Archie HARPER

HARRISON, America SLATER  1862-1899  w/o Marion HARRISON
HARRISON, Darlena  11/19/1901-10/29/1973  w/o Shirley O. HARRISON
HARRISON, Eldorado  02/16/1932
HARRISON, Shirley O.  11/01/1898-04/21/1976  h/o Darlena HARRISON

HIGGINBOTHAM, Allen S.  1892-1918  PVT Co. F. 318 INF  s/o Adison & Emma HIGGINBOTHAM
HIGGINBOTHAM, Althea E.  1920-1921  d/o Enos B. & Stella E. HIGGINBOTHAM
HIGGINBOTHAM, Clenna  11/21/1899-10/09/1966
HIGGINBOTHAM, Emma SLATER  03/03/1864-09/01/1937  w/o Adison HIGGINBOTHAM
HIGGINBOTHAM, Kittie Iola  10/21/1932-10/17/1933  d/o Enos B. & Stella E. HIGGINBOTHAM
HIGGINBOTHAM, Sally SLATER  Died 1888 & Infant son  w/o Perry HIGGINBOTHAM
HIGGINBOTHAM, Siguel  11/26/1901-05/14/1988

HORN, Russell S.  1917-1979  h/o Violet K. HORN
HORN, Russell S., Jr.  1943  Age 29d
HORN, Violet K.  1919-1989  w/o Russell S. HORN

MATTHEWS, Freda  No dates
MATTHEWS, Henry  No dates

MOSS, Bernard  03/27/1925-11/04/1983
MOSS, Erma BOGGESS  08/18/1925-10/29/1996

PHILLIPS, Alma A.  06/12/1898-06/01/1998  w/o Oscar H. PHILLIPS
PHILLIPS, Infant daughters
PHILLIPS, Oscar Harvey  02/01/1895-09/09/1935  PVT 12th CO 7th REG WVA INF  h/o Alma L. 	PHILLIPS
PHILLIPS, Treva H.  1908-19__  h/o Viva H. PHILLIPS
PHILLIPS, Viva H.  1916-1941  w/o Treva H. PHILLIPS

SLATER, Christopher Columbus "Lum"  11/07/1854-08/21/1938  h/o Sophia Ann HART SLATER
SLATER, Daniel D.  1886-1961
SLATER, David  Died 06/26/1874  Aged 1m/10d
SLATER, Deborah V.  1958-1965  d/o William G., Sr. & Juanita J. SLATER
SLATER, Dora M.  1893-1973
SLATER, Infant son  Born 05/01/1867
SLATER, Juanita J.  1935-  w/o William G. SLATER Sr.
SLATER, Leander  Died 02/06/1876  Aged 24y/2m/18d  s/o William A. & Mariam SLATER
SLATER, Mariam  1833-1904
SLATER, Mariam  Born 03/04/1832  w/o William A. SLATER
SLATER, Nishel L.  06/26/1911-01/10/1983  CPL US ARMY WWII
SLATER, Robert A. Laney  1959-1965  s/o William G., Sr. & Juanita J. SLATER
SLATER, Sophia Ann HART  07/03/1855-08/24/1931  w/o Christopher Columbus SLATER
SLATER, Teresa F.  1960-1965  d/o William G., Sr. & Juanita J. SLATER
SLATER, William A.  Died 02/09/1890  Aged 60y/5m/2d  h/o Mariam SLATER
SLATER, William G., Sr.  1931-1965 h/o Juanita J. SLATER
SLATER, William G., Jr.  1957-1965  s/o William G., Sr. & Juanita J. SLATER
SLATER, Zellie  1892-1918

WESTFALL, Agnes CANTER  04/04/1904-08/08/1955  w/o Peter B. WESTFALL
WESTFALL, Mary L.  11/01/1943-10/05/1946
WESTFALL, Peter B.  04/22/1902-  h/o Agnes CANTER WESTFALL

Numerous unmarked graves

Transcribed by William Morris Higginbotham,, Charleston, WV, 11/15/1999

Kanawha County Cemetery Records