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Templeton Cemetery

At St.Albans, take Coal River Rd. to the Lincoln Co., line. Just after entering Lincoln Co. you'll start into a sharp curve. In the middle of the curve is a gravel driveway off to the right. Go up this driveway & follow the road past the house to the first set of forks in the road. Make a right turn & park. Walk the grassy road through the gates & the cemetery is in front of you on a knoll. (4X4 required) Directions submitted by: Jim Higginbotham, who visited the cemetery in March, 2001...someone has blocked the road with a gate just past the house instructed to pass...1.6 miles past Upper Falls bridge on Coal River road is a double green gate on the right...the road goes straight ahead and up the prepared to walk a long the top the road dead ends...go left to the knoll and the was grown up when I was there, although I did find my relatives...

Recorded by:  Bill Graley & Connie Mosteller at

BANKS, Infant Son	11/30/1912	11/30/1912		A.J. & C.D.		
BANKS, Infant Son	01/07/1903	02/28/1903		A.J. & C.D.		
BANKS, Melba		09/28/1907	01/01/1908				
BANKS, Osa N.		10/30/1890	7/3/1894				
BOWMAN, Beverly B.				SERGT. CO C 7th WV CAV	
BOWMAN, Clyde Edward	08/03/1918	06/21/1922				
BOWMAN, Cora McComas	8/16/1876	04/08/1939	Daniel M.			
BOWMAN, Daniel M.	6/27/1872	03/20/1945	Cora McComas			
BOWMAN, Esther Loretta	04/16/1908	07/07/1909				
BROWN, Nancy A.		10/26/1808	7/8/1896	Benjamin 87Y 8M 12D shares stone with Margaret Wallace
FANNING, William	0/0/1871	0/0/1901				
GRASS, Mary E.		2/17/1880	W. A.			29Y
GRASS, W. A.		08/07/1906	Mary E.			59Y
HIGGINBOTHAM, A. E.	5/30/1845	07/07/1908	Norgisis W.			
HIGGINBOTHAM, Norgisis W 9/30/1849	04/30/1910	A. E.			
HILL, Bruno C.		0/0/1874	0/0/1935	Martha Jane			
HILL, Martha Jane	0/0/1877	0/0/1918	Bruno C.			
HULL, Bertha Bowman	10/04/1900	09/05/1938				
NELSON, Wesley 		CO K 7 OHIO CAV	T., L. M.				
TEMPLETON, Aquillar Watson 0/0/1868	0/0/1931	Isabelle King			
TEMPLETON, Isabelle King	 0/0/1867 0/0/1949 Aquillar Watson			
TEMPLETON, Mary M.	10/06/1906			A.W. & Belle	8Y 9M 8D
TEMPLETON, W. H.	3/28/1832	02/13/1900				
TEMPLETON, William H.	2/5/1825		71Y 9M 11D
WALLACE, Margaret A. R.	2/21/1840	04/15/1907	William 67Y 1M 24D shares stone with Nancy Brown
WILSON, John Guy	7/20/1843	03/27/1922	Virginia H.			
WILSON, Virginia H.	1/18/1854	07/12/1931	John Guy	

Kanawha County Cemetery Records